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Umidigi One Pro review-Twilight Color Thrill in Bangladesh

Umidigi One Pro is a product of Chinese phone maker company Umidigi. People commonly call this phone UMI. Due to, an amazing similarity with iPhone looks, Bangladeshi people are now paying extra heed on this phone.

In a few online stores, this phone is hitting up and people are buying it with some extra benefit. In Robishop, there is a chance to get 100% cashback, if you are lucky. However, it’s not the usual case. But in random, you can save your data plan (2GB regular data + 2GB in 4G data).

Why you should you buy this phone? For budget? For design? Yes, this might be two major reasons. But still, you need to know more about this phone like configuration regards to camera, hardware, and performance.


So, let us not wait anymore and dive into the core review of Umidigi One Pro


Unboxing Umidigi One Pro

Umidigi One Pro unboxing was a great experience since it has an amazing appearance. Though the phone is a mid-range budget phone, the box seemed us to be premium. While opening up the box we first saw the Thanksgiving card from UMIDIGI Bangladesh.

Remember, no ear jack available inside the box

Umidigi One Pro review in Bangladesh

Afterward, we move on to the accessories inside the box just after forgetting about the box. Finally, in the box, there are a SIM ejector pin, user manual and notably the Type-C cable. Yes, the Type-C cable is of red color, which is pretty impressive and similar to OnePLus phone charging cable. In addition, there we got the 5.2-volt charger, obviously, that’s the fast charger so don’t worry about fast charging technology. Since the phone is quite slippery, they provide with extra gripping cover. In addition, the color of the cover has an exciting carbon fiber color.


Umidigi One Pro Design

Umidigi One Pro’s most impressive things come to us about shinny twilight color, which gives it a premium flagship look within this mid-budget.

Umidigi One Pro review in Bangladesh

We do believe that the Twilight color design will be totally adorable for you since it has an amazing blue-green mirror-touch finish at the back part. The front and the rear both are coated in the glass frame. So, we must admit that it is a super shiny metal frame and vivid as well.  This phone looks really thick with 8.3mm size. The edges are good and entirely smooth also.

Conversely, the phone doesn’t have a slimming appearance, which another phone normally has. In between the frame and the glass, there is a noticeable unlock key we could identify. You can also identify while running your fingertips over the edges.


Umidigi One Pro Display

Umi One pro offers smooth and comfortable user experience having 5.86-inch, an average big screen. In addition, the 90% screen to body ratio shows that it has slim bezels.

Umidigi One Pro review in Bangladesh

The phone has moderate beneficiaries regarding display. Like, it has a futuristic good looking with its 19:9 total surface panel. At the top notch, there is a front camera, sensors, and the earpiece. The phone is not a premium one therefore, it has to be some failings right? Well, the failings are about the clarity of display, which is low in resolution. So the phone is HD+ 1520×720 pixels count and the density is 287 PPI. However, in terms of price, it is not terrible at all. In addition, you must admit that most of the human eye doesn’t bother with this pixel count.

Let’s move on the edges where we found a pin operated tray of SIM. At the left side of the tray, there is a limit for either dual SIM or single SIM.

While using a dual SIM, you won’t able to put there any memory extension. But without memory extension, you can easily use dual SIM instead.

The exciting thing is on the right side of one pro, where you can get a volume rocker along with power button. It is integrated with the fingerprint sensor. It is similar to Sony phones. According to our point of view, we found it pretty logical and hence, we found it easier to unlock.


Umidigi One Pro Camera

Umidigi One Pro Camera is on the rear, where the 12MP Primary camera located. In addition, the camera comprises with f/2.0 aperture. Notably, the secondary camera has 5MP. The chips originate from Omnivision and are known OV12870. At the frontal side there you find a unique S5K3P3 along with 16MP. In addition, there would be an f/2.0 aperture by Samsung.

Umidigi One Pro review in Bangladesh

Image Quality

In regards to the image quality, Umidigi One Pro astound us effectively. On the other hand, the device unable to keep up with the premium phone, which is twice or three times valuable. Don’t be demotivated because the photos come out above average within this price.

At daylight, one may get photos with good sharpness with good details. However, the colors do not remain neutral often. We found some noise while, zooming into the subject.
Umidigi One Pro review in Bangladesh

At dusk, while the light is becoming deeming in absence of sunlight, you will have low image quality. On that time, you should not rely on the autofocus of your device. However, with good patience and manual autofocusing you still able to get good photos.

Umidigi One Pro review in Bangladesh
Video Quality

The video recording quality is above average according to our view. One may have good videos at daylight. However, you will face problem regards to focusing while capturing videos. Surprisingly, the open camera app will provide you better quality, which is available on the play store. Remember that, there is a button for the Electronic Image Stabilization in the default settings. Good news for the user is that the Umidigi one pro has dual rear camera. Therefore, this is the first inexpensive phone in regards to the good quality dual rear camera.

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Umidigi One Pro Software

Umidigi One Pro performed with Android 8.1. The company deployed their own custom UMI OS, which is quite similar with the vanilla android custom from UI.

Umidigi One pro review in Bangladesh

Moreover, it has a clean Android system and no major changes for the UI. In comparison with Xiaomi Mi A2/ A2 Lite, it has some extra settings. Besides, these settings improve User Experience remarkably.

Umidigi One pro review in Bangladesh

Antutu benchmark is 82079, which is average

For instance, you may adjust the navigation position. In addition, with DuraSpeed you can also control the background activities. By the way, there is no such bloatware on the system. On the other hand, the virus test comes on negative. The play store obviously comes on default settings and works perfectly as well.


Umidigi One Pro Hardware

Umidigi One Pro deployed 2.0GHz MediaTek Helio P23 chipset, which has complete eight cores. In addition, it has ARM Mali G72 MP2 GPU, which does not support well in terms of gaming performance, unfortunately.

You can use either dual sim or one MicroSD card and one Sim. So not three in one place altogether.

Umidigi One pro review in Bangladesh

The phone has a moderate battery, which is 3250mAh. Don’t worry this phone is for the regular user, who can easily get a full working day. The impressive part of the Hardware segment is about the fast charging option, which is 18W. This 18W will juice up your phone within 90 minutes.

Umidigi One pro review in Bangladesh

In addition, the phone scores well on connectivity also, with A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.2, 802.11n and the OTG cable.


Umidigi One Pro Performance and Price

Umidigi One Pro is a budget-oriented handset, so don’t think out of the box and don’t expect flagship performance. But you can at least expect moderate performance from this phone for daily task.

Umidigi One pro review in Bangladesh

Why is that? Because the lower resolution screen won’t able to run some high graphics enable game like PUBG. Same goes with high-resolution Netflix videos. We found some normal lagging issues (not often) such as focusing the camera and launching Play Store. However, One Pro is not a big deal for maximum moderate users. Umidigi one pro official price in Bangladesh is BDT 19,990. And you can also order from it Othoba.com with exciting cash back offer.

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Final words

Umidigi One Pro has a similarity with the Vivo Bangladesh for its affordable price and lucrative design. In addition, it is a decent mid-range device, which goes beyond in terms of design. However, in terms of performance, it is the average type of phone, which is suitable for normal users. But if we consider its design quality we must say its awesome. At the ending, we can say if our review will help to make your buying decision or fulfilling your queries please commenting below and inspired us.

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