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Huawei Nova 4 review-FIRST PUNCH HOLE DISPLAY Adventure in Bangladesh

Huawei Nova 4 will be the second phone to bring down Punch Hole Display after Honor View 20. However, this phone is still unreleased globally. Therefore, the phone has floating critics and reviews only.

Huawei Nova 4 review in Bangladesh

The exact information is floating in the air since it has not launched yet.

The news released about the phone in China web portal on December 16, 2018. Huawei official claimed this phone having an impressive screen and camera innovation. Huawei and its sub-brand Honor’s brought every new phone off and on with some uniqueness for its fan. So, the punch hole is the new stuff of Huawei Nova 4

The phone has a splendid outlook, but still, it is not a premium smartphone. Rather, it is an upper mid-tier handset, where the Kirin 970 chipset installed. The same chipset Huawei used in Huawei Mate 10 series and this year Huawei P20. On the other hand, most upgraded Kirin 980 found in Huawei Mate 20 series.

What is Punch Hole Display?

Huawei Nova 4 review in Bangladesh

Before beginning the review lets let you know about the new tech name. Have you ever penetrate your paper with a punch machine and bind that paper? The hole is exactly the same on the smartphone screen. The hole dedicatedly sits on the upper left corner at the phone.

What about Huawei Nova 4 pricing?

The cat still remains in the bag and we did not know about the exact pricing. But what we can do is to assume from our neighboring country, like India. In India, the price is 34,990 rupees. I think Huawei Nova 4 official price in Bangladesh will be BDT 44,990. Though the price is a little bit higher than the Huawei Nova 3i. But with their latest configuration price may be okey!!!

On that hole, Huawei put the selfie camera with 25MP. This is why it is called Punch Hole Display

So, this was the intro and now we are going to dive into the full review. So don’t jump away and stay tuned with our techt20 team.

Huawei Nova 4 Display and Design

Huawei Nova 4 now eagerly keeps its fan awaiting since it has splendid display. When we did our online experiment, we found it glossy with 6.4” LCD panelview. Resolution is 1080 pixels by 2310 pixels which is elegant for the market. In addition, it has 86.3% body to screen ratio.

Huawei Nova 4 review in Bangladesh

There are two variants for the color such as  Black and Blue

Unlike traditional phone, it has nice thin bezels. However, it is a little wide on the chin. The corners of this phone is also unique since it is elegantly rounded off. On the rear side, you can see the fingerprint sensor. Notably, you won’t feel the gap between back part along with the sensor. Therefore, there is chance to smudges all so easily from regular wiping. In spite of being clad in glass, it doesn’t have the wireless charging. That is the only disappointing issue from our side.

The most exciting thing is the glaring cutout of the display. This is place where the tiny 25MP camera accommodate. Still, it is a matter of great surprise how Huawei accommodate this huge 25MP. We’ve got the Crush Bule version in this review. It has the signature remark for the Huawei gradient finish. It also has blue and purple version seems flamboyant to us as well.

Huawei Nova 4 performance

Huawei Nova 4 has the shadow of the earlier version Huawei Nova 3i. But in some cases, it has more performance what Nova 3i had. One of them is the higher-end tech and more features. Another notable upgradation is the specs-wide that stand out from the Nova 3i. At earlier version, Nova 3i has 4GB RAM with an additional camera lens at the rear.

You will be glad to know the Kirin 970 is incredibly sturdy processor. In addition, it can compress all the daily multitasking along with high voltage gaming experience. Good news for PUBG lovers, they can run it at the highest gaming settings like the best HD Graphics. In addition, the GPU Turbo can give you smooth user experience. One disadvantage is the heating issue for Huawei Nova 4. while using high voltage game you might be facing that issue. For that, we suggest you adapt with the case at the back part.

Battery Life

Huawei Nova 4 review in Bangladesh

Huawei Bangladesh always focuses on smartphone battery life, this is also a fact for getting popularity in Bangladesh market. You will find the Nova 4 battery life with 3750mAh. By the way, It surprised us for this number of mAh. In addition, it can easily give you the thrill of daily moderate consumption of the battery. Such as moderate gaming, streaming the videos and surfing the web. We really think at first glance as a mid-range premium phone. Soon after, we turn back from our review just because of the absence of a wireless charger. However, at this price, it is reasonable and exciting.

Huawei Nova 4 Software

Huawei Nova 4 compensate on using the latest version of EMUI 9 on top of Android 9. Moreover, this version is the cleanest version. The device is more likely to be pre-loaded with pie based operating system. The phone wonderfully adjusted with high tech AI features such as Google lens, OCR and other interactive add ons. Therefore you can enjoy the gaming and app surfing experience.

In addition, you can find Huawei Nova 4 EMUI 9 custom made skin. This EMUI is more immersive with a naturalistic view. So, it will make your everyday user experience easier, faster and better.

EMUI not only bring a royal outlook on your phone, rather it can turn your phone a better performing device.

Let’s share you some EMUI 9 version facilities:

  1. With EMUI 9 the icons in the system settings have been updated.
  2. iPhone X-Like Animation.
  3. The third most exciting stuff is swiping experience of the recent menu. You can turn it left to right instead of up and down from the previous version.
  4. Like the previous version EMUI here you also can lock the Recent Apps. By the way, lock icon will only show while you lock an app by swiping down. At the same time swipe down again in order to unlock.
  5. In earlier version of EMUI screenshot was a hassle to take and view at the same time. But here you can take a long tail screenshot since you can swipe down or go swipe up to take a larger screenshot. Remember, if you want to stop screenshot in a specific area just tap anywhere.

In addition, Huawei share is available to make your screenshot blast in the social apps.

  1. Volume rocker has been placed at the right side vertically.
  2. You will notice one tap scroll back. When you will tap the upper portion beside the notch just scroll up by tapping beside the notch. This super cool handy stuff works also for the contacts apps.

So, you supposed to be convinced that how EMUI 9 make your user experience light and easy.


Huawei Nova 4 camera configure with triple rear camera at the back. Primary Camera comprises of 20MP shooter. Apart from it, the Ultra Wide Angle consists of 16MP. Finally, Depth Sensor is 2MP, which helps to take closer shots more vivid.

The earlier version of Huawei Nova series didn’t have the Ultra Wide Angle Lens on the rear.

Huawei Nova 4 review in Bangladesh

Our experiment with the camera is as usual like other Huawei phone. But we must admit it is matched with the pricing. However, the initial results of the camera are good since the photo was stunning. Moreover, it fits well when there is a lot of light.

Conversely, at night it cannot gather sufficient lights. It is less available in any other device. Therefore, background noise normally increased on.

Huawei Nova 4 review in Bangladesh

The AI recognition is another sophisticated add on in the camera. Like all other smart devices, it can automatically detect your face at a first glance. Apart from, AI recognition. The AI interface offers more such as object recognition. This front facing camera is powered by 25MP sensor. Last time Nova 3i has two selfie sensor but this for full display Huawei uses one selfie sensor. Inside the hole, the selfie camera makes the phone awesome.

Huawei Nova 4 Hardware

Huawei Nova 4 deployed Octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 970 chipset. It is entangled with the Mali-G72 GPU. In addition, this handset comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of native storage. Overall, the phone seems comfy in our hand and slippery while we grab finally light in size 172g.

Huawei Nova 4 review in Bangladesh

The connectivity option standout from other devices including dual-SIM, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Finally, you can have the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Unlike, other Chinese brands, Huawei is standing with Type-C USB port.

Early verdict

Huawei Nova 4 remain sensational so the cat is still not out from the bag. Therefore, we tried to focus on the most reliable information excluding the rumor. According to our techt20 team, we consider this phone as a premium mid-range device. Moreover, the phone comprises with minimum issues regarding the configuration.

Hope you get the most updated info from us about Huawei Nova 4. So the review helps our friends to take the perfect decision before purchasing the desired smartphone.  Keep updated from us since you continuously make sure to post every latest phone in Bangladesh.

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