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Xiaomi Mi 8 review- 8 years anniversary phone

Xiaomi Mi 8 has been released as the company is having its 8 years anniversary. Yes, as the name sounds, you will know that Xiaomi has named its new phone according to the digit of its anniversary. Xiaomi Mi 8 was on the top of the line when it was first launched in 2018.  Thanks to a bunch of price drops, that it is still quite affordable in the market with a Snapdragon 845 inside.

In this Xiaomi Mi 8 review article, we will reveal every possible information what you are now looking for.


Xiaomi Mi 8 comes with two sheets of glass in both of its sides with an aluminum frame in between. Both in the front and in the back, the glass is curved towards the frame. If you turn on the screen of the phone and have a look at it, you will see a display chin which is insignificant. But we, techt20 admit that we still like the phone for a specific reason.  When you hold the phone, it will let you rest your fingers with comfort.

With a beauty concerned point of view, we think that the phone could do much better than its present outlook.  If you look at the notch, it will remind you about the notch of Apple in width and height. If you look closely at the back of the dual camera, you will think that the design concept is taken straightly from Apple.

There’s a fingerprint scanner in the back which works superbly. It is always fast and seemed to be the most accurate fingerprint scanner we ever used in Xiaomi phones. Since the phone is not huge, you can handle it perfectly.

Xiaomi Mi 8 image

Xiaomi Mi 8 has the amazing build quality, as one should expect from a phone as a proper Flagship. You won’t find any creaks whatsoever. Everything feels so solid and you can easily handle the handset with one hand. When you will hold the phone, you will feel it’s a bit slippery as the phone is like a glass sandwich. Xiaomi Mi 8 has nice symmetry with the centered USB-C port in the bottom. The two antennas and the identical speakers are grilled to its sides. The power button and the volume rocker are close to each other on the right side. So, DON’T CONFUSE THE VOLUME KEY FOR THE POWER BUTTON.

We need to mention that the text sits right below the Mi branding on the lower back of the handset.  It says the name of the company that made the phone-Xiaomi Communications Co, Ltd.  Underneath, there’s another line that says ‘Designed by Xiaomi.’

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Xiaomi Mi 8 has lovely looking AMOLED panel but it won’t break any record with its FHD+ resolution. But in your day to day use, you are not gonna notice anything that actually bothers you. Just because the resolution is FHD+ instead of QHD+, this 6.12 inches phone is coming at a very affordable price. Besides, in the lower resolution, you will be able to get increased battery life.

Remember that Samsung used the same low-resolution trick in their flagship.

But then again, the Mi8’s screen gets very bright if you leave the brightness on the auto mode and this is confirmed by our lab test. There will be circumstances where you won’t be needing it to be brighter than it actually is at maximum. As a result, using this phone in a day when the sun is shining bright will be just fine.

Xiaomi Mi 8 comes with a Notch that will probably seem bigger to you than it actually had to be.  But no worries, you will get used to it very soon. But since MIUI 10 update, you won’t be able to hide the notch in any software. So, this notch will be sticking out every day in front of you.

Xiaomi Mi 8 image

The size of the notch also indicates that the ears or the horns are very small. So in the left corner, you can either get the clock or an application icon but you won’t get it at the same time. Overall, the Xiaomi Mi 8 display is obviously worth to be used as a phone in its flagship.


Xiaomi Mi 8 has a fast camera that you can surely rely on. We won’t say that it has got the best of Camera but it is close. The dynamic range is pretty good. The images come out sharp and detail at the expense of some noise which increases more at night.  The colors are nice and not oversaturated unless you enable the AI feature.

The secondary zoom lens does its job very well when there’s plenty of ambient light around.  The images come reasonably on par with the primary sensor when there’s ambient lighting. But it starts to fall short when the light goes down. The reason for this is the smaller sensor and lack of OIS.

Xiaomi Mi 8 image

On the other hand, XIaomi Mi 8 lets you use this shooter even at night unlike some of its competitors. At night scenarios there’s a dedicated Night Mode which brightens things up if you can hold your phone still for a few seconds. However, we found that if you are using HDR already, for lowlights shots, then you’ll only have marginal improvements in Night mode. The difference between a Night Mode photo and a regular photo will be much pronounced in both highlights and shadows. Additionally, compared to regular photos, you’ll get less noise in Night Mode. Overall, you cannot expect Xiaomi Night Mode to be like Google’s Night Sight, however, the results that you will get from Xiaomi Night Mode, won’t disappoint you.

Xiaomi Mi 8’s selfie camera won’t disappoint you if you love moderate selfie images.  Selfies do come out good in the daylight you’ll also be able to get Portrait Mode as well.  You may face noise in the night selfies, but they are not disappointing unless you take photos in the darkest corners. If you ask us, we will say that still Xiaomi Mi 8 deserves the place of a flagship smartphone. Because, compared to other phones at this price, Xiaomi is quite okay.

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Xiaomi Mi 8 performs like a champ like all other Xiaomi FlagShip phones. We personally think Xiaomi was always good when it comes to performance since the beginning. The Snapdragon 845 chipset doesn’t stay lazy and performs like a flash. The combination of this amazing chipset with  6GB  Ram boosts up its energy  So obviously you would expect its performance to be great, right? Well, all we can say is that it won’t disappoint you at all. No matter what you do with your phone, it will feel amazingly fast like a racing car. The stutters are very very rare and you won’t get a single lag at all no matter what you throw at it.

Xiaomi Mi 8 is smooth enough to awe you. Even though the new flagship phone does not reach the Pixel level of smoothness, it does come very close to it making you reluctant to feel any difference. If you want our honest opinion, we would say the performance is jaw-dropping. That’s the highest amount of praise we can give up on an Android smartphone at the moment. This handset can simply fly all the way around.


Xiaomi Mi 8’s battery capacity isn’t small in any shadow of a doubt. It is true that now we are actually in an advanced level of a generation where we want all things extra. Especially, when every other phone is making their way to the top, we don’t want to keep ourselves behind. We expect to have at least 4000 mAh battery in a flagship smartphone.

But if you are one of those who is quite satisfied with batteries under 3500, then you can try the new XIaomi Mi 8. The Xiaomi Mi 8 has 3400 mAh of battery. It’s not much but in day to day use, better life of such power won’t disappoint you. Overall, we were very satisfied with the new Xiaomi Mi 8 even though we had to charge it every single night in your daily use. We also had to do some extra recharges in the afternoon when we had lots of mobile data and GPS use going on.

We used the phone continuously without charging the phone. We experimented with WiFi turned on and connected. We kept the Bluetooth on and streamed music for a couple of hours every day. We also set the location to the most accurate option. Along with this, we had 30 minutes to an hour of GPS navigation through Google Maps and Waze.

Xiaomi Mi 8 gave an upwards of 7 hours of screen on time before we finally got the signal that only 10% charge was left. Hey, hey, there’s nothing to worry. These 7 hours feedback was given by the phone after constant use with all of these apps turned on. You can try to experiment by yourself with a different mix. This may involve less time in WiFi and more time searching GPS signal, then you’ll see your phone is still alive and fresh. Your mileage actually will vary depending on the way you use the phone. But we techt20 team are trying to make our case study for battery usage consistent. This will help you to compare accurately between devices that have gone through this process.

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Xiaomi Mi 8 was actually launched with Android 8.1 Oreo but it has been updated to Android 9 recently. Now, all the update that Xiaomi Mi 8 does is from MIUI. They do not get updated from the mainstream Android version a phone runs generally. Right now our unit has the security patch level from December 2018. Now, you shouldn’t expect the Mi 8 to receive security updates as soon as Google pushes them. Xiaomi is still quite satisfactory and we believe that it won’t let itself fall behind.

MIUI has probably the company’s best design with amazing skins towards Western audiences ever. You have to know that it is very fast and snappy but it is doesn’t have any app drawer.  So if you want an app drawer, you might have to use a third-party app. You can download the Poco Launcher if you want to stay loyal to Xiaomi.

The Poco Launcher ships with the Pocophone F1 from the play store. You can get an app drawer from it that still has a prototypical MIUI look. Now we are not going to jump into the skin designs as it’s your personal preference. Besides, if you don’t like the default theme, you can always get different themes.

Now, let us tell you how MIUI works very briefly. To dismiss a notification, you can swipe right instead of using a couple of option buttons. This example is actually given to show you that the overlay of Xiaomi’s UI is far from the mainstream ‘Stock Android’. This change is in the phone not only in the looks but also in functionality. On the other hand, you will get a huge number of options in Settings that you never used in any other stock android before.

Xiaomi’s Mi 8’s MIUI is miles ahead of Google. The reason for this is the navigation system. Google’s efforts in this place put no sense, to be honest. The purpose of having such a system is to free up more display that shows you an app’s UI.  Google’s accomplishment here, remains unfinished because it still has a navigation bar. On the other hand, Xiaomi’s screen gesture can be used with comfort. You actually get some extra display real estate when you enable them.

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Xiaomi Mi 8 review, according to us is a good flagship killer phone overall. As a moderate or more than a moderate user, the demands of this phone in the market knows no bound. Since the phone has ups and downs in its specs, we had to write a long review on it. But if we judge the phone in a nutshell, we would say, you won’t be disappointed if you use Xiaomi Mi 8. Are you gonna regret buying it? The answer is No. The Mi 8 isn’t perfect, but it used lots of unique qualities as well which will definitely give you the innovative taste.

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