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OPPO F7 review-Notch for the first time with 25 megapixels selfie

Oppo F7 is a Superb Display Oriented smartphone in Bangladesh. Selfie trend went in the last decade was fanatic and inevitable for lifestyle. For that, OPPO always focuses on the most desired Cameras in every handset. F series is the pioneer for bringing selfie trend in the market. Among many smartphone companies, OPPO Bangladesh renowned for selfie revolution. OPPO F7 comprises 25MP selfie camera, which is insanely great! Moreover, AI selfie camera is plus for Oppo F7. Instead of using Snapdragon, Oppo uses MediaTek helio processor. But why? It has a background technical answer.

Todays Review, TechT20 team will answer your trendy questions along with the above one too.

What waits inside the OPPO F7 Box?

OPPO F7 unboxing was a matter of excitement for us. The Selfie Expert leading phone popped out from a regular box. The box contains a micro USB cable, 10W wall plug and finally the earpods. Moreover, there we get a transparent back cover for additional protection. Oppo F7 equipped with the pre-applied screen protector. This is genuinely a step ahead to the Gorilla Glass 5 screen.

Oppo F7 review

Oppo F7 Design

Oppo F7 notch display phone comes with three variations of colors. Those are:

Moonlight Silver

Diamond Black

Solar Red

Oppo F7 review

These three colors are vivid and distinguished. We picked up the phone and just move it, holding on hand. Finally, we realize the phone is slightly get reflected, which is called diamond finished color. The Black version is like flat at the hump of mirror camera. On the other hand, the red shows a few small dotted patterns so it makes more attractive.

We had taken a sunlight test with Oppo F7. Soon after, we get to know it has above average contrast. Therefore, it can easily keep pace with Honor 9, Oppo R7 and Oppo R9s. On the bright sunny days, we suggest you to keep the maximum brightness.

The color accuracy is so inevitable so we feel the urgency of it to detect. Finally, we get the average DeltaE is 5.8 where it is 9.6 of white point. Moreover, we found attractive blue tint on three colors, even including white sparkle.

Oppo F7 Display

Oppo F7 has a giant screen with 6.23″ LCD panel. It almost occupies the whole front side except the lower bezel. Moreover, the notch takes it to the mid-range smartphone. The screen resolution of this phone is pretty well defined, which is 2280 pixels by 1080 pixels. Though it is not rich flagship smartphones, bright colors with diamond finish color make it worthy.

Oppo F7 review

Notch becomes a very trendy fashion for the smartphone world. So OPPO amazingly brought this trend into the market. Therefore, phone lovers took it seriously. By the way, you can see the network signal strength, battery backup and time at the notch. Moreover, while switching on to apps, games or movies then it comes over there as well.

Remember, Oppo F7 is the pioneer to bring Notch for the first time!

Thirdly, let’s move onto the bezel. Oppo F7 bezel is seamlessly thin. Notably, Oppo F7 is a doppelganger of Vivo V7. You may hardly find a difference between them.

Though F7 has a giant screen, it has a thin body. So, it weighs just 158g, notably, six gram is on the top.

But, the bad news is OPPO F7 covered with a plastic body, has a thinner back part thus, take extra precaution for that.

Surprisingly, Oppo F7 does not look like that it contains a plastic body. Rather it seems like a radiant glass and easily makes us fool. In that case, I am impressed with the super tricky approach of Oppo F7.

Oppo F7 Camera

Oppo F7 bring innovation for Selfie Expert and lead the generation. While you have an impressive 25MP shooter at your hand, you will be a rockstar!

At the back, they deploy 16MP sensor, which offers a f/1.8 lens. In addition, there you find a single LED Flash support face detection autofocus.

Image Quality

Oppo F7 images samples to us seems fascinating. It covers detail with minimum noise and has amazing contrast with accurate colors. I must say

Oppo F7 Review Oppo F7 Review Oppo F7 Review

The HDR mode is so popular now for an eye catchy image. Thus, F7 has dedicated functioning in order to fix mind-blowing HDR snapping. F7 aperture helps to take the pictures at night even with the lack of stabilization.

Snaps on low light at night bring out as moderate noisy, blurry and average detailed.

App oriented Camera

The camera of F7 is AI enabled, therefore you can experience more. It has comprised a scene recognition where you see a small icon. Through the icon, it can recognize and tweak all the specific objects. Such as grass, sunsets, pets, snow and other background scenarios easily understandable.

Remember, the telephoto zoom is a basic digital and blurring effect is not for complicated subjects.

Oppo AI enabled app offers two modes one is 2x telephoto zooming and another is blurred background. Furthermore, it has dedicated shortcuts key right at the viewfinder. However, you can see they are mostly simulated since the exception of additional snapper here.


The Hardware section is pretty vital to turn the cup of tea into a bottle of juice. Therefore, smart companies like Oppo bring this option not to use the Snapdragon Chipset. Oppo F7 offers the same chipset and deployed the R15 flagship. The MediaTek’s P60 packed with an Octa-core powered processor having cortex-A73 at 2.0 GHz.

The main reason of that is to bring more performing Camera with MediaTek Helio P60 chipset. In addition, F7 Helio P60 has the relevance with Snapdragon 636.

Oppo F7 review

This chipset incredibly supports dedicated AI processing. It is comprised of Octa-core and fabricated on a 12nm process. Notably, the chipset of F7 is basically for low-cost phones. Therefore, this is a big question for a premium phone F series.

This phone is available in Bangladesh with two variant hardware, one is 4GB RAM another is 6GB RAM. Oppo F7  official price in Bangladesh is BDT 27,990 (4GB of RAM and 64GB storage) and BDT 35,990 (6GB of RAM and 128GB storage). On the other hand, it contains 64 to 128 GB of native storage. Oppo F7 run with Android Oreo 8.1, which is their dedicated colorOS. Furthermore, Oppo has its own standout UI, quite similar to iOS. ColorOS 5.0 is amazingly lucrative who love iOS UI. The microSD is allocated in a separate place from the slots of two SIM, paving the way to add 256GB extra.

Oppo F7 Software

Oppo F7 empowered with ColorOS 5.2 which performed with AI. Therefore, navigation gestures, Camera assistant, Google lens, face detection, and much more stuff entangled.

Camera AI Software

Oppo F7 camera interface quite relevant to the iOS app. You can see that most of the setting are remain on the left. In addition, different modes are chosen at the right side next to the shutter button. Surprisingly, a few extra modes are on the left-hand side as well. Moreover, you can’t find any spot at the carousel on the right side.

Google lens

Nowadays, one of the exciting features is the Google lens in the latest smartphone. Like all other giant company, Oppo added this option for Oppo F7 handset. How Google lens helps you is a common question. Suppose you just busted on the road and can’t locate where you are. In that case, Google lens will definitely help you out.

OCR Translator

OCR translator simulate the word from the real piece of paper or any objects Safety comes first Oppo F7 conveys the message of safety comes first. Therefore, they choose the time slot in order to block any number. So that, it can make you free from the call harassment. Moreover, the face unlock option opens a window of security. The speed of unlocking is superb and it is applicable at low light.

Oppo F7 performance

Oppo F7 went under the supervision of techt20 team so that we can share the performance experience of it. Now, time to shoot it here.

The Oppo F7 performed with a great battery score from our testing. In addition, the video playback and the call endurance has similar performance. Oppo F7 is more like a showcase of beauty since they use colorOS 5.0, rely on Android 8.1 Oreo. Moreover, it has a v5.0 app launcher which supports AI performance. This AI engine closely supports the face faster unlock, navigations, split the screen for multi-tasking.

Convenient Multi-tasking

In addition, for multitasking, you can have a more convenient Smart Bar. It enables you to switch more apps, instant texts, screenshots, file transfers, and screenshots while doing other stuff. Another example of multitasking is to listen when you work or play. In earlier only audio can play background what about videos? Yes, colors can enable you to listen to videos even in the background too.

The wisdom of Cleaning up

Through AI performing, you can ensure cleaning up automatically. How it possible? Just because the AI can understand usage soon after it will do the same what you do at your absence. Therefore, you can save more battery.

Audio performance

Like all other premium handsets, Oppo F7 offers a single bottom loudspeaker. It is as usual good to hear in addition, it has improved from Oppo F5. When you plugged in your headphones it provides you a blow of volume. In terms of vocal range, it is quiet and performs well for music. Moreover, the output of sound enriched, clean and splendid most of the time.

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Oppo F7 Battery

Oppo F7 has deployed 3400mAh (Li-Polymer) battery, which is fitted inside the body. The charging standard is admirable and supports 20W VOOC fast charging. We’ve come to know that it takes like half an hour to reach a 28 percentage charge. Besides that, it takes two and a half hours for fully loaded. In terms of standby consumption, the Helio P60 chipset turns out efficacious. Good news is you can save power from Color OS features since it has power saving modes. It nicely creates intervenes stopping the background apps. Moreover, you can also turn off the specific apps which is running in the back.

Oppo F7 review

Wrapping up

Oppo F7 experience of our techt20 team and it’s mind-blowing. However, we wanted few more things to add up. At first, the complaints about plastic body is highly disheartening for the user. According to price, the body should be more durable. Conversely, the body is lucrative and fascinate when you look it at first glance. If you are a cautious and sensitive user then I must suggest you buy this phone. However, the heavy user will be tense after buying it.

So, this is the review from techt20, we take this phone in our lab and bring this review. We hope you get your answer here and make your decision from us. If your decision to move on other devices, you can roam around our other review articles

Give your precious comment below here and stay tuned with TechT20 team.

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