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What is Siri and how does it work on your command

Our constant need for AI-based assistant is growing day by day. There was a time when we used to do all those message work, boring searches, etc by ourselves on phones. With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, things are getting very easy these days. Now, mobile giants are coming with bots or simply AI virtual assistants that make our daily lives easy.

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Different brands are coming with different virtual assistants. While Microsoft has Cortana and Google has Google Assistant as well as Amazon has Alexa, why will a mobile giant like Apple remain behind. Apple has its own virtual assistant named Siri.  With time, Siri has developed now in a far better way.  Her intelligence and abilities have grown and expanded respectively. She’s doing her best to keep up with Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you don’t know what Siri is, and you want brief details on it, then this article is for you. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the topic.

Note: It won’t be unfair if we regard Siri as a ‘she’ in this feature as we know her female voice pops up whenever we need any help regarding iPhone. Plus, the name itself sounds like a woman.


Siri is the Apple-owned voice-controlled personal assistant. Siri has been around for several years now in the market place. On the iPhone 4S, it has made its first appearance. During its launch presentation, Apple has described Siri as the best thing on the iPhone. As well as iPhone, you can find Siri now on iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac (macOS Sierra and later) and Homepad. The idea is that you talk to Siri like you would talk to a friend and she will help you get things done. It can be whether making a dinner reservation or sending a message.

Siri is designed in such a way so that it can offer you a seamless way of interacting with your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch. You can command Siri by simply speaking to her. Likewise, she will speak back to you to find your needs and do your works. Furthermore, you can ask her a question as well as tell her to show you something. She’ll perform all these tasks while you don’t need to use your hands. In addition, Siri has her access to all of your built-in application on your Apple device such as Mail, Contacts, Messages, Maps, Safari and so on. Siri will present data or search through their databases when she needs to by calling upon those apps. Ultimately, you will just sit back and relax and Siri will do all of your works.

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You can activate Siri to carry out a task by simply saying ‘Hey Siri’ to your Apple Devices. You can call Siri by using buttons if you like. If you are using an iPhone 6 or later, you just need to hold down the Home button first, then you say what you need. On the contrary, you might need to wait for Siri to appear on some devices before you make your request.

If you are an iPhone X user, you just simply need to hold the Side button and say what you want. You can press the home button in the center of the top of the device if you are using a Homepad.  You are using an Apple Watch? In that case, hold down the Digital Crown or say ‘Hey Siri’ by raising your wrist. You can command Siri from here to do various tasks. The response of Siri on the Apple Watch will depend on what you are asking for. For example, you may ask her to direct you to a place. After getting your command, she’ll bring the map on your Watch. You just need to press the start button next. Feel like James Bond yet?

However, if you ask Siri a more complicated question that needs a longer answer, Siri will open your iPhone to complete the task. Of course, you can open an app, set an alarm, call your mum or find out the score of your favorite team by using your Watch.

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Siri can do a lot of things as she’s pretty damn clever and funny as well. If you want to have some laugh, you can ask Siri funny questions. Once we said to Siri ‘Are you Stupid?’ She said ‘I’m smart enough to know to not to answer that question.’ If you say ‘I’m a bit tired Siri.’ then she might say ‘I’m sleepy as well.’ So if you ever feel lonely and need to giggle out of Siri, you can do that as well. Furthermore, when you are outside, Siri will help you with your entertainment information, phone calls, messages, etc, getting organized, tips and tricks, etc.

She will read your last email at a glance, text your friend to tell them that you are running late.  She can switch between audio tracks, and even can call your dad at work. She can also find a table for three to have dinner in London if you like. Siri can also tell you where you can find a good restaurant nearby.  You can find books by a specific author with the help of Siri. She can give you a reminder that will activate a reminder. The amazing thing about reminder is, if you want, Siri can activate reminders that will activate only when it will realize that you’re in, or have left a certain location. For example, she will remind you to pick-up your dry cleaning after Siri realizes you have left your workplace.

Furthermore, if you want to know about the weather tomorrow. Siri will also notify you about that. She’ll move your meetings, and tell you when your favorite team’s next game will be. You can also teach her to pronounce your name and teach her which of your contacts are your family members.  She’s an assistant like no other voice assistant

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Siri is based on Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.  Siri is consists of three components. They are- conversational interface, personal context awareness, and service delegation. The conversational interface is the way how Siri understands you.  In order to, hear what you’re saying, the general workings of the straight word-for-word voice recognition have to be good.  But it is all down to statistics and machine learning when it comes to deciphering the meaning.  This is where the personal awareness system plays a role.

Siri can predict a huge amount of work based on keywords that you use. Besides,  Siri can predict things based on your general habits and language choice.   She is designed to recognize what you prefer that changes over time and personalize the results. Siri has the service delegation system which is the unstoppable access to all of the built-in apps and their inner workings of iPhones. This access is the way Siri does the things she actually does.  Without this access, Siri would just be a pretty useless and rubbish assistant.

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Siri can understand UK English, US English, Australian English, and Canadian English. If you are from New Zealand, or you have an Indian or Singaporean English accent, Siri will understand that too. Siri also understands Mandarin, German, French, Swedish, Cantonese, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Thai and Portuguese.


Siri’s gender (or voice actually), can be changed to a man or woman. You’ll need to go to the Settings. Then go the Siri option and Search on iOS or Apple Menu and then click on the System preferences button.  You’ll find Siri on macOS Sierra or later. On the Homepage, you can change Siri settings within Home App. Within the Watch App, you can change the setting in Apple Watch.

Depending on the language you pick, you’ll have different Siri Voice option for gender and dialect.

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