Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e launched: First flagship smartphones of 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Bangladesh

  After months of prediction and rumors, finally, Samsung launched its first flagship smartphones Galaxy S10 series. The phone had been most awaited and anticipated for the premium Samsung smartphone user. Alongside the three phone Samsung also launched the world’s first premium foldable smartphone, Galaxy buds, Galaxy watch, and Galaxy …

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Samsung Bangladesh- Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

Samsung mobile is a famous brand in our country. This is a South Korean phone company. People love and use this phone for better quality. Price of this phone depends on quality. It has a low to high price depends on features. So, it remains in a win condition. Do you have any idea of the price Samsung phone? Especially, when it starts producing in our country? This is going to be a great investment for them.

Samsung started operation in Bangladesh since 2009. From then, people find it as a reliable brand. Samsung is chasing better quality now. Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh has many different categories. 130 big brand stores and 1000 local stores came for last few years in our country. Samsung came with user-friendly devices and interface. This is a very positive sign for Samsung mobile Bangladesh. Before Samsung, people depended on only Nokia mobile.

In 2017, Samsung Bangladesh started online selling via Fair Distribution Limited. Customer who do not want to go to any store he can buy it from online. This E-store has become very popular now. If you can get the same product with a reasonable delivery charge so why not you buy that? This Online Shop site officially run from Samsung Bangladesh. On the other hand, you will have some hot offer only in E-store. The discount offer is available there to attract the consumer.

Samsung has already set up their Vision 2020. Samsung target is to sell up to 400 billion USD. Moreover, this company is exploring more and more innovation with a production plant. Therefore, they can settle down their position on top 5. Samsung vision is to provide the best quality product and gain trust and love from consumers. This company is a highly promising company with a view to giving better quality and services.

Big and foldable screen tablet will be next attraction for mobile lovers. In San Francisco, Samsung has shown a new folding handset last year. The event run by Mobile product marketing Justin Denison. He pulled a prototype foldable smartphone. He showed how Samsung fold-able set ready to start mass production. The new technology Infinity flex display makes it foldable.

the device resembles as 7.3in (18.5cm) tablet. But when you close it then totally separate smaller “cover display”. Distribution of the handset came after the successful delivery to the Europe-America and then Asia.

Key products of Samsung mobile Bangladesh

Galaxy s3 is the top fifty selling handset of all time. However, Galaxy s4 and s5 did not impress us. After that, Samsung brought with galaxy s6 and s6 edge.

In 2015, Samsung mobile brought an amazing mobile phone. Since they brought impressive handset so, they could chase others. Galaxy s6 and s6 edge able to attract consumers a lot. It had a good quality video with outstanding display features. Moreover, the curve screen of s6 edge attracts people a lot. It introduced first with VR (virtual reality) and 360 gears. Later, s8 and s8+ came with desktop outlook and iris scanner. Finally, S9 and s9+ came with nice features. The features that customer can never avoid. It was slow motion video, live translation, and AR emoji.

Samsung brought one of the finest handsets in this year 2019. Galaxy S series smartphone S9. Both are now one of the best Galaxy handsets out there.  This phone did not come with huge changes, but people are still impressed. Another survey is that the previous model S8 is now attractive with affordable pricing. let’s have a look at S9.

If you want to buy Galaxy S9 then feel free to bring this at your hand. Because it is going to be a massive hit for 2019. The reason why you buy is with the extra camera with a bigger screen and other latest upgrades. You will have more RAM, storage and a bigger battery, which is not noticeable.

In recent days, Mobile buyers purchase fake Samsung mobile.  Here I will share with you 7 tips, which are helpful to know the original Samsung mobile.

  1. In the display, there is a Black empty space available on the original handset.
  2. Original phone home button stays below near the display. But the fake one home button remains farther from the display. You can only experience when you compare it both.
  3. If you scratch the logo with your fingernails, then the logo will go away. But it will never happen with the original one.
  4. You will have a free flip cover with the fake Samsung mobile phone. But Original Samsung buyer never offers you with it.
  5. If you don’t even understand applying the above technique. So, you must check it out from LCD testing. Press *#0*# afterward, you will see the results whether it is fake or original.
  6. When you press *#1234# then version AP, CP, and CSC number will appear. Besides that, *#0228# is for battery testing. Remember that in the fake phone you can’t see any of these codes.
  7. Go through the link and verify your original phone.

Exclusive Samsung Mobile Bangladesh:

In this segment, I will share your recent news, tips and about SRBD. So, let’s begin from the recent hit blast of Samsung mobile Bangladesh.

Samsung has planned recently to shut its plant from China Tianjin. They took this decision to compete in our country. In the first quarter at the previous year, China market reduced up to 1 percent. They are losing out to home brand Huawei.

  1. Fair Electronics Limited started a new plant located at Narshindhi. To produce 4G capable handsets on April 3, 2018. This plant generated 500 new employees within 58000 Soft lands. Samsung is looking for bringing affordable mobile in Bangladesh.
  2. Now Mobile Accessories Available of Samsung Mobile Bangladesh

Now, you can have the original accessories right here in Bangladesh. Smartphone users find the problem while they use non-brand or fake accessories.

In addition, consumers will have replacement warranties varies from 90 to 180 days.

4.Samsung after-sales service with Samsung Van

This was an amazing marketing campaign and customer support. what Samsung brought with Samsung service van. Under this campaign, three vans were moving around the city to provide service. If any consumer, ask about the service he can call company’s helpline 08000-300-300.

This was running on till December 10, 2018. In the middle of 2019, Samsung will start it permanently.

Samsung Van was also come to stand still outside the showroom.

The campaign was on in the following cities: –


  1. Have you heard of folding handset? Yes, Samsung is going to provide you folding handset in upcoming days. So, be calm and stay with Samsung mobile.

How to know copy Samsung mobile in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, many people choose the wrong buyers. It is because they are not purchasing from Samsung authorized dealer. Another reason is they choose low-cost offerings.

SRBD of Samsung:

R&D institute Bangladesh has started the operation in 2010, June. Afterward, it opened in 2011, February. Furthermore, it is the first R&D center of any company in our country. One of the operations in this center is mobile app development.

Samsung SRBD has a positive impact on ICT development. Since it is conducting many competitive events. These are


Students idea will evaluate depends on a few factors. This is Health, Transport, Safety, Argo, Public Sentiment, Media/, Sports.

CODE CONTEST 2018: This is undoubtedly a huge chance for a programmer. The prizing money is also astounding like the first prize is 50000.

Graduate or even graduate student can join this competition. They should have a passion for programming.

SRBD, Coding structure on C/C++/Java and basic Algorithm.

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Upcoming Samsung mobile in Bangladesh:

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Samsung Latest mobile news and reviews in Bangladesh.

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