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Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) review- The Quad Cam monster

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 is the premium mid-range phone worthy of reviewing. We’ve observed that in Bangladesh budget phone Galaxy A9 goes beyond all records. That’s why we feel the importance to bring this latest review to Bangladeshi mobile buyers.

Most of the buyers experience the shaking hype of quad camera. It is a mid-range phone with amazing performance. Samsung Galaxy A9 is the pioneer for bringing four cameras in one place.

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has the record-breaking history for Bangladeshi Youth. As you’ve already known about the first quad cam it has. Therefore, youth were running after during the launching eve in November last year. But the price is a bit high like BDT 49,900. Most of the young students unable to afford it. However, in November most of the young people pre-order it from online.

Galaxy A9 2018 Camera

Never forget that Samsung Galaxy A9 is the first quad camera phone ever launched. Since the Camera is the main attention for Samsung Galaxy A9, we discuss it at first.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) review

The third one is the master of all camera. Rest of the three is interrelated with that one. So that the total camera output provides the best shot.

Notably, Selfie camera is the main focus here with 24MP. After several weeks of the announcement, here you get telephoto module camera. It has incredibly regular, depth and wide angles shot.

Using Selfie camera, you will have bright and sharp photos in low light. Producing incredible clear images is the part of Samsung Galaxy A9. Besides that, the depth camera helps the primary camera for an incredible perfect shot.

One of the main reason why you will buy it is for the Front camera. if you think quad camera is not enough, you’ve 24MP front camera. Photo at daylight will bring many details. However, it turns soft when you move back to the indoor. Want to grab the blur pictures? So hold your hand steadily while shooting.

The primary camera is the core of the other three cameras. It has 24MP primary camera which gives you the best output along with the other three. Camera Aperture largely depends on the primary camera. So the length of the aperture is like 1.7, which praiseworthy!

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) review

Whenever you take a portrait camera the deep 5MP and 24MP primary camera provide you perfect one.

Ultra-wide camera helps to take panorama shot since It has 120-degree lens. On the other hand, as I’ve already mentioned about telephoto lens. The lens gives you 2x optical deep zooming for detailed close-up. This Ultra wide camera has amazingly brought 10 MP. The Ultra-Wide cam works really handy for you. It can definitely preserve so many details for you. Don’t worry about the poor lighting since it has f2.4 aperture and great autofocus. Notably, you can also increase the whole exposure at night. Ultra-wide offers with color shifting option comparing to the main camera.

Lastly, let’s take you to the 5MP Depth Sensor camera. The depth sensor camera efficiently works for the portrait picture. The close shot requires extra focus even with the blur background. When the object comes closer and ready for shot, you can find handy.

The con is the camera really struggle with the dynamic range. For that, so many detail actually lost due to shadows. However, the HDR will fix when the light is not vibrant or dull. Remember the there is so many noise as well. In addition, it’s not just a camera phone. Rather it offers more to you. So, we’re going to discuss this review step by step.

Design with Display

Samsung always looking for providing us flagship based design. Therefore, to let you know about Samsung Galaxy A9 design is must.

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 review

To be honest, design is the most amazing stuff of Samsung Galaxy A9 2018. It has sleekness and three amazing colors with perfection. It is made from glass and metal with a perfect combination. So, all three colors reflect vividly. When you take Samsung Galaxy A9 at your hand remember the weight is 200 gm. It has a monstrous display size, which is the biggest one in A series. So, Samsung Galaxy A9 has like 6.3-inch diagonal corners, which made it hype. Design is so important that stands it out from the crowd. In addition, it makes easily recognizable. However, Samsung Galaxy A9 has no notification light. You would be unable to reach all the side of the screen using your thumb. Therefore, grab the whole phone in one hand is struggle. At the top side corner to the left edge, you find the volume buttons. So I suggest you use both of your hand.

By the way, don’t worry to grab the angular metal frame. It would be really struggling if the sides were not curved. But you have the decent grip comfortably with that.

By the way, the second most amazing thing is available colors. The well-tuned colors are here:

  1. Lemonade Blue
  2. Bubblegum Pink
  3. Caviar Black

The display is six inches long with Super AMOLED. Moreover, the resolution set with a 1920*1080. So the density of pixel would be 367 ppi. Most importantly, you will get a vibrant display with saturated colors and high brightness. For a gamer, Samsung Galaxy A9 is a plus. Keeping in mind, the Quad HD is the standard for a flagship. So, full HD surely provide the job done here.

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 review

The display capable of reproducing many colors spaces. But it depends on the content and mode of selections. RGB is average with DeltaE of 1.7. AMOLED photo is as usual like Adobe RGB applications. But remember the AMOLED cinema entangle with the DCI-P3 color spaces. However, the default adaption mode ensures maximum accuracy.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Battery life

Don’t worry if you are a heavy user and preparing to buy this phone. Because A9 has 3800mAh amazing battery support. Samsung Galaxy A9 is a plus for the gamer and heavy user at the same point.

Remember, Charging connectivity is with Type C cable.

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 review

According to our techt20 team test, we found it dramatically longer supportive. We know multitasking with hidden high range apps and games consumes most. Therefore, we have already tested it also. By the way, more than 15 hours of video test is really satisfactory. The standby condition of the battery is about 88 hours. which is not bad for endurance rating at all. Letting you know alone battery is not enough. So the Samsung Galaxy A9 has the fast charger option with 5 Voltage power. In addition, the phone takes around one hour and 47 minutes for fully charged.

Remember, don’t think of the wireless charger at all. Samsung Galaxy A9 doesn’t possess this.

Galaxy A9 2018 Performance & Audio Quality

Performance is the key to buying any flagship phone. So never forgetful of it by any chance. Samsung Galaxy A9 is a mid-range phone with an average performance. Why ? because it has Snapdragon 660 and 6GB of Ram. Any idea about the mid-range phone? if you have so, I suppose, you agree with that it is the most top one. Therefore, multitasking is not an issue or any irregular legging. Like all other flagship handsets, Galaxy A9 offers fingerprint sensor as well. However, sometimes it might be unable to detect unless you press finger tightly. But think about it more since this is for any flagship phone. By the way, it is a rare case not occur often.

Your Samsung Galaxy A9 handset would be like a gaming console. Whether you play PUBG or temple run on your phone. Good news is your phone won’t heating up surprisingly. However, it has a very thin profile.

The phone offers Android 8.1 Oreo OS and having the own TouchWiz. Processor brings regular experience with Octa-core 2.2GHz and has 64-bit Kryo 260. Internal space should be up to 128GB and it has so. Besides, external offers up to 512GB.

Nearby USB type C port a single loudspeaker available. However, this is not the loudest or the bass is not much high. But this is enough for the job done. But, you will love to hear about AKG earphone. Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 posses the AKG earphone for you. It is enough to arise vibe on your ear.

First of all, It produces 77.8 decibel which is fairly enough for ear health.

The loudspeaker has the Dolby atoms volume even if for earphones. It usually offers better separation from left to right wire. By the way, Dolby Atmos work for Bluetooth as well. However, the phone often unplugged the Dolby Atmos effect when default settings enabled. So, just need to disable the default system by quick toggle.

If you are a flagship user, you won’t surprise from call quality. For crowded place, the call volume is bit louder for you. There will be two slots for SIM and it supports on 4G LTE.


We did our best shot to let you know about the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018. So here we’ve discussed the most important stuff step by step. Hope you got your queries here. Samsung Bangladesh took this as for focusing quad camera setup. So if you’re looking for four rear cameras and Ultra wide angle, this is for you. Hope you read between the above lines of our review. If you have any further queries you can email us and must share your experience with us and our beloved readers.

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 review

What are you pondering about the Galaxy A9 2018? Do you agree with our review of settlements and facts?

Feel free to let us know because your precious comments might help us to go a bit ahead.

Cheers & thanks!–PEACE–

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