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What is MWC (Mobile World Congress)- Short description about it

MWC (Mobile World Congress) represents the mobile industry providing exhibition and they often feature the latest upcoming techs & innovations. MWC is a platform where every mobile company has a membership. Whenever any company innovates any ideas or technology, MWC is a platform to let the world know about that.

“Barcelona is a hive of technology” many people do believe that. But why? Yes, this is for Mobile World Congress.

The annual Mobile World Congress called into Barcelona on 25th February. 5G technology was announced to bring was great news spurred from MWC’19 this year. History tells that MWC always takes part in the early spring of every year, in late February or in early March. More than 100,000 people were in Barcelona during MWC event.

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Who Organise MWC?

GSM association took the initiative to bring on this MWC. The history is more notable and has previous tracking. From the 1982 time frame, GSM collaborates a team with a network. Afterward, when mobile technology erupted in this century they brought MWC in 1987.  It is a place, where every owner and manufacturer come together and represent their innovations.

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What Happen in MWC?

As you’ve already come to know about MWC, you can now indicate what is happening in it. MWC basically a platform and in one word a collaborative team, where mobile industry come to discuss.

In this regards, they require an event every year for that. MWC is open to the public but their tickets are too expensive as well as competitive. The reason why it is expensive has a relevant answer. Because they want elite people from mobile industry take part here. The main guests are from Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, who discuss the technology trend and latest products.

Another part of MWC is 4YFN (4 years from now). Through this event, they are connecting startup bright companies and push them forward to run better in the future. Hence, you can see the important role of MWC.

  • Support of MWC: MWC support many startup companies such as 4YFN is a part of it. Apart from it, they connect a giant company (Such as APPLE to X Company) with a startup company. Afterward, try to bring innovation with a collaborative performance.
  • Investment: MWC is an investment Hub and a platform where a large company can assure their investment returns. The process very simple they have a number of seminar and meetings where a lot of projects comes up. Eventually, the passing project gets investment from big investors.
  • Entrepreneurs and Corporation: another Exciting project of MWC is to remove the gap between new energetic entrepreneurs and corporation. If they can assure and fulfill the requirement they can easily get funded from a big corporation.
  • Scholarship offerings: To showcase and demonstrate on the carnival of tech event many bright students come in Barcelona every here. Hence, they get a scholarship from MWC, a great opportunity for them indeed!

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Wrapping Up

So, here we come up in conclusion. We do research to fulfill your quarries even if there lies any further quarries feel free to ask us below in the comment. We TechT20 is going to bring many familiar but uncommonly answered questions to you. So don’t forget to come to us once in a week and get tuned with latest tech hacks. CHEERS!

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