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Samsung Galaxy M10 review-Best budget phone in Bangladesh

Samsung Galaxy M10 is one of the best budget phone ever launched in Bangladesh. Samsung brings it targeting the low to mid-range market of Bangladesh. The phone is super economical for every aspect of buyers. This super-budget phone has just released on 14th Feb. The pre-order is now available on Pickaboo & Daraz.

Today I’m going to show you why you should purchase this. Since I’ve already told you about the budget so, this phone is in just BDT11990. Bangladeshi young people who are looking for the best budget phone, this is for them. There was an immense impression before launching this budget beast to Bangladesh.

Pickaboo offers some special offers for it. Like the price starts from BDT10,999 instead of BDT11,999. This offer started on 12th February. We’ll suggest you to grab the pre-order offer either from Pickaboo.com or daraz.com.bd. Furthermore, they offer 500 tk back by bkash with the club points of Pickaboo. Most interesting offer from Pickaboo is the two year warranty, which worth 1500 bdt.

The same offer is available on Daraz.com from 17th february.

Samsung Galaxy M10 handset is now available on multiple payment methods. Apart from online purchase, you can get this at home delivery anywhere in Bangladesh. Remember about the data bundles available from mobile operators. Now, you might be pondering about the price. Yes, Samsung brought an amazing strategy to beat Xiaomi budgets phones. Before releasing this phone, you can observe how Xiaomi dominate with budget phones earlier. That’s why Samsung bring this budget phone to grab market share. Moreover, Samsung market share was alarmingly fall short for the last two years. If Samsung can bring a budget phone, it is possible to beat others. Because, still Samsung brand value is bigger and trustworthy then Chinese brand.

Here is the brief introduction of Samsung Galaxy M10. But we TechT20 team will dig deeper and go farther with you. So stay with us until I take you to the bottom of this article.

Galaxy M10 Display and Camera

Samsung Galaxy M10 review

The all-plastic build is utilitarian but feels robust and easy to hold and use. its water drop notch and big display make it look modern and premium. The screen is vibrant but not very sharp and everything looks a bit soft. The performance is adequate for everyday use. Though games like PUBG would not run very smoothly even at the lowest setting. Samsung Experience 9.5 UI on top of Android 8.1.0 make for a cohesive experience.

Samsung Galaxy M10 review

Since this is a budget phone, you might not get all possible stuff altogether. Like the resolution is 720 pixels by 1520 pixels, which is a low range. However, The phone has 6.22″ display touchscreen available. Resolution of 720 is also applicable while using Youtube.

Besides, you probably experience the Infinity-V display having the waterdrop notch. The Infinity-V notch gives you an overall larger screen, which is handy. By the way, the bezel size is minimum so that the display is larger for that.

The colors only available either Blue or Black and the back part is a rear plastic body.

I’ve already mentioned that there is lacking in terms of sharpness. But from day to day usage you won’t find it noticeable. You can only notice it when you scroll down from the side by side.

Remember, there is no Fingerprint option available on this phone. Therefore, you need to unlock it either using the face unlock or the pattern unlock. The display allows you for edge to edge experience. However, the chin would be small at the bottom. So it’s not big but not tiny as well. Notably, the front-facing camera in the handset is for the face unlocking.

Finally, let’s share some meticulous aspect of camera issue.

Samsung Galaxy M10 review

The phone offers Dual Camera with Ultra-wide lens, which is huge within this price. The wide-angle camera adds versatility, but quite noisy in low-light conditions. If you take portrait photo then the aperture of the main camera 13Mp takes support from the 5MP depth sensor.

The camera works fantastic when you will be outdoor at daylight. The pictures output consists of an ideal detail during day time. But at shadow region of any place will lose many details. You can enjoy 120 degree shots, which capture plenty of space of any scene.

The Front Camera has the defaults system for beauty filter. It will ensure to beautify your skin noticeably. This feature basically adopted in order to make you connected with social media. Since people love to beautify their skin tone before posting on social media. By the way, the 5MP camera doesn’t help to bring a lot of details but still, it is reasonable. Why ? because the price is under your grab.

Galaxy M10 Chipset

Samsung Galaxy M10 is quite similar to the same internals what Galaxy J7 has. This phone will perform by an Exynos 7870 Octa system. However, it is pretty backdated. But still, worthy of usage and has a good performance.

Remember, It has less performance what Snapdragon 625 had like Xiaomi’s Redmi 6 pro. Notably, the Exynos 7870 offers 8 Cortex with A53 cores at 1.6GHz. Don’t worry about the Ram which is super cool like 2 GB. Storage offers traditionally, which is 16 GB available.

Samsung Galaxy M10 review

Now let’s take you to the good news regarding Samsung Galaxy M10. It is about the dual-Sim card slots offering and the microSD slot also. Apart from it, VOLTE is supported on both Sim card slots.

Galaxy M10 Performance & Endurance

So, here we come to the most important segment of the review. You’ve already read the basics so, here is extra salt for you. Since it is a budget phone so you can not expect a lot. But, still, it is best if you are not a heavy user or a game savvy.

You may have the lowest expectation, but you will get a decent output!

Galaxy M10 doesn’t offer the latest and best Android 9 Pie. But, it has an amazing UI experience with 9.5 along with Android 8.1.0. It will provide you with optimized and cohesive performance. As a long time user, you will have enough customization room. Such as, the lock screen has a magazine style view. There you can have the latest news, which you are interested in. It is Called “Lock Screen Stories”. However, there is an option for you to disable it. The same thing happens with the home screen layout. You can amazingly switch it between app first layout and iOS style. It seems one of the best standard app drawer available.

The phone is roaming around a number of pre-installed apps such as OneDrive, Office suite, and LinkedIn. Remember you are not allowed to uninstall any of it. Only custom ROM can give you the chance to do it.

In terms of navigation, you will experience the gestures on your handset. It helps to make you navigate a breezing interface. The translucent bar there easy to change within button order hence, the bottom edge help out for the first time user. Out of the box, I might say that Samsung Galaxy M10 navigation gesture is really enjoyable.

In addition, facial recognition and pattern lock would be the only options left for you. Since there is no fingerprint scanner available in the feature.

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Here we come at the final stage with you. This is all about the Samsung Galaxy M10 the best budget phone in Bangladesh. Hope you read between the above lines of our review. If you have any further queries you can email us and must share your experience with us and our beloved readers.

What are you pondering about the Galaxy M10? Do you agree with our review of settlements and facts?

Feel free to let us know because your precious comments might help us to go a bit ahead.

Cheers & thanks!–PEACE–

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