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As we know, OPPO is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer company. In 2004 Duan Yongping founded OPPO with CEO Tony Chen. Actually, OPPO is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company BBK’s mobile brand.

Now, this brand registered globally. OPPO was globally launched in 2014 and in 2016 mobile phone brand survey OPPO was getting no#8 position worldwide and in 2016 it was the top smartphone brand in China. According to IDC, OPPO was the no#4 smartphone brand globally.

In 2014 the company released worldwide its first flagship smartphone OPPO Find 7 and they got a great success globally. After that, the company launched another smartphone globally and getting massive success. Their main key points of success were a very good quality of phones with very lucrative design and affordable price. OPPO was the first mobile brand to launch a smartphone with 5 +16 megapixels selfie cameras. Some of their advanced features help in getting more market share in Asian and African countries.

As its continuation expansion, OPPO wants to expand their business in Bangladesh. And the company officially launched in Bangladesh in September 2014. Now OPPO Bangladesh also proved themselves as being of the topmost reliable mobile phone brands in Bangladesh.

Youth people of Bangladesh love to take photos or selfie by their smartphone and using the internet and completed daily task by their phone. So youths demand is the mid-range smartphone with great selfie cameras and big capacity of batteries. From their demands, OPPO Bangladesh has a great solution. The company launched their new phones with great selfie cameras, latest technology, big battery capacities and pompous designs.

Now OPPO very successful and trusted mobile brand in Bangladesh.

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