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What is Android One and the features of it

What is Android One

The versions of Android have always been an issue when buying a smartphone.  We have a super customized Android version to the simplest stock version. But nowadays, we are seeing that a lot of new phones are coming with a version called Android One.

If you are not familiar with Android One and want to know a brief detail on it, then this article is for you. So without further ado, let’s jump into the topic.

Do you want a phone with Android designed exactly as Google wanted? You want this android but you don’t want to spend money on a Google Pixel 3? Well, if that’s the case, then Android One is the feature you should actually look for. Android One was actually designed for first-time smartphone users in the markets. In 2014, Android One was first introduced at Google I/O developer conference.

In the Android platform, Android One is a version that uses a largely unmodified core interface. However, it has enough room to support a few little hardware extras.  You can conclude that it is the best version of both the so-called ‘stock’ and custom approaches. If you want a Stock Android experience, then Android One is for you.  With Android One, you won’t get any duplicate apps or skins or any additional services.  This means you won’t have any pre-loading Microsoft Office or Facebook app.  Besides, you won’t get any additional keyboard or any additional news app.

Few Android One supported smartphone:

  1. Nokia 3.2
  2. Nokia 4.2
  3. Nokia 7.1
  4. Nokia 8.1
  5. Motorola One
  6. Motorola One Power
  7. Infinix Note 5
  8. Xiaomi Mi A2
  9. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
  10. LG G7 One

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Android One promises better performance along with a cohesive approach to user interface design.  Thanks to the well-optimized software it has which has an impact on the performance.  You’ll not find any superfluous apps and a longer period of software too. You’ll also have timely security updates. In fact, it will give you the most secure version of Android. Android One makes sure you get three years of security updates. These updates arrive in the month they are released. These will always keep you guarded against the latest software infections.

This factor is often ignored while purchasing a smartphone. But, this is one of the most important factors you should take into consideration. Especially, in a particular time when your personal data is extremely important and constantly under attack, the security system of Android One will keep your device safe.

With the help of Android One security, you can check when your phone was last inoculated against a threat. To check it, you just have to simply go to the about Phone section of Settings. Then go under the Android Security Patch level field to find it. The recent Android One phones are released with an operating system which will run for up to two years.  These often introduce a huge range of new features. This means you don’t have to rush all the time and buy new hardware so that you can have a fresh smartphone experience.


Android One will make it easy for software updates to be released in a timely manner. If you want to receive updates that are quicker than any alternative, then you should go for Android ONE.  With a little customization, you can use the stock Android interface very easily.

Android One logo


Android One manufacturers still need to make sure the new versions of Android One work with the hardware and software they own. These include Motorola’s Active Display or the Edge Sense of HTC. However, you won’t get an entire interface software that can be tweaked or mean to be quality-assured.

This may sound a bit odd to you, but if you use Android One, you’ll also get support for hardware elements of a manufacturer’s device. The Android One program allows you to add some hardware features with software to control them. For instance, HTC U11 Life added a squeezable frame so that there is software support for that. You’ll also be able to get manufacturer’s own camera apps.  The company who makes the phone can use their own camera, they don’t have to use the basic Android camera. This will extend the support for Dolby Atmos on your speakers along with your camera. Using their own app, the manufacturer can support whatever camera hardware they use.

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What apps do Android One phones have

Android One users will get clean-looking software even after the odd manufacturer tweak or two is allowed. For example, Nokia 7.1 has a custom camera app. This camera app is made with enhanced Pro mode. These extras are made with subtle design and don’t interfere with the look. They feel the core of the interface. Google’s app suite has made the rest of the app roster.

With the help of Google’s Material Design app, these core apps are built. This was introduced in 2014 with the Android 5.0. In an Android One phone, you get a consistent look across almost all the apps.


Android One will initially offer you Google software like Google Duo, Maps and YouTube. In other words, you are getting the full suite of Google services. If you want built-in Google Play Protect, Android One phones also come with that. This will your apps are secured and they are behaving as they should. There’s no chance of getting hijacked version of Android loaded with malware.


Android One phones are actually optimized for Google Assistant. This will help you to utilize the help of Google to text a friend, hail a ride and other things you need


Android One will let you have up to two years of upgrades to the latest version of Android.  This means that if you buy an Android phone with an Oreo, you will end up with an Android Q.

You don’t need to worry whether your manufacturer to deal with the updates as they have nothing much to do with the software. In Android One, the software is not altered by the manufacturer at all.  This makes it easy for Google to issue upgrades. In addition, you are getting 3 years of monthly security updates.

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NOTE: The Android One upgrades in Nokia are working fast as flash.

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