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What is Samsung ONE UI- Everything you need to know

Samsung mobile has developed a new software suite for its Android devices called the Samsung One UI.  With specific optimizations to ease one-handed use of smartphones with large screens, it is designed to be further streamlined. Samsung has announced its name in December 2018.

The One UI has replaced the Samsung Experience all in a go as Samsung’s custom interface for Android. It is more simplified, more uncluttered and built to show only the essential information you need to reduce distraction. For its large screens and one-handed use, Samsung’s user experience is especially got really helpful and that makes sense, as the company popularized the Phablet with its Note series.

The vision was actually to reduce issues like joint pain and eye strain which has been an impact for using our smartphones. So that the hardware and software can work together in harmony, Samsung has designed this ONE UI.  From January 2019, it has been used by smartphones including S8/S8+, S9/S9+, and Note 9.

Ergonomics and Usability

Are you having trouble using your big, beautiful Samsung phones with one hand??  If you do face this problem, then let us ensure you that YOU’RE NOT ALONE. We face problems and issues with our smartphones that include things like ergonomic issues such as texting thumbs and repetitive stress. Many people face dangerous problems when using their phones with one hand and One UI can get you out of these problems.

The Viewing Area: The top half of the screen is reserved with the displaying data and information you need. The display cleaner, crisper, and more viewable, and will make you get to use the phone more easily on your hand.

The Interaction Area: The interaction area is placed on the bottom half of the screen. It is where you will do most of the tapping and swiping that you need to access and use the menu and functions on the device.

To sum up, with the One UI, Samsung can split the screen in many of its apps that include Messages, putting the buttons at the bottom within easy reach of your thumb and the content at the top of the screen. This way, you don’t have to stretch your thumb uncomfortably, shuffle the phone in your hand as you can end up dropping it and cracking the screen. You can take The Clock app for example. It basically shows how much time you have before the next alarm goes off. With the One UI, you can manage your alarms with controls at the bottom. Moreover, you’ll see larger text in the viewing area at the top.

If you are using a big phone, this layout will make your task easier on your hands.

With more comfort on the eyes, One UI has vivid colors and rounded design for app icons and other elements

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Productivity and Focus

Another side-effect we face a lot is that we get distracted by tons of apps. The One UI makes sure your distraction is reduced at a satisfying level. The One UI has made physical improvements. In addition, it has also improved the usability. This will give you a new Samsung experience with less distraction. The One UI will make sure that the most used content will be displayed first, and anything you’re not using is kept out of your sight.

One Ui image

It has got Focus Blocks that brings the most important content needed to focus. And, you can have all this just in front of your hand or in the center. One UI has improved the whole experience as it uses more rounded corners and a higher ratio of blank space around the Focus Blocks.

You got eye strain when you use your Galaxy device in the dark??

As for the final bonus, the One UI brings you Dark Mode that reduces eye strain when you’ll use your Galaxy device in the dark.

In a nutshell, One UI interface is just what your phone and fingers needed for a long time.


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