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What is Samsung Bixby- Everything you need to know

When Samsung launched its new flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S8, and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus back in 2017, the mobile giant introduced us with Bixby. Samsung wanted to make a change in a world with too many smart speakers to count. When different brands launch their flagships with multiple onboard voice assistants, Bixby is here to let you have a new AI experience. And wants to make your life easier.

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Bixby is basically a take on the pocket assistant of Samsung. Bixby is a combination of machine learning, voice assistant, voice helper and encompasses all other helpers in the AI sector. Unlike any other voice assistants, Bixby understands what’s really happening inside your phone. It takes a decision by understanding context.

For example, your friend ‘Sakib’ is meeting you for launch and you have to tell her your location. All you gotta do is, open up your maps, press the convenient Bixby button on the side of the phone and say ‘Capture this and send to ‘Sakib’. No other voice assistants won’t understand what you mean by ‘Capture This’ unless you be specific. They’ll probably ask like ‘Capture what bro??? Come on man, be specific.’

On the other hand, Bixby will actually get the context awareness. It will grab your context and will know that by the term ‘Capture This’ you actually meant to take the screenshot of the maps.’



Bixby is not just a voice assistant. Being a voice assistant is a part of the characteristics of Bixby. Let’s talk about your friend Cynthia again. So imagine, you got multiple contacts named Cynthia on your phone. But you have to send the screenshot of that map to one specific Cynthia.

Bixby will understand that your phone has multiple contacts under the same name. Within a blink, all the contacts with the same name will pop up in your screen. Then, you get to choose which Cynthia you will send it to. You can then type your desired message and send every information to your friend. This shows a combination of voice and touch which is an innovation.



Beyond voice, Bixby’s intelligence is embedded deep into the camera.  So much of the information you see every day is visual. In addition, you see images, signs, products you are curious about. But you need to translate into something so that your phone can understand. Bixby now let you experience AI features into the camera, so it understands the things you are seeing.

You can search for images, know about landmarks, shop online and even translate languages.

Imagine you are in Dhaka and you love to look for new restaurants data. So maybe in one nice evening, you came across the Flatiron Building. Bixby will recognize this place once you pull up your camera. Bixby will also give you lots of options for dining nearby.

If you see something you want to buy, point the camera at it and Samsung Bixby will tell you where to find it.



With the voice and vision, Bixby helps you get things done easily.  Bixby also learns and adapts your routine to anticipate what you need. When you swipe to the right, Bixby takes you to a contextual personalized page. It will show you the information you use from the apps you use in one convenient place.

You’ll see a series of cards for email and gallery with third-party apps like Facebook and Uber. Bixby will organize these cards based on your place and time. Maybe in the morning, you like to take Uber or Pathao in the morning every day. Bixby will learn that you take Uber or Pathao every day, and it will always remind you about uber in every morning.

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