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What is the GPU- Everything you should know

GPU(Graphics Processing Unit):

GPU is a Graphics Processing Unit, which takes the pressure of your CPU. GPU specially perform on your phone you for intensive graphics related applications.

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) renders the animation mostly in your smartphone. Apart from it, in your video playback and gaming performance, GPU supports to boost the performance. Earlier, CPU has its own dedicated unit of Graphics card. But today this graphics unit came out from CPU cortex and accommodate its own place apart from CPU.

How does it work?

Unlike CPU, GPU also has a number of cores, dedicated memory spaces and the frequency of Graphics. For example, CPU cores run at high speed, while GPU cores run at low speed. GPU cores functions are to trace out vertices and pixels.

Think about your few 3D racing or fighting graphics games. On those games, there must have some maths, which needs to process right?

The vertex processing relies on coordinate systems. In that case, GPU duty is to handles all the geometric calculations. The calculations need to reproduce and along with dimensional space on your screen. The results come out like spatial data in your games also, the possibility of rotation on 3D.

Pixel processing is another stuff of GPU. We can see very complex graphics on any 3D game, which requires stronger processing. In that case, pixel processing renders the various layers. Besides that, it applies effects allows complex textures so that, you may have more realistic graphics

Types of companies, which produce GPU

  • PowerVR
  • Adreno
  • Mali

Among these three GPU, Adreno is dedicatedly used for Qualcomm Snapdragon. Rest of the two used for anonymously.

GPU images by techt20

Why GPU is important for Smartphone?

Well, GPU encompasses all over smartphone performance. No matters, you’re playing HD video, render the animation or any other interactive elements. In all of the major operation of your smartphone, GPU is a must. But don’t confuse about the CPU and GPU.

Those have their different arena. Such as, CPU processes the bulk amount of computing, logical and arithmetic units, whereas GPU regards to the animation and graphics of any smartphone.

Wrapping UP

GPU now is one of the futuristic processing units on our phone, tablet or other smart devices. The smartphones, which blasted the market such as Moto G, Galaxy Note 4 or the Nexus mobile, all of it has GPU.

The term GPU should not be unknown to the mobile lovers. Therefore, we simply introduce it to you so that you may have a clear vision. Furthermore, we will bring more and more new topics related to your smartphone so, stay tuned with TechT20.


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