Xiaomi Bangladesh-Xiaomi mobile price in Bangladesh

It is difficult to make any conversation without letting you know about Xiaomi Mobile. If you are appetite for an affordable handset but the best with feature and performance. I suppose you must be heard the name of Xiaomi Mobile. This giant company started their business since 2013. After that, they were rising with kick start and innovation. Xiaomi is a mandarin word which is a name of grain and locally eaten by them.

It is a Chinese company came to us from 2015. they were a number one brand in China since 2015. At that time, 1.4 billion users used it. Besides that, this company is so successful, that’s why Apple is facing competition. Xiaomi is now focusing on their market globally. At the end of 2017, this company was in the top 5 globally.

Xiaomi Bangladesh came to us on 10th August 2016 in a Grameenphone corporate conference. During that time, it came holding the hand with Grameenphone distributors and Solar Electro Bd. During that time. GP offered twelve months facilities. It was for EMI, online order and for pre-booking. They focused on attractive data packages that time.

Finally, Xiaomi Bangladesh officially enters us on July 18, 2018. Xiaomi Bangladesh lovers welcomed it and reached to many peoples. Their feature was amazing with many options of design. Therefore, the performance of the phone was also unbeatable. At that time their mission was to provide better quality with price.

After that, it took a year to become a famous brand in our country. Xiaomi Bangladesh came to us with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in the year of. In 2018 Bangladeshi people search on google about Xiaomi a lot. It broke all the previous record history. The amazing thing is people more love Xiaomi than Samsung, Huawei, Walton. Before 17th July of 2017 Xiaomi mobile Bangladesh didn’t have any brand entity. But nowadays they are operating here as a big brand. Now they have their legal distributor not any local or hired one.

Xiaomi Bangladesh market share was 4% in the last middle of the year. However, the total users of smartphones are around 20%. So, here you can see it covers one-sixth portion of the market. The competition is becoming even more stiff and harder in coming years. In 2019, others Mobile giant has new innovative phone with a marketing plan. In that case, Xiaomi will come with their own. (Source: The Daily Star)

Xiaomi Bangladesh Redmi series

Redmi sub-brand is the most popular brand in bd. Mobile lovers in our country get this phone from 2013. On January 10, 2019, Redmi came out from Xiaomi worldwide. The phone has Xiaomi MIUI user interface. The interface of Xiaomi is one of the tops of Android. The screen display is more the five inches of the series. Redmi pro came to us with a dual camera system, OLED display, and USB-C. Redmi series is now in the market of Europe and Asia. Xiaomi mobile phone is cost-effective with better quality.

On 2014, March Redmi handsets were sold out in Singapore alone. On that year Wall street journal reported that Xiaomi eats up Samsung share in China. On 2015, Redmi Note 3 came on to the market. Before Note 3, Redmi did not have user changeable battery or micro SD slot.

On 2016, Xiaomi mobile Bangladesh came with Redmi note 4. You supposed to know that it has 2GB ram & 16 GB internal storage. Besides that, Xiaomi handset is with 5.5-inch Full-HD display. For camera lovers, it has a 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. On 2017 they brought Redmi note 4x which has Qualcomm Snapdragon 625

Finally, on 2018 Xiaomi mobile Bangladesh brought Redmi note 5 and 5 Pro. Latest smartphone of Redmi series is Redmi s2. Upcoming smartphone of Redmi Bangladesh is Redmi 7 and 7 pros. Browse this Authorized MI product seller zones.


Pocophone is the flagship killer phone now available in our country. Most of the tech-savvy and lovers take this phone for the first choice.

The super fresh new Pocophone F1 is with 845 snapdragon and 6 to 8Gb RAM. Another thing is that you don’t need to worried about the battery which is 4000 MAH. Moreover, your Pocophone will have fast charging support as well. However, you won’t have any wireless charging due to the anodized aluminum on the back.

Xiaomi has its own commanding sub-brand now called Pocophone. It has some outstanding own outlook. However, most of the things are common with Xiaomi mobile phone. First, it has customer skin which is not like others. Pocophone F1 is really mind-boggling custom skin that is MIUI 9.6. Another thing I will tell you about the poco launcher. But, let me introduce with drawer app. This is a version of MIUI and many people are asking about it. So, this is getting inspiration from Google Pixel. Yes, I’m telling you about the app drawer. On the other hand, Poco launcher has like icon packs from a third party. However, you will find the rest of it remains the same.

You won’t be known one thing. That is about the pre-installed bloatware. This bloatware is now in handy with the removable system on 6th December 2018.

The bug problem now solved with an amazing update so don’t worried about it. Finally, let me tell about the official pricing in Bangladesh which is 29990 Tk. Here, the price of Pocophone 330 Euro, which is on Amazon.

MIUI Xiaomi

MIUI came out on June 1, 2010. It is a Xiaomi operating system aim at native Android system. It remains in 23 countries and people of those countries love this operating system a lot. MIUI is the Chinese first operating system which is improving and promoting amazingly. The operating system keeps updating with time schedule with many features. Those are like a plugin, Wallpaper, theme, library and many more.

Xiaomi first MIUI based phone came in August 2011 which is Xiaomi Mi1. In the beginning, this phone was like Samsung’s TouchWiz and Apple’s IOS. When the phone launched there was a big popularity spread out. It was not only for good quality but also an attractive price. Therefore, the popularity of its phone is still rising. After that Xiaomi brought M2, M3 and Redmi series in the market. Milk is the free instant messaging software of MIUI. It covers huge popularity in the world. It can able to connect with that time any contact for real time. Moreover, it can send and receive pictures and audio as well. It consumes only minimum traffic, so it runs fast in any network signal.

After winning in Indian market Xiaomi came to Bangladesh. On that time Walton and Symphony have good market share rate. But now it reduced a lot. Because Xiaomi took over it. According to the IDC report, Xiaomi has a 29% market share in Bangladesh.

Xiaomi Bangladesh has now good marketing adaptivity. But, before 2018 Xiaomi did not have any official existence. Therefore, Xiaomi depends on a third-party distribution like Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd. Xiaomi has now continuous media coverage online and electronic/print media. They have strong fan lovers group with 1 crore 38 lakhs FB fan page likes. Still, now Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd is the sole distributor for Xiaomi mobile Bangladesh.

The company came with different types of mobile phones ranges from low-cost to mid-cost. These are available on Brand shops and other distributors surrounding many areas in Bangladesh. Moreover, Xiaomi Brand image is constantly rising in our country. Bangladesh mobile market is so competitive, but Xiaomi can stay here for affordable price and good quality handset.

Finally, we all agree on one point that Xiaomi should set up a plant in BD. Since there are other mobile companies are going to set up for lower the cost. Therefore, Xiaomi should also take the same step in the coming days. Even, Xiaomi doesn’t have any production here still, it can compete with others. Therefore, this point is amazing for Xiaomi Bangladesh.