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What is Stock Android and advantages of Stock Android

Due to all the new names and versions of Android these days, your mind probably got jammed. You must be wondering what’s the differences between all these names and all these versions. Suddenly you recall the term ‘Stock Android.’  So what is this Stock Android, have you ever asked yourself? You probably thought ‘Oh, this must be another mainstream version of Android’. Do you know that the Android version you use with tons of features is completely different from Stock Android?

Well, if you don’t know what Stock Android is, and you want to get some knowledge about it, then this is the right place for you.

We’re going to give you a brief detail on Stock Android and why you should use it. So without further chit chat, let’s hit the topic.



Stock Android, also called Pure Android and also known to some people as Vanilla Android is the most basic version of the OS that is designed by Google. If you want a completely unmodified version of Android, then the version you should look for is Stock Android. The device manufacturer has installed this version in your phone as it is, without any further modification.

You probably know that Android itself is an open source operating system. This means that the companies of any device can modify its Android version as they like. So you’ll feel the device added new features but the trick is, companies add custom skin or user interface on top of the OS. This changes its looks and features. Skins like One UI (Samsung Experience), EMUI (Huawei), OxygenOS (OnePlus) and HTC Sense, underwent through this process.

You’ll notice that the overall Android experience is changed when it comes to skins like Huawei’s EMUI. For example, Owners of Huawei smartphones didn’t have an app drawer until EMUI 5.0 came along. Just like on iPhones, all the apps installed on a device were placed in the home screen.

On the other hand, we have noticed a different approach from skins like OxygenOS from OnePlus.  In spite of having a few extra features on board, OxygenOS looks and feels almost exactly like stock Android. For instance, there’s this Reading Mode that filters out blue light so that you can have a better reading experience. It also has an App Locker that secures your sensitive apps and data from harm. If you want to open an app of your choice by drawing an O, V, S, M or W on the display, you can do that while it is turned off.

However, you are getting none of that with Stock Android. You just get the features that are developed by Google. But don’t worry at all because it is not necessarily a bad thing. Stock Android has many advantages that customized versions of the OS don’t have.  Want to know the advantages? Keep reading.

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Stock Android will let you have very fast updates and this is the biggest advantage it has.  Owners of Samsung, LG, and other smartphones have to wait for quite some time to get an update. But the smartphones that run Stock Android are among the first to get upgraded to the latest versions of OS. The reason for this is, before releasing software, the manufacturers have to modify a lot of the software. On the contrary, this isn’t the case with Stock Android.


The second best advantage of stock Android smartphones is they’re bloatware-free. This means that they don’t appear with pre-installed apps made by their manufacturer that you’ll never likely use.

For example, some handsets have versions of calendar and fitness apps (and many others) that are already on the device powered by Google. Or, this can be installed by using the Play Store. The worse fact is unless you root it, these apps usually can’t be deleted from a device.

Stock Android images


Stock Android’s next advantage lets us focus on its storage. You’ll always find those unnecessary apps that take up your space that you could use for something useful. Besides, due to the many bells and whistles that were added to the OS by the manufacturer, the OS itself takes up more room. In other words, compared to other modified versions of the OS, the stock Android takes up less space on your device.


Stock Android has a clean and minimalistic design that you will love obviously. It has got its own uniqueness as it is not too colorful like some Android skins out there. Although, this issue can be a good thing and subjective for some. As it can be a lot easier to use, the simplicity of the operating system makes it a great choice for newbies. Besides, compared to many customized versions of the OS, Google’s variant of Android can also work faster. Unless the skin is poorly developed, the difference shouldn’t be massive.

We, techt20 team, should remind you that the stock Android isn’t better or worse than skinned versions of the OS used by giants like Samsung, Xiaomi and many more.

What we are saying is that the stock Android is just different from other Android versions. It’s always your personal preference which one is a better option for you.

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Stock Android smartphones are the most popular devices made by Google. You can try the Pixel and the Pixel 2, along with the Pixel 3 handsets.  Furthermore, you can find stock Android version on older Nexus devices.  In early 2017, HMD Global that launched smartphones using the Nokia brand also uses stock Android.

Lenovo is on the next list that uses stock Android. Back in August 2017, the Chinese manufacturer announced that it will ditch its Vibe Pure UI and all of your future devices will be shipped with stock Android on board. The first one from this company with stock Android was the K3 Note. You didn’t forget about Android One handsets, did you? Android One brings you the stock version as well which is powered by Google.

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Wrapping UP

Stock Android has its own uniqueness while the main preference lies on your hand. We techt20 team always wanted to give you a bunch of choices and described what you need to know. In our research, we find Stock Android to be very formal and useful. It won’t give you the too cool modification you want, but it definitely makes you feel classic. There’s less chance of this version getting infected by any harm, so it is, of course, a recommendation

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