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What is Pixel Binning- Everything you should know

Pixel Binning

Over the last few years, the number of innovation has risen. Every part of the smartphone’s hardware is now developing. Same goes with the camera or the smartphone.

Today, we will talk about “What is Pixel Binning?” The word itself tells about what is pixel binning. The word “binning” represent to compress right? Yes, here we know about pixel has many numbers so, what will happen if the tech can bind it together? That’s called Pixel Binning.

In short, while the 2×2 grid of pixel combines into one is called pixel binning.

So, here you know a number of pixels are combining together and formed a large pixel, but why? The whole process for generating better image quality.


How do the pixels combine into one big pixel?

The four adjacent pixels form together one “super pixel’, the ultimate fate of pixel binning.  All this happen in order to provide an effective resolution of the resulting image is one-fourth of the sensor. The manufacturer’s program 2×2, 2×1 binning (horizontal pixels) or 1×2 binning (vertical pixels).


What is the purpose of Pixel Binning?

We all know about noises in images. The noise actually fades away the details of any picture. Therefore, the picture itself lose the appeal to satisfy.

In other words, noise generates at low light conversely, it is comparatively less in the day time. Why is that? Just because the daylight helps the sensor to gather more details in any pictures.

Provide higher brightness at low light is the main purpose of Pixel Binning

But technology is now developing, right? Therefore, we need a better solution to resolve the noise problem in our photos. In order to reduce noise, Pixel binning introduced to us.

Normally a few sensors do have average binning, instead of additive binning. Pixel binning is a different path of getting an effective signal to noise ratio. In addition, this trick drives towards a similar goal.

The more available noise will weaken the effectiveness of Pixel Binning. Conversely, less noise comes from the data will provide higher levels of amplification. So, this is an opportunity to get better quality low-light photos.

Pixel Binning by TechT20

Source of camera noise

Binning dramatically compresses the noise, but we need to know where does noise come from?

Read Noise

While reading the sensor’s data, it converts into analog to digital. The converts procedure generates noise.

Shot Noise

Generally, light captured by camera sensors and results in electron charges

Thermal Noise

Electrons released from the sensor at the same time longer exposures create more heat.

So many people still get stuck to understand about Pixel Binning. Smartphone user in Bangladesh has so many quarries such as ColorOS, Bixby, Qualcomm Snapdragon and many more. So, we TechT20 team has set a new mission to resolve all of your queries. So, don’t forget to stay tuned with us for more exciting hacks about your smartphones.


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