The EMUI Skin is on the hot topic right now of Android on Huawei and Honor devices. It is not your mainstream Android skin, rather, it’s far more advanced and the most popular skin out there

Today, techt20 team will give you a short description of the Huawei EMUI and its features. So, let’s not wait any longer as we are going to hit the topic.

Huawei EMUI is a Huawei based operating system which was formerly known as Emotion UI.  The operating system is basically based on the Android versions that Huawei uses on most of its smartphones. Huawei introduced EMUI on the 30th of December in 2012.  With the combination of voice assistance (Chinese only), a customizable home screen and theme switching, the operating system is getting better and better. You might feel a bit different first because it changes the look and feels of Android quite a bit. In fact, in many ways, it tries to imitate Apple’s iOS.

On the contrary, Huawei’s EMUI offers a lot of useful features that will, of course, take your smartphone experience on a different level. Some of Huawei’s best devices are specific to the most recent version of EMUI. On the other hand, few devices are in the company’s high-end devices. The latest version of the EMUI right now is 9.1 that has made its debut on the Huawei P30 Pro Series.


Previously, unlike most handsets, Huawei and Honor devices didn’t have any app drawer. Just like on iPhones, all the apps were placed on the home screens. The lack of app drawer was a disappointment to a lot of users.

Fortunately, by taking this matter into consideration, Huawei brought the app drawer back with EMUI 5.0. Now users can toggle the app drawer on or off with the skin. So if you are an anti-app drawer user, you can turn it off. Also keep in mind that most devices like Samsung, HTC and Sony won’t let you turn the app drawer off.

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Huawei EMUI also lets you have a couple of AI-related features, though, it’s available to a few Huawei and Honor devices. The scene and object recognition is the main AI related feature in this case. This will help you to upgrade your photography experience. The camera automatically adjusts things like color, contrast, brightness, and exposure to improve the image. Furthermore, the camera identifies different objects and scenes in real-time. 

You can find the scene recognition system in Kirin 970 and Kirin 980 powered devices.

Huawei says that phones like the Mate 20 pro that has EMUI 9.0 can recognize 1500 scenarios and 5000 different objects across 25 categories. Furthermore, there’s photo-based translations and Smart tips. With these, you will get offers like the suggestion to turn on the blue light filter when reading anything in a dark environment.

If you love shopping, with the help of your camera, you can scan an item. Thus, you can look for similar products on Amazon. The HiVision in EMUI 9.0 enables the camera to recognize major landmarks and famous paintings. Thus, it will provide basic info about them as well.


Nowadays we are having huge phones since over the years. Huawei’s own Mate 20 X itself has an enormous 7.2 inch-display. These phones are amazing if you watch videos on them and browse the web. However, you might face problems while handling a large device as you may find it hard to reach the navigation keys. Huawei EMUI, along with the help of its Navigation dock, is trying to solve the problem. Instead of the traditional home, back and multitasking keys, for easy access, you can place it anywhere.

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Huawei EMUI has a feature called the EMUI app lock that keeps your data-sensitive apps away from wrong hands. You just gotta use the fingerprint scanner to open an app secured with the App lock. It’s an easy way to get access to the apps securely. If you want to hide your sensitive apps when other people like friends or family members want to play with your phone, this app becomes super useful.  You can secure a personal finance app, Google Photos, and Facebook Messenger as well. Any app that’s installed on your phone can get the help of App Lock.


You probably have experienced the split-screen mode already, if your device is running Android 8.0 Oreo. This allows you to use two apps at the same time. However, smartphones that have EMUI 8.0 or higher, take this feature one step ahead.

Suppose you are watching a hilarious cat video, and suddenly you got a text message. The phone will automatically suggest you turn on the screen-split mode. This way, without closing the video you were watching, you can also read your text message.

Enabling the split-screen mode is very easy because all you need is just a simple tap. We won’t say that Huawei is gonna be on the top list for this mode against its rival, but certainly, it is handy.


Huawei EMUI has another amazing feature called the EMUI App Twin. If you have two Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat accounts, you can say goodbye to those days when you had to switch between accounts constantly by logging out and logging in. The EMUI App Twin solves this problem by duplicating an app on your device so that you can use two accounts at the same time.


We all got introduced with the GPU Turbo graphics processing technology on the announcement of Huawei, back in June 2018. It made its first debut on the Honor Play. When you play games on the phone it’s said to increase processing efficiency and reduce power consumption. Now hold on to your seatbelts, as EMUI 9.1 comes with GPU Turbo 3.0.  Huawei has announced the release of its third generation graphics processing technology GPU Turbo 3.0 when the Huawei P30 and EMUI 9.1 got announced.

The GPU Turbo makes sure the SoC power consumption is reduced by 10 percent. It optimizes intensive workloads intelligently. Your device can have a performance boost which is even more powerful now just because of the GPU Turbo 3.0.


Huawei EMUI features a file safe mode that is another great security feature.  You can lock up your images and videos, audio files and documents. At the same time, while the things being locked, you can view your desired things in a folder that can be opened with the help of a fingerprint scanner.

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Huawei EMUI has tons of good features. We, techt20 team tried to bring the best features on this article so far. Like drawing a letter on the screen with your knuckle to open an app, it supports gestures. The Highlights tool can automatically create short movies using the photos and videos of your phone.  You can sync your LinkedIn contacts too to your phone’s address book with the help of EMUI. You can use the PC mode too to have larger screens.

To conclude, it has lots of features and the article will be too long if we bring everything point to point. Of course, let us know what you think about the new Huawei EMUI and if our article actually helped you.

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