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What is Google Assistant- Everything you should know


Are you tired with Alexa, Siri, and Cortana already? Well, Google has come up with its own voice assistant, The Google Assistant. Since its launch in 2016, it has made amazing progress.  It’s probably the most dynamic and advanced of the assistants out there, but we are still hoping that it must beat Bixby and Amazon Alexa.

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When Google Assistant was launched, it was an extension of Google Now that was designed to be personal. It was made while the expansion on Google’s existing “OK Google” voice controls was being made. Basically, Google Now used to get relevant information from you. It knew your workplace, your travel and meeting plans. It knew what sports team you like. It knew what your best interests are.

Google Assistant basically took these personalized elements with a wide range of voice control. It supports both voice entry and text and likes to follow the conversation. It doesn’t matter whichever entry method you’re using.


WHAT CAN Google Assistant DO?

Google Assistant will:

  • Control the device you use and your control your home with its AI ability.
  • It can access information by using your calendar and other personal information.
  • It can find information online, from restaurant bookings to directions you want to go. It will also give you updates on weather and news
  • It will control your music.
  • It will play content on your Chromecast or any other fitting devices
  • It will run timers and reminders which are essential for you.
  • It will set appointments and send necessary messages
  • It will open apps on your device.
  • If you have any notification, it will read it to you.
  • You can experience real-time spoken translations


You don’t have to say ‘Hey Google’ to start its work. Once you’ve started talking to Google, there’s no need for a trigger phrase all the time for it to respond. For different people, it can recognize different voice profiles as well.  It knows who is talking to it and it can arrange what to respond in return, accordingly.

If you want to Google Assistant for multiple things at the same time, you can do so.


Which devices offer Google Assistant?

Before expanding to just about all modern Android devices, Google Assistant launched on the Google Pixel smartphones and Google Home. You can find it available on Android Auto Android TV, Android OS smartphone NVIDIA Shield and Wear OS devices.

Google assistant greatly prefers Google Home smart speakers but it is also available on other smart speakers widely third-party manufacturers like Philips Hue. Devices like Philip Hue can be controlled by Google Assistant wherever you happen to interact with Assistant.


Google Assistant on phones

Google Assistant is expanding its hand day by day. Now almost all android phones are getting it. In fact, devices that other AI system like Samsung’s Bixby built in it, are also offering Google Assistant.

Did we tell you that the Assistant will respond to you even when your Android phone is locked? This is a very cool feature. You can also see answers to your personal queries. Google Assistant is also available on iPhones but with some restrictions. It is also used in cars, Google smart displays, headphones and earbuds, Android TV and Android Wear, etc.

So we hope you have gotten your perfect answers from our article. If you have more new queries then we always encourage you please share your thoughts by emailing us and commenting below.


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