Oppo Bangladesh is a reputed mobile brand available in our country. Oppo Bangladesh hit the market since the end of 2014. Before that, they covered the Indian market with a reputation. Soon after, this fame helped to grow nearby country like Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi fast bowler Taskin Ahmed signed up with Oppo Bangladesh. This young bowler represents Oppo Bangladesh in our country.

OPPO Bangladesh products have premium quality. The product offers are also of premium range.  Currently, they are offering different mid ranges of products. It starts from BDT 11990 up to BDT 32990. All of these products are smartphones. By the way, they don’t focus or manufacture low priced smartphones or bar phones.

The founder member of this giant company is Vice president Pete Lau. The co-founder is Carl pei. Now the CEO of Oppo is Tony Chen. (source)

When Oppo Bangladesh first launched in 2014, the price range was high. At that time, people had negative feedback for any Chinese brands. They questioned why the price of a Chinese brand was that much high? But with time, Chinese brands have proved their quality. Finally, It grabbed a major portion of the smartphone market. After 3 years, OPPO Bangladesh prices become affordable. Therefore, it is giving positive feedback for the pricing issue

In the year 2001, OPPO registered their name globally in Sweden. And in the year 2004, OPPO finally established in China. They came to market with a strong passion for exploring the unknown world. OPPO has tapped into fields such as MP3s, MP4s, high-end videos & audios. In 2005, OPPO launched their first product MP3, followed by MP4 in the year 2005. In 2009, OPPO entered the American market with their classy blu-ray players in 2009.

Oppo has its own industrial park, which is located in Guangdong province in China. BBK Electronics is the sole owner of the Oppo brand. This company has ownership of Oppo, OnePlus, and Vivo. For China, Oppo became the number one brand in the year of 2016. In 2017, Oppo alone managed to ship around 30.9 million handset. Report shows that it has revenue like  137.7 million USD. Unfortunately, it is the lowest compared to others.

Oppo innovation

Oppo knows that to stay in the future they should have to bring innovations.Oppo is looking for perfection in the area of innovation. Oppo has a strong R&D team with 150 members. They follow innovation what people require. About 30% budget is allocated for innovations and researches.

For the past ten years, Oppo mainly pays attention to the Camera for the innovation of better photography. It started a new decade for the selfie beautification. Besides that, they launch for the first time with 5MP and 16MP front Cameras. On the other hand, they are the pioneer to bring the motorized rotating camera as well. It has an amazing Ultra HD feature and having the 5X dual camera Zoom, which brings better camera experience. Hence, Oppo is renowned for their Selfie Expert smartphone camera.

Oppo is giving us market-oriented innovation, which allows market promotion. They glad to bring phones to young people who love innovation.

Evolutionary group selfie camera brought by Oppo in the year of 2017. The phone which helped to bring this version of innovation is called F3. The phone was a trend of “Capture The Real You”.

In 2019, the company is looking for ten billion investment for R&D across the world. In November 2018 Oppo Bangladesh release the press regarding it. Apart from it, they will invest in the supply chain for integration. Now big companies keep their eyes on investment in the field of R&D. Therefore, they can bring more innovation for survival in the market. It is one and only way to survive in the mobile market. This is why Oppo Bangladesh is going to invest like 10 billion dollars especially, for research and development.

Moreover, 5G is a trend of Oppo in which they will flourish. It has already tested the 5G operation in Barcelona in the previous year. Tony Chen is looking forward to being the best manufacturer when they launch 5G. User-friendly 5G and to combine its operating system is a challenge. therefore, their investment will boost to upgrade it. Besides that Oppo is planning to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI will perform to make our smartphone incredible.

Oppo is going to be an appealing handset for Western consumers since it has the ability to innovate. Oppo R&D team finally understand and hack about designing of a phone. A market strategic plan helps to grow Oppo as well.

If you can analysis the previous story, changes are very rapid for design. Like in 2007 when the iPhone came out in the market is not remain the same. Same way, smartphone bring new designs. So Oppo new rectangular shaped phone with large touchscreen hit massively in the market. Apart from it, who is camera conscious will choose Oppo phone in the first phase. Find X is one of the most innovative phones made for western consumers.

Find X has pop-out camera that shows there’s no notch on the display.

It has a full-screen camera display with camera notch. Notably, oppo avoid putting notch for the full screen device. It is possible by housing the camera in the section. Finally, it pops out of the back of it. This amazing Find X costs 799 Euro.

OPPO is a member of OHA (Open Handset Alliance). In the year 2013, the OPPO N1 received huge recognition from all the sectors. It received the CNET Editor’s Choice award, where it was said “The OPPO N1 easily takes the cake as this year’s most innovative smartphone.”

OPPO has gained popularity for their innovations in the designs, fast charge technology (VOOC) and the photography. Over time OPPO has emphasized much on the selfie technology to gain pace with the recent trends. The “5 Firsts” in selfie innovation are:•OPPO was the first to offer built-in beautify software technology in 2012. This beautification function eventually became the standard for other android phone brands and can be found in many android models today.

  • The first to introduce a 5MP front camera in 2012, with Ulike 2 for the selfie addicts
  • Released 13MP rotating camera smartphone.
  • Released 16MP motorized rotating camera smartphone.
  • In 2017, released the first selfie expert with 120 degree wide-angle & 16MP dual camera.

In the year of 2014 Oppo company came with high tech headphone & amplifiers. Their Flagship mobile Pm 1 and PM 2 headphones were a big blast. Apart from it, the HA 1 desktop amplifier was greatly promoted in the audio community.

Oppo Brand Value

Do you ever know that Oppo Mobile is the official device partner of Fc Barcelona? It is difficult to evaluate how profound brand value has Oppo. On the other hand, in Asia, they hold the sponsorship of Indian Cricket Team. Now you know that Oppo is the official device partner for FC Barcelona as well. So, think about their shrewdness! They cover up the most two important sports team in the world.

Now, this is about the Football fan now what about Cricket? Yes, Oppo is the official global partner of ICC. In the year of 2015, it brought R series phone and become the official partner of ICC as well. To become a partner of ICC helped them to promote their R series phones.

Oppo company is continuing the sponsorship partner with Indian Cricket Team. This will be going until 2022. India is a big basket for the mobile market. Therefore, Oppo focus on the main key to fame. Oppo company will pay 162 million USD on that timeline. It is vivid to us regarding the branding promotional strategy and eagerness of Oppo. There were other giant companies which can hold the sponsorship as well. But here Oppo beat with their branding strategy and negotiation skill too.

The brand partner plays a pretty important role. It carried the message of the brand to the consumers. Hence, selecting a brand partner is a major decision. This question was surveyed to know whether they are familiar with the faces. The faces who are representing the brand OPPO. They were asked to select 2 options out of the 6 given. The brand partner of OPPO for South Asia is Indian actors Deepika Padukone & Siddharth Malhotra. The survey shows that the majority of the people recognize Deepika Padukone as the brand partner.

According to IDC, Oppo was the 4th brand worldwide in 2017. Now their business is operating in the 40 countries and places. Notably, they have 6 research centers worldwide which provide amazing phone photography to us.

OPPO strictly sticks to 4 points in showcasing their product. Those are

  • Trendsetting:

The love for beauty drives them hugely. Their desire is to create beautiful products both inside and outside. The products are stylish, with amazing designs and always tries to stay a step ahead from their competitors.

  • Young at Heart:

They try to maintain a youthful outlook by being curious, vibrant, free & open.

  • Meticulous:

They act like creating a masterpiece while designing their products. It’s not about the look only, but also how the product will feel is equally important.

  • Innovative:

OPPO believes that innovation is not only about the next game-changing, rather it is about smartly applying the right opportunity with purpose.

“Delivering a delightful experience through meticulous design & smart technology.”OPPO follows a variant strategy for branding their products to their consumer target group. They maintain a strong brand guideline and tries to maintain a good image. They also follow a no discount policy in the market for their product sales.

Oppo Bangladesh Market share

Oppo Bangladesh market share is approximately 3.88% in last year. Oppo Bangladesh company World wide market share is 4.49%.

Oppo Bangladesh considered to be the fifth largest phone maker company. Their biggest market is in the most populated two nation one is China another in India. Oppo is an unpopular brand in the west. But they officially launched their phone in this year in the Uk with Find X flagship phone. Apart from it, it is the 2nd largest phone company in china after Huawei.

One plus, Oppo and Vivo all these three are subsidiaries of one Chinese giant company. But OnePlus is not owned totally by BBK electronics. But Oppo and Vivo share are hundred percent owned by BBK Electronics. Most importantly, BBK Electronics is the Third largest profitable company for the Mobile industry.

In February 2019, Oppo released new market exploration. They are planning to hit three markets in the UK, Turkey, and Poland. In January 29th they launched an event called “The Time is Now”. They focus on the Super VOOC charging system there. The flagship Find X and the R series combined this tech together. They also confirmed on that event that they will bring very exclusive designed based on London. This product would be a very limited edition.

In conclusion, the focus of Oppo Bangladesh is to become a sustainable provider to us. They target our country due to our huge mobile market. Besides that, most of the mobile phone user is youth. For youth generation, they are producing a Selfie Expert edition. Therefore, our market targeted by Oppo Bangladesh.

In addition, Oppo Bangladesh allows mid-range people to enjoy their phone. This is the mission in our country for Oppo. They finally want to make sure that every product should high quality and a style of art.