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Xiaomi has been taking over the market place and we all are aware of that. With amazing designs and mind-blowing features, the mobile giant didn’t stop impressing us. In fact, the brand now capable enough to join in rivalry with legends like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie who just got a Xiaomi phone or a die-hard Xiaomi fan, you’ll eventually get your interaction with MIUI.

Today, we’re going to tell you what is Xiaomi MIUI and enlighten you about some of its features. So, without further ado, let’s dive to the topic.


Xiaomi MIUI is the theme that Xiaomi uses for its own flagships and devices. MIUI stands for MI User Interface that is based on Google’s Android operating system. With the new visual style and addition of more features to pure or stock Android, MIUI is now the topmost theme of Android.

MIUI was launched by Xiaomi’s first product back in 2010 where it didn’t have much of fame. In those times, the brand didn’t have any phone to go with it. But there’s a saying that ‘every dog has its day’. Now, tens of millions of users use this Android skin called XIaomi MIUI.

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Xiaomi is designing its own products with the MIUI largely so that they can be unique from others. The devices from Xiaomi, most of them actually, are using MIUI except for the Android One devices like Mi A1 and Mi A2.

Xiaomi MIUI images

You can see that the sub-branded device Pocophone F1 made by Pocophone used a version of MIUI that is combined with few features of Stock Android. Though the company is eager to take a step so that MIUI can be available in other smartphones in the early years, but Xiaomi is trying to keep its skin for its own devices to have a tight hold on the market sector.


Xiaomi MIUI had slow progress when it was first launched eight years ago. However, now it’s got jaw-dropping features that will woo the users obviously.

Before going to the feature, let us tell you about the phone management app. The phone management app helps you with features like antivirus scanning, storage management, and battery saving features. You can do it all by one app itself. But did you know that Xiaomi is one of the first brands that came up with the idea of a phone management app? Now we see that brands like Samsung also adopted this idea.

Xiaomi MIUI also lets you download themes from a dedicated store, which is an amazing feature of this brand. This feature is something that Stock Android still couldn’t come up with to the fullest. In the Stock Android, you’ll be able to download icon or font packs but they won’t offer you an entire theme store.

Through Xiaomi MIUI you are getting built-in data saver, which is also a solid feature. It was first introduced in the MIUI 7.  On the other hand, you will get a one-handed mode for big phones in the MIUI 6 while MIUI 5 and 6 both has got the permission manager. In a nutshell, the improvements that Xiaomi MIUI is making is noteworthy.

Let’s now take a look at some of the MIUI versions.



Xiaomi MIUI 8 probably did the biggest revolutionary change in the platform of Xiaomi. What not you are getting in this version? Starting from scrolling screenshot support and a quick ball navigation setting for accessibility, you are getting the second space feature. The second space feature lets you create a second profile on the phone.


In late 2017, Xiaomi has brought this new version of MIUI. You can have swipe gesture facilities. As you swipe up from the bottom to go home and then you literally swipe back, you’ll have an iPhone X feel.

In addition, you’ll also get the ‘dynamic resource allocation’ system that will allow you to have a better performance. Besides, you’ll also have a smart assistant along with an improved notification shade.


Xiaomi MIUI 10 got its launch announcement in July 2018, though the global rollout of this UI began in September 2018. You’ll have amazing features along with the full-screen gestures to switch apps and close them, you’ll also have the driving mode in it. The driving mode will let you use the Xiao AI voice assistant (keep in mind, it’s in the Chinese language).

You’ll also get more options and features when you’ll long press on an app in the Recent menu. The AI enhancement MIUI 10 has will obviously impress you while you use it.


MIUI 11 is the latest and most updated version of Xiaomi MIUI. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any solid news but we are expecting that it will arrive with new phones in 2019.


Xiaomi MIUI is probably one of the best, if not the best theme in today’s generation. The brand is impressing us day by day, and we’re expecting that the MIUI will always be on top with its own uniqueness. If you’re not a Xiaomi user, we can ensure you that you’ll definitely fall in love with the MIUI.

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