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What is VOOC Flash Charge and how it works

Fast charging is now a big hype for mobile technology thus, Oppo Electronics took it so seriously. Therefore, they introduced VOOC in 2014. The SuperVOOC is the process of fast charging technology without letting your phone overheating and charging up within 35 minutes.

OPPO VOOC charging

How does it work?

The core method of fast charging is simple. We know that smartphones are powered by batteries, which needs to charge up. After diminishing the charge we need to connect it with a charger. Eventually, the charger again puts energy back into the phone. How do we count the amount of charge? It is counted by Watts. So, the more watts it has the more power it will gain. At the same time the higher the power the faster the battery gets charged. Easy!

Another hack is about the two-phase of charging, the first is fast and the second is slow. At first, fast charger takes a high volume of power and battery charge up to 80%. Afterward, the second stage begins whereas, fast charging is reduced remarkably.


Increase in temperature is a common issue nowadays, hence smart devices come up with a solution. Normally, heat generated from the voltage usage. The more voltage the more heat will generate. With 9V empowered fast charging one can expect a temperature rise nearly 8 degrees Celsius. Now, what’s VOOC offer is a good question? Yes, with VOOC you may have less temperature comparing with fast charger, that’s sounds good.

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5 Layers Protective Circuits

  1. The adapter does have a protective circuit. Even if the internal circuit gets totally damaged, it won’t effect on generating a high voltage. That’s why it can nip in the bud from the root.
  2. SuperVOOC flash charger has an intelligent chip inside the adapter, which can judge on charging condition. At the time of charging, it can detect the exact voltage and make sure a safe condition.
  3. Apart from the intelligent chip, there is an electronic switch on the connector, which helps to make a judgment to AI Chip.
  4. Overvoltage blocking option also available in VOOC. Hence, this technology helps to embark overheating.
  5. Final one offers absolute safety to you, this is fusing protection. If the AI chip encounters any abnormality, it will shut the whole system by fusing the switch.

Don’t you think that the faster the charging the better it is? Obviously it can save your time as well. Previously, it needs to put your phone with the charger for more than an hour, but now it is just 35 minutes only. So, here you can see how effective is SuperVOOC – fast charger! Oppo aces the game here and brings more capacity to charge.

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