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Terms of Use

Our terms and conditions concerning the use of our site are totally free from any changes by accessing, downloading or using our contents. Moreover, you will agree and bound to abide by these terms and conditions.

Please read between the lines of our following terms of use by techt20.com.

Our Copyright information

Copyright is a very sensitive term of our site which is strongly regulated by our techt20 team. It is inevitable for you to know that some company and the name of their products are on our site. Those products have trademarks or registered trademarks for particular companies which are acknowledged hereby.

Use of WEBSITE information

You are free to download, view, copy and print our documents in association with graphics from the site with the following orders

Our documents are not for personal use or non-commercial purpose

All of our documents may be or may not be modified in the future which is upon us.

Remember, you are here not permitted to upload, copy, print, perform, display, get the license, post, publish, distribute or transmit the information of our site totally or partially without our prior consent from techt20. On the other hand, our site has numerous third party links. This link is called a source link which gives you more information regarding the specific topic. Otherwise, our information doesn’t respond to you in an appropriate manner. Links are so vital for you, therefore, we always try to add links with a maximum time


You are free to express our information and share it via socially. But all comments and feedback information or the materials you provided to techt20.com shall be taken as non-confidential also regard as the property of us. Notably, by the submission your comments, information or feedback to our techt20.com site shows your consent to a non-change assignment to us. Those are like all worldwide rights and title of copyrights or other intellectual materials right to the feedback, comments, and information. Techt2o.com will be free to use such of your comments, feedback or even information aligned with materials for a non-restricted basis.

Our Links to the third party

Our techt20.com may contain hyperlinks of many sites by third parties other than techt20.com. Techt20.com is not responsible for any of this and does not endorse the contents or use of these websites.

Who can visit us: Visiting our techt20.com site should not be performed under 15 years old. Here you supposed to represent amid the majority visitor. If you are not then your parent should have consented to this Terms of use. Moreover, they will accept this agreement on behalf of you and shall liable for use.

Registration. When one joins our techt20.com and set up a profile, he or she will be asked for information about themselves. In that case, each and everyone will equally responsible for providing the given information accurately, including the original name and other necessary data. Besides that, we suggest all of them to read between the lines of our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy is applicable to all types of visitor. We confirm a few steps to proceed before let them know about our privacy policy. Because every registered user ask for it

Acceptable subscribing policy: The interaction with our platform as a subscriber mention that you’ve already agree with our all terms and condition and follow our privacy policy.

Termination: There is an option always open for your user to let themselves terminate from our site at any time. In that case, we automatically delete all the information belonging here in techt20.com site

Advertisements: Techt20.com has a coalition with Google Adsense. In that case, we include advertisement what Adsense send it and post it on our wall.  If you find any of this advertisement inappropriate hence, we won’t be responsible for it. But you can opt out for another advertisement banner by clicking do not show button.

On the other hand, we offer you for your advertisement here on our site as well. If you have any queries regarding this you are open to send us an email.

Indemnification: Indemnify our site is the vital one whereas you agree to release, defend and finally indemnify techt20.com entities from all third-party claims which related to our content. However, we never tolerate any types of breaching an agreement with you. We will instantly share you any such claim and provide you understandable assistance. We believe that you will let us defend and will not settle any of this claim without the prior consent in a written formation. We shall reserve all of your rights, at our own expense in order to defend of any matter. In those circumstances, you will have no further obligation to settle any dispute against us and defend us in that situation.

Contact: Feel free to contact us at info@techt20.com for any types of further reasonable quarries. We hope yours prosper and joyful life ahead.

Thanks & cheers!