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Umidigi S3 Pro review-Umidigi’s first 48MP Ceramic Phone

Umidigi S3 Pro review

Umidigi S3 Pro is going to be a huge hype in Bangladesh. Umidigi is a Chinese company, which is infamous in Bangladesh. However, the mobile lovers, who are surfing the web and get notified with the latest update, must know about this brand.

Umidigi S3 Pro released on December 2018

From the onset of the smartphone, the main topic to discuss is about the Camera. In Bangladesh, every new buyer wants to have an updated camera with superb in-built quality. But, Companies often just provide the number of pixel in words and seldom work out.

Today, we are going to first time let you know about UMIDIGI S3 PRO.

The review of this phone is so important to deliver you. Because it is brought with few spectacular features which are not common in any mid-range phone except on premium.

This is:

  • Luxury Ceramic Design
  • 2.5D Curved Glass.
  • 5150 Hulk-Sizeable Battery.
  • Largest SONY IMX Mobile Sensor.

Where to buy?

Umidigi did not have any physical appearance until 2017. In this fresh year 29th January, they first started showroom in Police Plaza Concord Shopping Center at Gulshan. You can also order from Daraz Online shopping.

Our TechT20 team has covered the whole story of Umidigi S3 Pro and today and we are going to reveal below here.

Umidigi S3 Pro Display & Design

Umidigi S3 Pro design has the mindblowing bezel-less design with IPS FHD+ Display panel. Furthermore, the display panel is huge in size 6.3-inch with a water drop notch, which will shake the market.

Umidigi S3 Pro review

This mid-range premium phone is charming since it has a lucrative four-sided curved ceramic body. Basically, Ceramic is a brittle object and porous too. Just like the Ceramic Tea pod has the same brittleness. On the other hand, Ceramic is heavy therefore Umidigi S3 Pro is a heavyweight handset.

Now, your curiosity arises about the curved glass. Normally, the mirror glass and the door glass is a 2D glass. This type of Glass is rectangular in shape and sharp at the edges. Whereas 2.5D has a moderate slope which gives a premium outlook at four-sided curve edges.

Another exciting and cool stuff is with the water drop notch. The notch is now one of the most trendy choices in every phone in 2018.  Since S3 Pro is a trendy phone so it supposed to be here. The notch settles down in a tiny space at the middle of the upper side of the phone and offers you 20MP front camera.

Umidigi S3 Pro Hardware

Umidigi S3 Pro powered by MediaTek Helio P70, which stunned every phone lovers. This is one of the newest chipsets in the MediaTek stable, which is a robust upgrade to their prior critically acclaimed Helio P60. Inside the hood, it has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. So both configuration makes it super fast smartphone.

Umidigi S3 Pro review

You can sip the juice from the herculean 5150mAh battery and it will last longer. The S3 Pro deployed Sony’s 48MP advanced camera incredibly. Moreover, it has a camera sensor IMX 586 and it is also empowered in Huawei Nova 4 and Honor View 20.

Umidigi S3 Pro Camera

Umidigi S3 Pro Camera is capable of bypassing any competitors from the market. Umidigi ensures the lab test with the best Sony sensor so, there is no shadow of a doubt this phone has the best Camera.

Umidigi S3 Pro review


In comparison with the Google pixel 3 and iPhone Xs phone, it has 12MP Telephoto. The phone has the same sensor what Xiaomi Mi 9 and Honor view 20 have. This advanced rear-camera sensor can help Umidigi S3 Pro users to capture cinema-grade photos, skylines and action shots in dramatic perspectives without any grain aliasing or noise even in poor or low lighting conditions.

The Sony IMX sensor blast the 48MP, this is the highest pixel count cam ever. It supports 4 pixel integration and measures 1/2 inch broad.

The phone has 20MP Selfie Sony camera, which can provide accurate color, minimum noise in the background and good blurring effect.

MediaTek Helio P70’s suites in like Imagiq and MiraVision in the phone also supports incredible AI and HDR-Centric Enhancements with fast, agile focussing and Enhanced-Bokeh-Shots in real-time colour accuracy. Moreover, the phone is enabled with the Enhanced Portrait Modes Selfies just like the Oppo F11 Pro.

What is Enhanced-Bokeh-Shots?

Umidigi S3 Pro has kept the similarity with the Oppo F11 Pro so that, you can adjust how the photo focus at the subject’s background. In the terminology of photography, it is called Enhanced-Bokeh-Shots. So, it’s all about the advanced blurring background of photos.

The combination of Sony IMX 586 for rear camera and Sony IMX 376 for front Camera sensors. Helio P70’s imaging suites in Umidigi S3 Pro delivers striking portraits and picture-perfect snapshot.

What innovation does it take for Low-Light Capture?

Extra benefits come with the premium phone, while you’re shooting no matters it is daylight or night. Same goes with, Umidigi S3 Pro camera performance. The phone incredibly takes snaps at low light maintaining the minimum noise therefore, every snap comes vivid, alive and goes trendy on your social media.

The camera resolution is not to remain the same. Especially, on low light. On a low light situation, the sensor activates its system on Quad Bayer. This technology swipe 4 pixels to 1 pixel. However, in good lighting, the camera can deliver the whole megapixel. When the sun comes to the western horizon, the ratio acts like 4:1 so the camera acts as 12 MP.

Umidigi S3 Pro Performance

Umidigi S3 Pro has the most astounding performance in terms of long-run playing games, surfing the web, taking snaps or anything you want to do. this amazing window opens just because of HULK-Size 5120mAh battery.

The user experience of this phone is out of the world. No legging, no hitting issue, and full HD graphic capable gaming we have experienced through this phone. On the other, the bulk amount of battery is an extra for a gamer.

Besides that, the AI technology can take you to the different land, while you taking snaps or any other stuff on the phone. So no performance issue overall whether it comes from the software, camera, gaming or surfing.

Umidigi S3 Pro Software

Umidigi S3 Pro has the latest version of Android 9 Pie. The phone has its own customized EMUI apart from the android version. You can download the exclusive theme as well from their official support side.

Moreover, the phone is highly integrated with the Advanced AI therefore, you can have the AI assistance while shooting the photo in a wrong photography grammar. The phone itself contains dedicated software to avoid heating issues. On the other hand GPU and CPU booster, performance app can help you to see the performance.

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Wrapping Up Review

Surprisingly, Umidigi S3 Pro handset is infamous in our country. However, it comes to important for us to let you know about this phone. If you are interested to buy this phone, hope our review would be successful for that.

Stay tuned and get updated from us since we cover every common and uncommon latest handset in Bangladesh.


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