Symphony Bangladesh- Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh

Symphony mobile is the part of Edison Group. It came to our country since 2008. Zakaria Shahid is the Managing Director of Edison Group. Nowadays, they are offering affordable price with quality performance.  Therefore, Symphony mobile became the top seller. Many mobile lovers love this company in BD. Many people trust and use this phone.

In 2015, Symphony had a 38% market share out of 100%. Symphony mobile becomes the best mobile brand in Bangladesh from 2011 to 2013. Symphony mobile has success due to low price with good quality. It is around 3000 to 15000-taka price range. Undoubtedly, for Bangladesh this price is amazing.

Symphony mobile market share was in the first place. Moreover, they have several authorized dealers and showrooms around the country.  Symphony has sole power over the market until 2015. In 2014 Symphony was the best selling mobile phone company in Bangladesh. Afterward, Walton mobile was getting more popular day by day. Besides that, a few mobile phone company also entered the market. Those are Lava, Micromax, Infinix, Intex, WE and Tecno, which are also put pressure in the competitive field.

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Symphony smartphones

One of the popular mobile phones of Symphony is Symphony Xplorer W68. It was a massive hit in 2013 for Bangladeshi mobile lovers. At that time, the mobile price was high. therefore, middle-income holder unable to buy a smartphone. But Symphony mobile came on a new horizon for them.  Besides that, they released some other hit handsets. Those are Xplorer ZV, ZVI, H150, Xplorer V80, W68Q, W69Q. Among those mobile Z series is still producing flagship devices.

Helio mobile

Edison Group has another core project along with Symphony mobile. You might be thinking of this separate mobile brand does exist? The answer is strategical. Our techt20 team thinks that this brand is for the mid-range budget customer. It is a BBK company which is the owner of Oppo and Vivo both. So, this not new in this type of business. Rather I must say Edison Group has done a great job.

They are two sisters born in the same family. If you browse the symphony mobile site, you will see Helio over there. The first phone of its kind is Helio S1. The latest smartphone of Helio is Helio S60.

Walton, Symphony is moving ahead. Symphony First assembling plant is in Savar Ashulia. Now, Zakaria Shahid, managing director of Edison Group. He confirmed that their second plant would be in Kaliakair, Gazipur.

Symphony new investment would be profitable. They’ve already leased 5.16 acres of land. This land will be under their property for 40 years. However, the annual fee is about 2 dollars per square meter. The first plant is on Ashulia. The land can produce 5 lakh handsets every month. However, the production is not running for a double shift.

If it does, then the production would be double.   they’ve invested 25 crores for the first plant. Later, they are now moving ahead for further investment. It is roughly 75 crores. Symphony now has a 30% share in the market. Since they sold 9 to 10 lakh handsets in each month.

Symphony Market promotion and Services

Only marketing analyst knows about the importance of the dealers. Moreover, dealers indeed the heart of the core business. However, it is hard to deal with the time to time for business flourishing. But Symphony mobile dealt with them amazingly. Finally, brought business from them as well. That is a core reason why Symphony got the best brand award. Which is for three consecutive times.

Symphony brought android in Bangladeshi local market for the first time. At first, their market share was 68%. So, this percentage tells us how famous and monopoly game player Symphony was. At that time 4 crore people used their mobile phone which was huge.

Advertising and promotion

The promotional system of symphony mobile is amazing. they try to attract the mass peoples in our country. Therefore, they offer to price for middle-class people. They are the first smartphone company who provided a 1.3 MP camera. It was under BDT950.

If any user finds fault using the symphony mobile. So, they provide service within a year. It under the purchasing date from the showroom or dealer. Buyers get the automatic activation SMS. It would be for battery and charger. Buyers will also get support 6 months warranty from the purchasing date.

Another exciting thing is about the replacement process. The consumer can enjoy the offer up to seven days. If they find any functional defect from this period. Symphony brought the first dual sim system in Bangladesh. This innovation pulled many consumers into their pipeline. Symphony mobile has an excellent touchscreen with amazing design. Old people can easily use symphony mobile. It is also for the illiterate person who cannot use a smartphone.

Strong Digital Marketing Channel

Symphony is getting more and more consumers by Facebook page. Symphony Mobile is their official fan page. In that page, 2.3 million fan followers who are following it. Facebook marketing is very important in our country. Symphony let people know from Facebook about a new phone.

Brand Awareness of symphony mobile

Symphony has a monopoly business from 2008 to 20014. However, they have some competitors in the market. They get brand value in our country. Bangladesh is the land of low price mobile phone for most of the people.

Symphony still is the first choice for most of them. Symphony mobile printing ad section includes posters, flyers, and brochures. This advertising tool designed for a few sections. Those are for the battery backup, sound clarity, and accessories. Symphony mobile phone makes sure the best service after selling their product. To reach this goal, they have the following objectives.

As I’ve already told you that Bangladesh is the land of low price mobile phone. Therefore, the symphony is the game player. Most of the smartphone of symphony mobile is between low to medium. That’s why people attract to this smartphone company a lot! Symphony user will agree that they are giving the best phone. It is between the price and the phone. These are:

screen scratch resistant, light metallic finish, long term run software suite performance. Moreover, Symphony R&D is updating their services day by day.

The more one company holds the market coverage the more it can grow. Undoubtedly, Symphony mobile can reach many nook and corners in Bangladesh. However, areas are with 64 districts among 525 Thanas. The accurate data is hard to collect. Since it is still within growing numbers with care centers and dealers.

After overviewing the whole article we came to the final part.  You can understand now how Symphony grew in the last decade. and their promising consumers caring. If you find any further queries, feel free to buzz us through email or comment here.