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Vivo V15 pro review- Go With POP-UP Selfie

Vivo V15 pro is going to smash down Bangladeshi mid-range market. A highly expected over-influencing handset where you can get all possible specifications. Today our TechT20 review team will present you all details about the most exciting Vivo V15 Pro.

Vivo, bring the pop-up 32 MP selfie innovation, which is admirable. The smartphone appears like a premium flagship. To become a standout, Vivo provides amazing features like notchless display, periscope selfie, and in-display scanner.

In addition, Vivo V15 pro will take you to the amazing photography experience. It set up the rear triple-camera with 48MP 1/2″ sensor.  Therefore, you can have the elevating module of pop up camera.

Vivo V15 Pro is now scheduling to hit in Bangladesh. Our fancy phone lover youths are eagerly waiting for the launch.

What is inside the Box?

Vivo V15 Pro unboxing was a thrilling experience of our TechT20 team. After unboxing, we had the user manual at first. And, then a compatible quick charger and the glossy plastic case pop out with silicone side bumpers.

Vivo V15 Pro Bangladeshi Review

Let’s finish the intro and move onto the real review segment below here. So don’t move away.

Vivo V15 pro Design

Vivo V15 Pro has a stylish outlook with the handsome blue gradient color. This color is suitable for all ages and immediately bring attention. Moreover, the subtle stripes pattern gives it a standout look. Alongside the bright electric blue there goes an inky almost black shades, looks splendid.

Vivo V15 Pro front side gives a dashing look since it has the bezel-less upper panel. But at the bottom side remain a tiny space looks pretty for good. The motorized slider viable the camera come out from the inner shell. Therefore, it cut out the option for the extra notch.

Moreover, on the top side of the looks astoundingly thin. Now, you must be asking us, where the earpiece has gone? Just like the in-display scanner hidden

inside the display so same goes with an earpiece. In addition, Vivo keeps the proximity sensors at the upper side corner inside the display. At the upper portion of V15 pro, there you find 3.5mm audio jack. Conversely, the lower portion edge has the speaker grille with Micro USB port.

Now, let’s tell you about the side portion with a dedicated button for voice assistant. Just right above there you may find the second tray for microSD card. It means that there is no hybrid slot for SIM. In that space, you can add a memory card and two Sims at the same point.


The Vivo V15 Pro has the all screening display with 6.39-inch Super AMOLED Full HD resolution. V15 Pro full body seems metal touch for that it is well balanced. Moreover, the chunky 6.39″ panel easy to grab. You should know that the rounded back panel ensure great grip too. Finally, the glossy gradient finish feels you luxury and comfortable.

Vivo V15 Pro Bangladeshi Review

The screen comprises of sufficient brightness even in sunlight. However, the phone is a little bit ahead to the automatic brightness control. So, it is vulnerable to drop down in ambient light. But you can fix it with a quick swiping up at the settings shade.

In the same way, with the default font, that takes much space. You can simply adjust the font size and conversely go back with the previous. In addition, Vivo Themes app offers more fonts.

One of the exciting places of the display is the pop-up camera on the V15 Pro.

It makes the screen totally uninterrupted. You can see the bezel at the top comprises 2.2mm. By the way, the chin at the lower portion is quite thicker. For that, I wish that Vivo might choose this feature for maximum upcoming phones.

Vivo V15 Pro Camera

Vivo V15 Pro offers with the variation of three different cameras. One of it is 5MP Depth Sensor another is 8MP Wide Angle and lastly 48 MP Primary camera. Notably, the Primary camera comprises the Sony sensor. So don’t worry about the pixels sensitivity improvement, by the way. While shooting photos, you can shoot with the maximum resolution.

Vivo V15 Pro Bangladeshi Review

The dull and gloomy environment is not suitable for photo shooting. But we did it with V15 Pro and got amazing results. Despite, the sun was hazy and go straight at the lens, photo output was evenly lighting up. Sharpness is perfect on that even if works good at dusk.

Mind-blowing Portrait Mode

Have you heard of how one photo combine into four adjacent pixels? Yes, Vivo V15 Pro does the same and paves the way for mind-blowing portrait mode. It has amazingly 32MP, which offers perfect sharpness with minimum noise.

Vivo V15 Pro Bangladeshi Review


Vivo V15 Pro empowered new arrival Snapdragon 675 chipset. Many processors have not deployed it yet. Though it is not top of the world chipset, it can process super-fast.

Vivo V15 Pro Bangladeshi Review

Vivo V15 Pro has an octa-core chipset, which comprises with six Kryo 460 Silver cores and installed 1.7 GH. So, the combination is super efficacious. On the other hand, it assists battery life and enabled enough power to the phone. Moreover, the chipset contains Adreno 612 GPU. At last, the chipset boarded with Hexagon 685 DSP, which helps all multitask.

Remember, Vivo V15 Pro Snapdragon 675 comprises of two Kryo 460 Gold cores and six Kyro 460 Silver.

Vivo V15 Pro combine with Snapdragon 675 and RAM 6GB or 8GB. In Bangladesh, only 6GB version will be available. By the way, storage will be 128GB and it is for both version. Moreover, you can expand storage with your microSD card installment. Good news is 110GB of free storage is available surprisingly for you.

Vivo V15 Pro offers dual nano SIM slots. You may get an amazing Network performance so the phone call would be crispy and loud with great clarity.

Vivo V15 Pro Performance

Vivo V15 Pro performance is beyond questionable. You’ve already read above the hardware of this phone. So, you supposed to know that the Snapdragon 675 processor has the monstrous ability to perform. However, the capability is below the Snapdragon 710. But your hardware comes to meet limitation.

Playing your favorite game like PUBG is leg free, even if it runs with HD resolution!

Vivo V15 Pro Bangladeshi Review

Gaming is really fun when Vivo V15 Pro comes at your hand. We personally experienced it after several days of usage. PUBG is the real viral Game now in Bangladesh. If you want to buy such phone which enables 100% performance so go ahead.

Vivo V15 Pro has neither heating issue nor abnormal battery drainage. It keeps the word what is said indeed! Moreover, V15 pro camera performance is enjoyable with JOVI AI program. It can instantly take you to a different level, giving you the guideline. On the other hand, it can easily synchronize how you use your phone. Depending on that, it will create such portfolio at your phone. Sounds great?

Vivo V15 Pro Software

Vivo V15 pro experienced variety in terms of software. Because it is a doppelganger of the iOS version. Therefore, who really likes the UI of iOS surely, like it also. Conversely, some user will totally dislike the software whereabouts.

Whenever you tap the power button soon after the phone revolves through wallpapers. By the way, you have an option to turn off.

Vivo V15 Pro specifically run their own Funtouch OS 9 along with Android pie. The bad news is no app drawer available on this phone. So all types of app icons remain onto the home screen. Notably, you don’t have any option left to customize it. At two separate panes, quick toggles and the notifications shade are fixed. Interestingly, it totally exits out from the regular Android defaults.

Vivo V15 Pro Bangladeshi Review


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Vivo V15 Pro Verdict

Vivo V11 Pro is irresistible due to the midrange budget with pop up selfie innovation. The phone is going to be a massive hit on the Bangladeshi market very soon. No matters, the price is a bit high but remember about the features. In fact, Bangladeshi mobile lovers always outreach their budget when they find phone like Vivo V11 Pro.

Vivo V15 Pro is high tech adapted device. Moreover, it has pretty much splendid design and texture. It able to juggle with the heavy user mode and perfectly fit on moderate too. By the way, Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset is perfect according to the pricing but a bit less.

What are you pondering about the Vivo V15 Pro? Do you agree with our review of settlements and facts?

Feel free to let us know because your precious comments might help us to go a bit ahead.


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