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What is ColorOS- Everything you should know

ColorOS – An invention, what sets free Oppo from Google

What is ColorOS, is a trendy question. In short, it is a new technological breakthrough of OPPO Mobile, which is a specific operating system. In other words, we can say it is a different software other than Google Android Stock.


So, Oppo performs the customized version Android, apart from Google


Oppo is not new and already many other companies have brought changes from Google’s Android Interface. It is for creating an experience of own identity.

So, every other brand like Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Huawei has their Custom Skins. In addition, different company’s custom skins has different user experience as well.

Such as Xiaomi’s Custom skin is MIUI, Samsung’s is TouchWiz or Samsung UX. Similarly, you can say Oppo Custom Skin is called ColorOS.


Why Oppo requires ColorOS?

Every big brand is now trying to set up their unique tech support so that, they can settle their Brand. Think about Apple’s iOS and its innovation from many years. For that, Apple still called number one Brand. Besides that, another reason for bringing it is to set free from Google.


What ColorOS offers?

Like, other Operating systems, Oppo offers unique User Experience to their users. Therefore, they can feel the taste of uniqueness and become a fan of them.

So, it is not just an operating system, what runs the mobile hardware.


Features include:

  • Customizable gestures for screen on and off
  • Security center
  • Lock screen magazine
  • Allows long screenshots
  • Eye protection
  • FTP server
  • OCR based translation
  • Smart Bar multi-tasking

Have you used Oppo and Apple both? If yes, then you must understand a great similarity between the two. Yes, Oppo OS is more similar to iOS. You will find the settings are pretty similar with one another.

Oppo latest Operating system is ColorOS 6 version. The latest version set the footstep after taking over eight previous versions, from ColorOS 1.0 to 5.2

what is ColorOS by TechT20

Restrict Background apps and Mobile Usage

Oppo escapes a few settings such as you cannot restrict an app’s background data usage. So, with this operating system, there is no data settings entry now. In addition, users can only set their alarms in time of mobile data reaches it’s a certain limit.  So, if you want to buy Oppo then prepare to turn off data manually.


But Restriction is good, and how is that?

ColorOS 6.0 has now a white backdrop for various sections. In addition, it has light colored gradients in it’s UI. Oppo claimed that the white in the interface is for making room called “airy atmosphere”. Besides that, it has a built-in feature like app frozen instead of totally shutting down the apps. Think about Oppo’s new and better memory management.


So, here you come to know about ColorOS, and how does it work. Also, remember that this is a very changeable types of OS. So, what you’re experiencing today shall have been replaced tomorrow. Why the changes will come? Yes, this is for the better User Experience and better tech support as well.

To know more about Smartphone tech stay tuned with us. Techt20 will continuously share more tech hacks and tricks.

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