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What is Funtouch OS- The features you need to know

We’re living in such time when everything keeps changing rapidly. So, the same goes for our mobile phones. We’ve seen smartphone only have few Operating systems, but now it has many. Different companies are building their own OS so that, they can provide better support for playing games, sending texts and operating apps.

Today, we’re going to tell you about Funtouch operating system’s feature of Vivo Mobile. In addition, remember that their operating system is similar to the iPhone.


No app launcher

You will be amazed after hearing this news that Funtouch OS is a launcher-less UI. Comparing to other Android OS, it doesn’t have any app launcher, rather you can place your app widgets and icons in the same areas. This UI system gives you a new experience, which is fun to use indeed.


Additional controlling center

You may have seen the notification panel appear on your screen from swiping the upper portion. Instead of it, with Vivo Funtouch OS you can pop it up from below! This is pretty much similar with iPhone UI. This is great to customize the control center of your Vivo phone.

Additionally, you can have more room to find all of your shortcuts altogether. Also, the recent apps would be visible at the center of the notification panel. Most people would love this, who also love iPhone UI. When you open up your gallery you will find three option to navigate, whereas others UI allow you to navigate by sliding.


Battery Friendly OS

With Funtouch OS, you can have longer lasting battery life. For example, the customized OS with 3055mAh battery of the Vivo V15 Pro enables long duration support. The company claimed that their OS is effective to save battery consumption. Vivo OS able to stop the background apps, that’s why it can lessen more battery consumption. So you can now choose such OS which can shoot unnecessary apps.


Bundled apps

If you have many options to customize your OS in regards to bundled apps, don’t you say it awesome? Yes, Funtouch OS allows you to do that. For example, the pre-installed TouchPal keyboard ensures easy to type at your Vivo V15 Pro smartphone. Additionally, you may have an exclusive browser that enables easy access to websites.

Funtouch OS UI supports a variety number of unique themes, which will give you a premium feel. Also, you are getting the customization access.

Funtouch OS by techt20

Lucrative Add-Ons

Funtouch OS is packed with lucrative add-ons that is easy to operate. The custom ROM is able to recognize devices installment instantly, infused by OTG. Swipe left in order to delete a message, calls. More features available like multi-screen, one-handed mode, smart motion. This features includes smart wake, air operation even it also support smart call through UI.

Screenshot Capturing requires a smart click at volume down. These amazing add-ons are simply awesome and importantly come out effective for a heavy user.


Smart Split 2.0

Your multi-tasking operation would be fun with Smart split 2.0. It’s a unique application, which allows running two different tasks at the same time. for an example with your Vivo V11 Pro you can text to your friend while playing a game. When you perform it, the screen would be divided into two stations.


Keep in mind that, Vivo’s Funtouch OS is now a light custom ROM that is performed on Google Android OS. The new custom settings allow great features, which we mostly described here. In order to know more and more informative articles about smartphone don’t forget to visit TechT20.com 

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