OnePlus came in Bangladesh with Contrivance International Limited. It is the Official sole distributor for OnePlus Bangladesh. OnePlus created their brand with the Slogan “Never Settle” mantra. They amazingly created their phones with price and performance. OnePlus Bangladesh fans are not looking for an affordable phone only without best performance. Or even too much expensive phone also. They want both but matched together. So, OnePlus is the best choice for the particular segment.

At first, OnePlus emerge from Shenzhen. It Came From a Chinese founder called Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl pei. They brought this amazing phone in the business since 2013. Now they have provided devices to 34 countries last year.

A Question comes with the departure of Peter Lau.  The question is about the true ownership of this company. Because Lau denied OnePlus as a sub-brand for Oppo mobile. However,  (SIPO) shows another thing. It told that OnePlus is the stockholder of Oppo.

The company once banned from India from importing by Delhi High Court. It was in 16th Dec on 2014. The reason was using Cyanogen OS software in India. Micromax actually did this to stop OnePlus. Soon after another version of Android came up named OxygenOS.

The CEO did a lot of hard work in order to settle it to the nook and corner. It was finally able to settle the brand promo with Never Settle Motto. Therefore, people smashed old phones instead of it.

OnePlus marketing campaign

Smash your old phone to get OnePlus One at your hand only in $ 1! This was the promo of OnePlus mobile Phone when it brought the first phone in the market. Very few lucky people would get the offer. The offer was limited up to first hundred buyers. Sound really crazy that you will get OnePlus free from smashing. And, Yes they really did it. Now you can say it was a historical crazy marketing campaign.

The campaign is called “Smash the Past” on 25th April 2014. But, the campaign was not accepted. Destroying phones causes probable hazards in the environment. Therefore, the campaign should not be promoted, criticized several editorials.

Oneplus entered US Market out smartly

Five years trying OnePlus finally entered the US market rigorously. The smartphone giant first time entered in the USA in the last year 2018. OnePlus brought assistance from with T-Mobile and Qualcomm to flourish US market. It is a competitive zone for OnePlus phone since Apple covered large market share. But the tends are now changing, according to recent reports. Because most of the people from US shifted to OnePlus now for their number of innovation and amazing designs. The company out smartly shake the gravity of Apple with MacLaren partnership. Their OnePlus 6T handset went viral on the US.

However, these two country has a trade war and cold business relationship. The road becomes smooth with the Qualcomm’s alliance. Because OnePlus is the NO 3 client for Qualcomm’s last year (2018). Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon and Carl pei of OnePlus launch it together in Hong Kong summit. On this ceremonial event, Pei shared to the audience that his company will be fit for 5th generation mobile. It is only viable for using Qualcomm chipset.


OnePlus innovations

OnePlus Bullets Wireless is the latest innovation for history. They brought the phone with OnePlus 6. Besides that, they offered also Bullets Wireless. It is not like Apple’s AirPods or not like Free buds of Huawei. Instead, it has two buds and has in-line controlling. Besides that the earbuds built-in battery. It’s all about your personal preference. However, you should know how you can use it. you can just dangle around the neck while you’re not listening.

Moreover, the new Bullets will let you experience water resistance. It is actually built in silicon fins with aluminum. Therefore, it will stick to your ears. This is pretty interesting, you are moving fast with earphones. But it doesn’t come out from your ears bud. By the way, the sides of the earbuds made from magnetic. Think about you can adjoin two each other. So it will look like a necklace on your neck. Sounds crazy! right? you’re wearing an ornament, not the earphone.

If you want to turn on snap it. If you don’t want so unsnap it. This is amazingly automation for saving your battery. While you snap the bud together the music will pause and resume on unsnapping. For a future update, you will get pick up and hang up option.

Another cool option for you is the fast charging innovation. The company can provide you with five-hour support from just ten min charging. Following the five hours, you can continuously listen to the music.

OnePlus & McLaren was an amazing mysterious upcoming phone. Nobody knew it but assuming about it before launching.

On Last Year December 11, they announced the partnership with McLaren F1. Before that, they tweeted it and it went viral there. However, no details flushed out. It possibly with the next OnePlus 6T or could be a brand new separate device. Even if, it would be another sub-brand release.

On December 13, 2018, they finally launched this super speedy giant. At first, it was launched in Western Europe and North America. The rival Huawei Porsche Design and Oppo’s Lamborghini was also a big blast. But if you compare with the OnePlus then you must find it out better with the pricing. The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition price is set at $699 (BDT 65.000 price in Bangladesh). It has a supercharging mode with 10GB Ram and 256GB internal space.


The latest innovation of OnePlus 7 is with the Snapdragon 855. Mobile lovers are waiting for the new edition of Snapdragon 855. This is especially building for 5G technology. The chip is going to the core hardware for every flagship mobile. In 2019 Qualcomm 855 version will rule its arena.

Which phone will bring first time with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855? Yes, it is OnePlus 7 or Samsung Galaxy S10. Still, need to wait for that to know.

We know that every phone so far has a Qualcomm chipset. Therefore, we already expected the phone to offer the chipset. So, now the company has confirmed that’ll be the same in that case.

Moreover, it also referred to as the next-generation phone. But we can think easily it will be OnePlus 7. A number of analysts have said the OnePlus 7 will include the latest Snapdragon chipset.

OnePlus has announced they are preparing to launch the 5G phone in the UK. Now it is with the partnership with EE, but exactly when that will remain is not clear. We are hoping to know more about it in early 2019.

With the help of Qualcomm, it is going to bring 3d sonic sensor. The company is working for the on-screen fingerprint sensor. It is based on Ultrasonic. However, 6T already has under screen security. But with Qualcomm, it will bring it more effectively with snapdragon 855.

The next phone will be called DSLR of Fingerprint Sensor. It will work even your finger is dirty or wet. That phone will be going to use this year, according to the company.

So here is all about OnePlus Bangladesh phone that we brought to you. As you already read the article so we assume that you are OnePlus lover. Therefore, we will recommend you to browse all of our reviews of OnePlus phones. Besides that, if you have any suggestions or quarries feel free to contact us.