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What are Pop-Up Selfie Cameras and are they sustain in Future

You must know about the recent tech Pop Up Selfie right? This new innovation added to the smartphone technology called Pop Up Selfie. Here we discuss whether this new trend can Sustain or not. Also, share you how this new feature helps you out so let’s begin.

The motorized camera popped up like a turtle head comes out. Again, it is an amazing feeling, which will thrill you definitely isn’t it?

Do you want a phone with full-screen display experience? In that case, only pop up selfie can help you out. Let’s start with the predecessor, who bring this tech for the first time. The Vivo Nex is the first smartphone last year, which had Pop up selfie for the first time. Afterward, Vivo V15 has the same configuration. In addition, the Oppo F11 Pro has the Pop up selfie option too. The Vivo sibling Oppo came out with it so that, their fan can feel the thrill of new selfie tech.


How do you assess the importance of pop up selfie shooter?

The manufacturers have understood a number of serious issues. Among many, they are now trying to integrate cameras with futuristic design. That’s why we focus on Pop up selfie


Secondly, as we said standard phones now deserve bigger screen bezel. It is clear to you that pop up allows this option for a bigger screen. Due to this invention, manufacturers can minimize the screen size, where they put more features for you. Don’t asses it as a waste at all. The Vivo V15 has really got massive hit for this since the user can enjoy the space. Now, other companies tend to bring a similar feature on their phone.


So, you can predict that this innovation may last longer in the future.

Thirdly, Pop up can save you from a security issue. Currently, any devices with camera can be remotely hacked. Because hackers can see through your cameras.

Finally, Pop Up Cameras add value to the mobile design. We’ve just discussed the importance of this innovation. But did you think of an amazing design with Pop Up Cameras? That’s why we evaluate it is a strange innovation, which can shake the market.

On the other hand, the motorized machine make the phone larger in terms of the screen.

Oppo F11 Pro review by TechT20

7 Best Phones with Pop Up cameras

  1. Vivo V15 and V15 Pro
  2. Vivo Nex
  3. Oppo Find X
  4. Honor Magic 2
  5. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
  6. Oppo F11 Pro
  7. Lenovo Z5 Pro

So, here you can see all the latest phone along with Pop Up Cameras. All these phones can able to drag the smartphone buyer’s attention. Therefore, you can assess that this technology will not fade away easily.

We’ve done enough research to bring this idea to you. In order to, get the more and more latest news and hacks about smartphone, you are welcome to visit our TechT20.com site once again.

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