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Vivo V11 Pro review in Bangladesh- Master-Blaster in Display fingerprint

Vivo V11 Pro is a premium flagship phone for Bangladesh. The phone comprises with astounding features. The phone came after Vivo V11 Pro handset. This phone is quite similar to the previous one. However, this handset has extended the budget and with features. So you can have some more stuff investing more money on Vivo V11 Pro.

Vivo V11 pro hit Bangladesh market in September 2018

At first, I should tell you Vivo is a notch based phone. After Apple made it trend to the market Vivo secondly join the notch game. Now Vivo notch concept is the buying lineup for Vivo V11 Pro.

Secondly, Vivo V11 pro will provide you the In display fingerprint option. This is Vivo brand innovation. Vivo is really able to shake the market from under display lock. In earlier fingerprint sensor was booming. But Vivo has the weapon to beat it from an optical sensor.

Now you’re thinking, ok man intro is enough what about pricing? Well, the pricing is not fixed in everywhere. Since some shops give you a minimum discount and some others won’t do that.

Let’s say pricing, Vivo V11 Pro official price in Bangladesh is BDT 34,990.00

Now what? Should I buy it or not? Our TechT20 experts will shoot all your answers. So, don’t go away & stay tuned with the full review until we dig deeper & go farther.

Unboxing Vivo V11 Pro

Vivo V11 Pro by Techt20

When we unboxed Vivo V11 pro we were charmed by the amazing finished display. At first, the teardrop notch made us feel wow! secondly, as we’ve already said that is a bluish color.

So, the Vivo V11 Pro contains a lot of stuff. Soft transparent glass paper with manual, micro USB port, charger 18W. Most importantly, the headset design resembles Apple’s Earpods. Moreover, they include a transparent silicone case for protection. Even if, you will get the factory provided screen protector.

Remember, Vivo V11 Pro don’t have fast charger enabled USB port instead of Typ-C

Vivo V11 Pro Design

Vivo V11 Pro did not leave any stone unturned for an amazing Design. Super Amoled with tiny teardrop notch and finally bezel-less display altogether is rocking roll! Most importantly, having a display unlock option trickle down to the mid-range phone.

Vivo V11 Pro by Techt20

Vivo V11 pro Starry Night has an amazing bluish design. At the upper portion, there is inky black and the lower portion has bluish purple, which is superb. Moreover, the color is vivid, striking and has tiny whitish sparkle. Though whitish sparkle drop is not noticeable, it gives an overall furnished outlook. Within the blue variation, the name of VIVO looks appealing at the bottom of the back. Overall, Vivo tried to settle a premium look for the handset. They are pretty successful for design according to our view.

Another version is Supernova Red version which is stunning beauty. This color went viral on the valentine day.

Vivo V11 Pro Display

Vivo V11 pro commonly has the glass-sandwich body but it stands out arguably. Any viewer is unable to take his/her eyes off from the AMOLED screen. It is large but not bulky because it is trendy. The trendy 6.41 big screen is thin and almost bezel-less. Under the small teardrop, there is a huge 25MP blaster front camera. The AMOLED display confirmed superb ration that is 19:5:9 aspect ratio.

Vivo V11 Pro by Techt20

The in display lock is the main attraction of the set. Therefore, the graphics while unlocking is really praiseworthy. Keep in mind to pressure a bit more while unlocking. Surely, you will use to after several days of usage. You will see green color when you try to unlock using finger at the display.

Remember, using the in display unlock causes battery drain fast! However, most people will buy Vivo pro instead of Vivo regular for the reason. The in display fingerprint stay covering a small space just at the bottom. Having this option especially In mid-range phone is a blessing for users.

We experience one thing for the display lock. Don’t use glass protector if you want instant to unlock from the display. It takes time while unlocking but removing the glass protector it behaves normally.

Another important stuff is a screen to body ratio, which is 91.7%. This ratio provides no chance for viewing interruption in any angles. Finally, V11 pro has seamless curvature sinks into the display therefore, it creates smoothing and softening feelings. Ultimately, you feel vibe, comfort, and elegance. Vivo V11 Pro is wide enough at 157.9 x 75 x 7.9 mm. In that case, it is pretty similar to Oppo F9. It is just one mm taller and wider than the F9 oppo. The weight is very impressive, which is just at 156 g therefore, no ergonomics problem.

The frame of this phone made of plastic and has decent curves. Also, has slippery trendy finish seems glossy as well. In that pricing, you might have expected more than the plastic body. However, every handset edition has few loopholes so Vivo V11 Pro why not?

The phone has a 3.5 mm audio port what you can experience at the bottom. Don’t forget to tell you about the triple card slot. This can give the space for two sim cards altogether, and a microSD card at the same place.

Vivo V11 pro Camera

Vivo V11 Pro provided with best Camera with AI Enabled Dual Rear Camera. After using a couple of days, we were totally satisfied.

Vivo V11 Pro by techt20 Vivo V11 Pro by techt20

Vivo V11 pro has 12MP of Primary Camera and decent back up by depth sensor camera 5MP. For portrait, the depth sensor works decently. The exciting thing is it gathers a lot of light not only in the day time but also at night. Front camera is 25MP which is huge and that is why it can reduce noise. Moreover, details are good on both sides of camera. Background detail at daylight is as much as a premium phone can provide you. In addition, autofocus and phase detection is a plus.

AI portrait Framing

Vivo V11 Pro comes with decent photography output. Because it has AI portrait Framing option. The way of framing the portrait photo is real crucial. When you will get the guideline from AI then you can easily examine photo subject. Taking a picture with proper positioning is now easy from Vivo V11 Pro AI framing.

Vivo V11 pro low light mode promptly takes up to six images and combine altogether through AI method. The results come out superior. It helps to capture more details and reduce noise as well. Finally, it ensures easier to capture amazingly clear and vivid photo.

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Vivo V11 pro Hardware

Vivo V11 Pro much stronger hardware with this handset, adding snapdragon 660 with 8 kyro 260 cores, Adreno 512 GPU. Last but not least, it contains a 2.0 GHz octa-core AI chip. In addition, Vivo V11 Pro has 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage.

Vivo V11 Pro by techt20

By the way no NFC available here in V11 pro. But V11 pro has USB OTG and USB 2.0 modest connection which speeds up decently. In the sim tray, you can set two nano-SIM cards and also has the option for microSD card. Bluetooth 5 version is supported in V11 pro and audio codecs as well.

The single bottom firing speaker enables no noise on the other hand, not so loud either.

Vivo V11 Pro Performance

Vivo V11 Pro performance rate has amazing feedback from us. We’ve used it for a couple of weeks and never find any issue for poor performance. The Snapdragon 660 is enough to catch up all possible multitasking operation along with 6GB Ram. Heating up is a rare issue we don’t make sure of this to you but we didn’t find it any. it will perform as much as better you expect while gaming.

Vivo V11 Pro by techt20

Network hardware in V11 pro is CAT 6 which pretty backdated used mostly in 2015. Therefore, may be cellular network is not up to the mark here. However, according to our user experience, we didn’t encounter any issue with the 3G/4G network. The earpiece sound is quite low.

V11 Pro 3D body curves amazingly sink into the display so that it creates soft feelings.

The performance of AI scene recognition is incredibly perfect.

Vivo V11 Pro Software

Vivo V11 pro has no issues regarding compatibility for sure. The standard Google apps along with Google Play is installed as built in. Moreover, the Gmail Notification arrives on time, this is decent. The Vivo phone is pretty similar to iPhone UI. If you are Apple UI lover then you are going to love for that. Notably, there are couple of pre-installed Vivo apps and some of it might be uninstalled.

Vivo V11 Pro accommodated Funtouch OS 4.5 where they have Android 8.1 Oreo. So, here you don’t have the Pie update yet. Moreover, it has no app drawer available.

As we’ve already told you that Vivo is similar to the iPhone. Therefore, V11 Pro alike to iOS gesture navigation. Unlike android navigation, you need to take time to adapt to it.

Vivo brand is a global phone therefore, switching to launchers is so simple. Moreover, you don’t need a Chinese phone number or any account of Vivo. What you can just simply download the Nova Launcher. After that, tap the alert at the top side of app finally select Nova as your default launcher.

No need to tell you more exciting stuff of Vivo V11 Pro. In this phone, you can have a very handy app for safe surfing in social media. Your fingerprint or face Id enable to log in multiple social media site. So many bunches are also available too. Like the silencing option of your phone or shaking, an option will turn the flashlight instantly. By long pressing the volume down button you can either set up the shortcut. This is handy while the screen remains shut.

I choose the camera as a shortcut where you can have your own.

Jovi Smart Scene

Jovi enables user life easier, therefore it will get adapted with user personal experience. Jovi is so smart so that it can recognize a myriad of user scenarios. Such as it will schedule the results of your favorite team. It promptly support with info you need in the field of your interest

Google lens

Vivo V11 Pro camera confines with Google lens. It will give you the AI image recognition feature. Through this technology, it can identify objects and scenarios and provide related searches.

Vivo V11 Pro Battery

Vivo V11 Pro have equipped with dual-engine Fast charging option. However, Type-C is not available. It has a chunky battery 3400 mAh battery. The phone has 18w quick Charge 3.0 and runs with any QC3-compatible charger. Therefore, just don’t worry about proprietary chargers.

Vivo V11 Pro has 9V/2A adapter that takes charge 45% charge from zero within 30 minutes.

Lastly, Vivo V11 Pro has an amazing endurance capacity, which is 98 hours.

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Vivo V11 Pro review now comes to the conclusion. We believe now you either get the buying lineup or rejection line up. Every phone requires improvement so this phone has too. We tried our best to make all the information reachable to you. Furthermore, if you have any queries we are open to shoot the answer. Our more reviews on different phones are available in the review segment, so keep an eye on it.

What are you pondering about the Vivo V11 Pro? Do you agree with our review of settlements and facts?

Feel free to let us know because your precious comments might help us to go a bit ahead.


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