Vivo V15 Pro price in Bangladesh and full specification

Vivo V15 Pro

Vivo V15 Pro worlds first 32-megapixel pop-up selfie camera smartphone. Vivo Bangladesh also brings this smartphone for Vivo fans. The mid-range price mobile brings gradient blue color which looks more impressive. Over the year Vivo getting more popular in Bangladesh market for their latest technology, new innovation, quality design, and competitive price. Vivo …

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Vivo Bangladesh- Vivo mobile price in Bangladesh

Vivo is a China-based mobile giant. It is the preferential mobile company for Youth. They do believe that their phone will be Youth’s choice across the world market. They’ve unmatched superior quality mobile phone which brings number of innovation. For that, they are getting popular day by day.


Vivo Bangladesh launched in our country in 2009. In addition, it is owned by BBK Electronics. This company also holds the ownership Shen We of Chinese brand Oppo. In 2014 It set up their market outside of China. Currently, they’re doing business in more than 100 countries. If anyone wants to know how far is the brand value of It? I must say about Vivo was with sponsorship Captain America civil war.

Vivo mobile has entered into the market with Vivo X9, Vivo Y66, Vivo V7, Vivo V7+, and Vivo V9. All of these was a successful history. The number of users of Vivo handset is huge that is  200,000,000. (Source-Vivo Bangladesh official website)

Vivo R&D centers are located in six different places across the world. This company is established in Guangdong, China since 2009. Notably, it used normally Hi-Fi chips in their handsets. On the other hand, It developed own app store, iManager, and Funtouch OS. You will be wondered to know that Oppo and they are from the same company. Their parent company name is BBK Electronics. It has steady growth most notably in India. Besides that, it has now developed in Bangladesh

The company is now currently selling their products in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and our country. It has like three notable series. These are the X series, Xplay and the Xshot series. Each of this has different quality support. Like X one has good audio and video quality support. Xplay book one more focus on better playback. Finally, the Xshot has amazing camera support for still and video captures.

At first Vivo Bangladesh starts to expand in 2014. Now this year, this company has got a strong sponsorship deal. So, it clearly indicates that it builds branding. One of the landmark success of Vivo handset is Vivo Mobile IPL sponsorship. Notably, they are going to be next FIFA official partner.

Why people choose Vivo Bangladesh

There are two types of people in our country. Most of them buy the phone offline marketing reasoning another buy it from online review. Whoever buy it online, they basically read and view the reviews. They do actually know that Vivo’s branding prospect. Offline people buy it from the reviews of friends. Above all, Vivo has very good appeal on both side. This company hit the Indian market and achieve people’s choice. Since we are the neighbouring country, the trend push into our land now. That’s a reason why people choose Vivo Bangladesh at first glance.

Another thing is the latest authentication system of Vivo. Since it is now become a trend worldwide for finger display so on our country. Vivo is committed to the innovation with design and specification.

Vivo Bangladesh has a big blast because of few good models. Among them Vivo V11 and Vivo V11 Pro is outstanding. Now, Vivo Vivo V11 has a strong appeal to the mobile phone user in our country. It has multiple cameras like others amazingly and in display fingerprint. This Vivo V11 and Vivo V11 Pro came and win the heart of users. It is 6.41-inch long high definition display. It has like few amazing color difference. Those are like Purple, Blue, and black. It is run by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset with 512 GPU.

The next and latest phone is dual display of Vivo Bangladesh. It has amazingly 10GB RAM and 128GB storage which really intense! Vivo shared it as Vivo Nex dual display edition phone. This phone is called a comeback series of Nex series.

It has night video-enabled camera which you can say 3D camera. In the dual camera, each of it has 12MP support. The design you will love since there are no cutting corners in Nex dual. In order to unlock it, you will require 3D facial recognition feature. Again, you have the finger sensor facility here. Like, other smartphone it also have Dual Sim and micro Sd card support.

Analysis of Vivo mobile market

The Chinese industry is now hitting with a pack. Vivo Bangladesh one of them. Bangladesh may be a small country but its population is huge. In terms of population, it is the 8th largest nation. On the other hand, for mobile subscribers, it is the 15th largest nation. Therefore, Chinese mobile companies eye on the Bangladeshi mobile market. Vivo Bangladesh is optimistic with 90 million mobile phone users. Soon after other mobile company, they are now covering the market.

Vivo mobile fame has been increasing rapidly since the birth. In 2017. It has some around 7% total market share in the world. It became the fifth biggest mobile phone vendor across the world. Still, those are rising beyond no limits. On the following year, they had 36% more growth than previous. They are rigorously competing with Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. According to counterpoint research, they crossed the number of shipments with Xiaomi. Vivo mobile set their first step on Bangladesh in 2017.

However, there was no such press release for it. But their Facebook post got amazing reactions. They got massive hit by the audience after launching. This company came to Bangladesh with four flagship smartphones those are Vivo mobile Y65, V7, Y53, and V7+. At first, they set up their showrooms and dealers in Dhaka, Barisal, Chittagong, Faridpur, Bhola, Mymensingh, Rangpur, and Sylhet. Since Chinese Brand like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi have already got success. Therefore, it was optimistic at first glance. Finally, they make it happen in our country. They got significant public attention to their amazing features and designs.

According to the IDC report, the company shipment volumes was 15.7 percent in 2017. their Market Share was 16.4 percent. As a result, the company was the third position on Shipments, market share and year over year growths. Competition across the country for the mobile company is intense. Therefore, the mobile company is now deploying shipments in our country’s market.

The Bangladeshi phone market is continuously growing on. Now the major share of Walton and symphony is fading. It is because of a few Chinese brands. the company is the latest one of it. This mobile industry largely depends on locally assembled production. Therefore, the company planned to set up a plant in Bangladesh. Since it has already set up a big plant in India they do here in BD.

Inside the Vivo Mobile.

Funtouch OS has its own types of support and system. Unlike, Android it includes some features. Differences are with communication drawer where you can swipe top to bottom. It has an own security center and lock screen. Another thing is you will have options for a long screenshot. By the way your eye protection changing into a cooler to warmer. Funtouch OS is notably similar with Apple iOS.

Vivo mobile first time introduces us Vivo Apex half screen fingerprint display. This technology demonstrates a commitment to bring an amazing experience to us. You will put your fingertips on the back. Whereas, their screen fingerprint is so much comfortable to unlock. UBI research tells the market share will rise to 50% in 2020. (source)

It is for their new display fingerprint.  Vivo came to us of their amazing pricing and features. Like it has the latest technology with display lock. Earlier, We’ve seen the other mobile lock is on the back side. However, they had also innovations.

Vivo mobile Funtouch operating system came to the world since 2013. Soon after, it received around 50 million handset users. Most of the users are young. Therefore, Vivo mobile is called youth mobile phones. It has its own customize android Operating system to us. This ensures us to enjoy features with high performance.

Let’s narrow down the information below

  1. It has an amazing User Interface which is the reason for fame. Like the intuitive controls paves the way for easy usage.
  2. Next one is about the iTheme application. Vivo mobile allows us to change the wallpapers, fonts and lock screen setups as well. On the other hand, the manager app helps to optimize smartphone.
  3. Vivo mobile finally able to compete with traditional mobile OS app. Such as, the drawer with a desktop view organized the app folder. Secondly, it came with a quick control center. It has the fast shortcuts incredibly. Like the sound levels, brightness control, recent apps, and toggles for Wifi, flashlights, and data of mobile.

Vivo Bangladesh has brought to us with may offers. I must say Vivo mobile is the next generation mobile phone based on youth preference. Vivo Bangladesh has high perspective towards a successful journey. Therefore, they are maintaining a good marketing approach such as building trust from providing branding appeal to us. Since it is youth preference mobile phone, our nation has a huge number of young people. They are fun loving with new devices. Keeping in mind, Vivo Bangladesh will have a success story in future.