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Why ONEPLUS cannot make a small smartphone?

OnePlus in Bangladesh

During the OnePlus 6T launch in October 2018, the company also announced that the smartphone will be launched in theUnited States with T-Mobile.Carrier within 30 day its sold increased to 249percent within one month.
In an interview with Qualcomm Tech Summit recentlyin Hawaii, Pitt said that due to the demand for small phones in the market,OnePlus wants to bring a small size smartphone in the premium segment. Althoughbattery backup is a big problem for small battery use. So if you launch a smallsmartphone from OnePlus 6T, you will have to compromise your phone’s batterybackup.

“We will definitely bring small smartphonesto the market when solving the battery problem. In the past few years, therehas not been a breakthrough in battery technology. “
In this interview, OnePus CEO said in the US thatthe smartphone sales of the company increased 249% in the last 30 days. Thecompany won the success with the launch of OnePlus 6T in the US incollaboration with T-Mobile. OnePlus 6T is sold from 5,600 T-Mobile storesacross the country.
Recently OnePlus reported that the first 5GOnePlus smartphone will be in the market at the beginning of 2019. OnePlus’sfirst 5G smartphone will come in the market for more than 200-300 US dollarsfrom other company’s phones.

Regarding the company’s Smart TV launch, OnePlusCEO said, “We’re not launching smart TV right now. We will bring thisproduct to market with proper preparation.

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