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What is the knowledge base tech blog and how it helps you to make a buying decision? The question itself indicates the importance of knowledge base articles. When we started tech blogging in Bangladesh, we have found a common phenomenon.

That is a lack of understanding of features and configuration of the smartphone. That’s why techt20 wants to fill the gap. For example: what smartphones comes to us, tearing apart the old school technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate our people about smartphone hacks. So they can easily buy the best phone under best budget without asking the dumb salesman.

More specifically, it is easy to know about GPU, which helps to render more accurate graphic visuality in your mobile. But very few people know how it works and how the GPU revolutionize the smartphone industry. Again, what type of GPU company works in what smartphone brand.

The game is not just stuck in the GPU there are so many things in a smartphone. To be frank, we are not a tech-smart by born rather we gather knowledge on it. In a few words, our goal is to help you to give you a one-stop knowledge bast platform.

Why should you read our knowledge base blog?

Tech is a big game, indeed! When you read the blogs from the USA or any western country, you will be overwhelmed by their knowledge about tech.

To be honest, it is hardly understandable to grasp international tech blog such as “TechRadar” or “Android Authority.” If you even come to understand, but it won’t use to you thoroughly since they are covering a topic not focusing on you! This is the main goal of Techt20.com, we care about you, and we know which knowledge base article needs to cover. Or if you have any suggestion about Knowledgebase please commenting or mail us.