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Everything about Mali G72 graphics chipset

The ARM company designed its graphics chipset product called Mali. Mali G72 is now the second latest version of the mobile graphics card, after Mali G76. Huawei P20 was the first handset in which you can see the Mali G72. Now, most of all premium phones are preparing to set on this Bifrost Architecture tech.

Most people, consider Mali as a graphics oriented chipset, which provides only to improve graphics related issues. But it’s not only that, rather it offers a lot. Make sure, to understand that your processor and Mali both work as a team for better mobile performance.

At first, the CPU cortex has its own slot, where you can find a usual chipset. That chipset is a normal graphics card. But now technology is on the peak. So many latest and higher version of apps and software available. In order to, process them all the smartphone also requires something more apart from the CPU cortex. What can run better? Yes, obviously a better GPU only can provide it.

Think about your high graphic enable PUBG. Do you think the backdated CPU cortex can run this high level of gaming? Not at all, rather it requires a high level of GPU only if, you can run this game.

Here, we will not discuss the complicated tech issues of Mali G72 but simply tell you how it works.


What Mali G72 offer?

  • Faster memory streaming
  • Performance booster
  • Battery efficiency
  • High-End vr performance
  • Better Visual and Graphics Experience


Mali G72 is basically a step ahead from its previous version Mali G71. Most of the design and performance are the same, however, Mali G72 can provide 20% better performance.

The graphics chipset Mali is not only limited to provide you visual quality in terms of gaming. Besides that, it works as a performance booster to avoid any types of unnecessary lagging.

Do you know your battery performance depends on Mali? Very few of us, know about this hack that GPU can turn your 3300 mAh battery into 3700 mAh. But how is it possible to make it happen? The answer lies in the battery drainage, which is a common issue in every low capable handset. In addition, it also helps to resolve your heating issue, while playing a high level of gaming.

Apart from smartphone gaming, VR is a very popular means of gaming platform. But this platform only performed by a good quality of graphics support. In that case, Mali G72 works better and faster.

everything about Mali G72

Some premium handsets, which has Mali G72

  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei Honor 10


So, whenever you get this tech on any device, consider it as a premium one.

Mali G72 is now a huge hype in Bangladesh. People are getting educated about this latest GPU. In addition, the young user is more getting involved with high-level mobile performance. So, if they get any handset with this tech, they will find more interest to buy it.

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