Walton Primo H8 Price in Bangladesh and specification

Walton Primo H8 images by TechT20

Bangladeshi mobile brand Walton always focused on a budget phone. This time it also brings another new budget smartphone Walton Primo H8. Now, the device is available on Walton official site and its authorized distributor’s showroom. Walton Primo H8 has 5.45 inch IPS display and 720 pixels by 1440 pixels resolution panel. Under the hood, …

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Walton mobile- Walton mobile price in Bangladesh

Walton Mobile is a leading smartphone company for many years. Bangladesh is the 6th biggest smart handset market in the world. Still, the market is growing with the population. Producing new mobile is not a challenge now for Walton. It is producing a bulk number of the handset at the factory. Walton first mobile was’b’series which was non-smartphone. Later, the owner brought Walton mobile multimedia set L, T, Q series. Finally, the company launched handset with primo series in the local market. Walton has some great cell phone like Primo ZX, Primo X2, X3, and Primo Z as well.

Walton has 24+ feature phone which is called bar phones. This OLIVIO is a sub-brand of WALTON mobile. Those mobiles prices vary from features and quality. Few of this features set are “L10″, Q36”, “MH15”, “MM14”

The industry came to the market with a primo mobile. This mobile was popular for quality mobile and good price. Primo series has brought multiple handsets.

A customer of Walton are young people. So, most of them are students or small job holders. It is not able to buy expensive devices. So, when Walton offered customers Primo phones to buy Walton mobile. There were other some foreign unpopular brands. Those are Lava, infinix, Intex, Micromax, and Tecno. However, from many brands, people choose Walton. Because Walton developed the Brand. So, the company has good demands and supply.

Walton mobile in our country produces 4000 mobile every day. Walton mobile has six unit’s operations. The surprising thing is the land is of 5000 square feet. So that company can able to produce 30 lakh handsets in each year. Bangladesh government help them to reduce rebate. So, It can cut the cost and people get quality set now. Furthermore, It will send those handsets to every doorstep.

Now Walton will have 2 major benefits. One is low labor in Bangladesh and another is Walton mobile is going to be 100% made in Bangladesh.

Timeline Walton mobile in Bangladesh

Manufacturing of Walton product in Bangladesh started from June 1, 2010. Later, Walton mobile brings business Walton Mobile in Bangladesh. Walton launched as country’s first mobile factory in Chandra, Gazipur. It was in 2017 6th October.

The mobile industry has 24 years of history in our motherland. Huawei CDMA mobile handset was the first in the industry. At first, a set was expensive to buy. Only rich people had a limited number of the handset. After analog devices, when digital handset came to us. That time, users were still not up to the mark. Symphony first brought a few numbers of mobile phones before Walton with a low-priced smartphone. Walton mobile almost captured 30% market at that time due to a low price.

In September, last year, Walton developed their high-tech industry to start making mobile phones.  Walton is no longer importing smartphones from China, So Walton is going to produce phone here in Bangladesh, so it saves import duty. Therefore, Walton GB smartphone costs now 25000 from 30000.

Walton is the only mobile in 2019 which can give you the least price with the best quality. Because the company decided not to import chipset and camera lens from China. Instead of bringing it from China Walton mobile will produce it here in Bangladesh.

Branding Value of Walton mobile in Bangladesh

Most of the phone users are young age between 18-40. All of them are wanting to buy low to mid-range phone. On the other hand, Walton phone specification and quality are praiseworthy, so people prefer Walton smartphone for a better price as well as quality.

To, increase brand value, Walton should come up with innovation. This is an ambitious dream right now. But what company can do? At least, beat all the Chinese brand for the lifetime, like Symphony, lava infinix, Micromax and many more. On that stage, Walton will only compete with premium smartphones like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei. Walton has a very good promotional process for the long and short term. Those are Social media, billboard, advertising on print and electronic media. Walton promotion main theme is Made in Bangladesh. People do love this word. Our people the first option is Walton mobile for this reason. Apart from it, their FB page has 2.3 million followers.

Why Walton has these successes? The answer is between in Walton Research and Development department. Walton strategy is to sustain in the market in the long run. Therefore, Company is sophisticated with R&D and Innovation.

 Marketing Objectives of Walton mobile

Walton Marketing goal is to reach to all the customers. They want to get the big market share. Walton is now producing a high-quality product without import duty. Therefore, their field is smooth and clear.

Walton mobile in Bangladesh marketing motto is “Walton at every hand”. Their future vision is to bring premium phones to compete with Samsung and Huawei.

Walton mobile in Bangladesh has 140 distributors in the market. A good thing is It sells 80% of total sales. Walton pays them a handsome commission for the fulfillment of monthly sales target.

Walton Plaza: Walton has now 150 plazas. Unlike distributor house, Walton gets the whole amount of profit.

Above there, we discuss an overview of Walton mobile. Most of the information brought from the verified website. These are including Walton company, Wikipedia, newspapers, and online statistical report, some of it might be variable in regards to the timeline. So, if you find any irrelevance here do comment or email us to let us know.