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Who doesn’t need the use of a camera? We, Techt20 team personally think, a huge range of people who buy smartphones focus on camera more than anything. And when it comes to the camera, the higher requirements for its focusing speed comes next.

Right now, in the current market, you’ll find tons of methods that help in focusing. These include laser, infrared and phase focusing. In the process of focusing, there’s a motor which moves to move the subject into focus. We can divide the focusing algorithms into contrast detection and phase detection autofocus (PDAF).

If you want to get some idea about PDAF, then you’re on the right platform. So without killing your time, let’s hit the topic.


As discussed above, PDAF stands for phase-detect autofocus. If you want to put it simply, it means it has a specific autofocus sensor. This autofocus sensor gets to know the distance of the subject. Finally, it focuses the lens on that distance required.

It is the process where you can calculate the phase difference. It is about the subject you’re capturing. At first, you need to determine the distance between the motor’s current position and the position of the subject focus.  Then the motor then moves to this position.

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Firstly, you’ll need a short time for phase detection. However, the phase difference can be easily affected by various factors such as noise. Therefore, we’ll suggest you not to use phase detection autofocus.

The PDAF technology uses paired and masked pixels on its image sensors. These are engineered in few particular ways. And, it can work just like your left and right eyes are separated by a distance.

PDAF focusing motor can reach the correct position for the necessary focus in a single movement. So, there’s no need for repeated checking in the quality of the image. The PDAF uses the PD pixel to read the phase information. After that, it can be used to determine the corresponding focal length. It can make the lens to move to a position swiftly after the GPU receives the focal length information.

PDAF uses the planar image phase detection to increase its focusing speed. You’ll probably know that this technology was first seen in the Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera (ILDC). The ILDC used to let its user take HD photos of fast-moving objects like children, pets or cars by using autofocus.

PDAF images

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The PDAF certainly is a very handy technology when it comes to capturing images. However, we don’t say that PDAF technology is always applicable to all scenarios. There’s also a room of errors that you’ll find in this technology. So, you need to find the correct position and contrast focusing that you can use for optimal focus. Thus, we suggest you use hybrid focusing systems which are adopted with the PDAF.

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