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What is Android Q and the special feature of the new Android OS

Android Q is going to get released very soon this year by smashing the floor of Android experience. Since Google has launched the first developer beta, we can expect this as a sign of the upcoming of Android Q. If you are Pixel phone owner, then you’ll be among the firsts to say goodbye to Android Pie. It’s time to shake your hands with the new version of Android 10.

Anyways, as you can see, today we’re going to give you a brief description of Android Q OS and its features. So, let’s dive in without more chit chat.

Android Q is the latest version of the Android Operating System. We think you can download the Android Q probably in August. This news was given by Google’s official developer beta timeline. Though there’s an unfinished beta version available right now, we don’t recommend you to use it.

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As the Android Q beta has been revealed publically, Google has confirmed a bunch of features which you’ll get in the full version. We still don’t know if they’re all available in the first release or which features will be available in the next versions. However, let us present some notable features which are coming.

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Foldable Support
According to the Android Developers blog post, the Android Q is coming with supports for foldable and innovative new screens. This is a brand new feature in 2019. Especially developers can get many benefits with back-end changes. With these features, the app can flow with the big folding screens of new phones.

The site XDA-developers made the Android Q’s first big leak. This reportedly got a version of the new OS in January 2019 which showed what features might be coming. These features also include the all-system dark mode. Tech Owen Williams confirmed about this feature in the first developer beta. You’ll be able to control it on the Display settings. If you toggle it, you’ll see that the main interface, along with the Settings and Files have turned into a dark gray color.

Furthermore, the Volume panel, Quick Settings, and Notifications will turn black.

Pressure Sensitive ‘DEEP PRESS’

We’re expecting that Android Q may come with a Force Touch-style feature in phones. You know how it goes right? You just need to press down on an app or icon, then you’ll be able to trigger a different action rather than tapping the screen. Often, it brings up a contextual menu of alternate options in iPhones.

More Privacy

With Android Q, you’re getting a boost in your privacy. Whether it’s your app access to location info or shared files and Photos and videos, you’ll have complete secured control over them. Furthermore, Apps will send high priority notifications first instead of automatically switching focus when they’re active in the background.

More Permissions
Android Q will give you a broad overview of which apps you’re using for certain things. You’ll be provided with a search function that will let you filter by permission item. This will allow you to have a quick look at what apps you’ve given access to your camera, contacts, locations, etc. You can look at each permitted apps individually and toggle them individually to switch their access on and off.

Developer Tools

Android Q has tons of new developer tools, but we don’t know yet how all of them will work. You’ll be able to enable freeform windows after pressing and holding an app icon. You’ll find it in the recent apps overview.

On the other hand, there’s another feature called ‘Game Updates Package Preference’ according to XDA-developers, but we don’t exactly know its purpose. You’ll find another feature called the ‘force desktop mode’. Like the Samsung DeX style, it will probably give the Android an external display. All of UI is not finished as they’re still working on some features like screen recording and all.

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Face ID-Style Authentication for Logins and Purchases

Android Q might get a feature IOS have been craving for a while: The Face ID. XDA-Developers revealed this news recently. Many users want a facial scan for authentication, and this dream might come in reality now with the Android Q. We still don’t have enough information on how it will work. We also don’t know how it will combine sensor readings which is important for scanning facial features. However, we via error codes in one of the OS APK, we got some ideas. You might have to move the phone in different directions so that your device can a better look at your face.

XDA has found other strings of code which are truly promising as well.  The information says that users of Android Q will be able to unlock their phones by using their face. They can also authorize purchases or sign in to apps. So guess what, you’re getting a completely new next-gen Android experience.

Keep in mind, your phones must have the hardware installed so that you can use this feature.

Say Goodbye to Back Button and Hello Gesture Controls

For years, the recent Android phones from different brands have been trying hard to push their own gesture controls. As an option, the OS has always kept its three-button navigation which has been static. But you can probably say those days goodbye now as XDA preview showed the gesture control are coming with the Android Q.

Judging by its look, you may only be able to use the navigation systems which are present in the Google pixel 3. In the cardinal directions to get around, you’ll be able to swipe the small pill at the bottom of the screen.

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We try to communicate with our readers with the recently updated news. We could’ve waited for the actual confirmation of the Android Q when it would arrive in the market. But, we thought we could give you some trusted information earlier. These are the only updates we have now about the Android Q. Can you rely on it? Yes, because the information we provided is authentic. We will keep you updated if we get something more. Until then, keep your tech-related trust on Techt20 team.

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