Nokia Bangladesh- Nokia mobile price in Bangladesh

Nokia “The connecting People” Company has a long story worldwide. It is a Finnish giant company. At first, Nokia started its company Since 1865. The headquarters of Nokia was in Espoo, in the Helsinki metropolitan area. It had an amazing business success in more than 130 countries. It hired 102,000 people across over 100 countries in 2017.

Nokia Bangladesh has an amazing background in our mobile platform. At first, it started the business from the beginning of mobile history. Bangladesh is one of the biggest markets for this company. Finland technology was totally successful in Bangladesh. The mobile user was highly satisfied with the quality, battery performance, and long lastingness.

But in 2014 Android operating system kicks out java operating system from the market. At that time, Nokia Bangladesh had few Java and Symbian mobile handsets. Before the launch of Android, Nokia Bangladesh had reached the top of success. However, it launched Microsoft Windows OS to compete with Android. So, at the middle of 2014, it finally started it’s Android device with The Nokia X family.

Nokia Bangladesh so familiar with the people of Bangladesh. Most of the Bangladeshis started using Nokia mobile at an early stage.  Those are Nokia 3310, Nokia 1100, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1110i, Nokia 1200, Nokia 1210, Nokia 1600  were the most common handset in the beginning. Nokia 1100 and Nokia 1110 were the best selling handsets. Both of these handsets had sold over 250 million units. This two handset was released in 2003 and 2005 respectively. In 2000, model Nokia 3310 was huge popularity in Bangladesh. Its selling unites were almost 130 million at that time.

This brand also played a vital role in Java handset’s sector. The first java handset was 3410. On the other hand the device had 3D graphics and screensavers. The Symbian is another dominating operating system. Nokia S60 was the first Symbian camera phone by Nokia. Besides that, the best Symbian and java handsets are N95, E71, 3650, 808 pureview, E90, 6682, N82, E7, N-Gaze etc. These smartphones got high popularity in Bangladesh. Moreover, the best handsets of all time were N9, N95, 7650 E55, 9000, 3310, 808 PureView, E71, 6310i, 2110.

What is the most interesting fact about Nokia Bangladesh smartphones?

These are high resolution and the extraordinary camera took the brand in a higher position. Lumia 1020, which has a 41-megapixel monster camera with Carl Zeiss Optics. It was incredibly massive hit in 2013.

Nokia mobile lost its market share notably when they had come with windows mobile. Because Android dominated all over windows and Lumia. Even, the X Family could not manage any good space in the market. In mid-2017, the contract with Microsoft had finished. Jean Francois Baril, the former executive of Nokia founded a new company. The company named by HMD global. They announced the Android-based Nokia 3, 5 and 6 smartphones for the first time. Moreover, they began the classic 3310 model by re-imagining it. In June 2017.  Finally, Nokia Bangladesh brand brought Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6 android phone. The price range was from Tk 12,500 to Tk 22,500. These prices are for targeting the middle-income people. At the same time, model 3310 started with a price of Tk 4,250. These handsets showed a good arrival of a previous leading brand of Bangladesh. (Source: The Daily Star)

According to expert analysis, these three Android devices have been satisfying to the customers well. By starting a new era, the former leading company shows its royal arrival. New handsets have excellent outlooks. All handsets are built with excellent features. N3 has 8 MP rear and front camera with LED flash. It has 16GB ROM and 2GB ram. The 2GB ram gives the device an excellent work speed. All these features make it a perfect device for a random user.

Nokia Bangladesh Android releases:

Nokia Bangladesh has been increasing their business from the beginning. At present, in the Bangladesh market, there are almost 25 newly entered model handsets here. From those around 16 is android operating system support. This company has also brought high price smartphones. These devices have some extraordinary features. Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 7, Nokia 8 etc are these categories handsets. The price range of these smartphones is from Tk 27,990 to Tk 44,000.

Nokia 1 and Nokia 2, another quality model handsets at an affordable price. At present, the prices are Tk 5,999 and Tk 9,600. Both are 4G network supported and have a camera. N1 has one 2MP camera and N2 has 5 MP back as well as 8 MP front camera. Both phones have 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. For the middle-class people, these devices are the best at an affordable price.

In March 2018, HMD global announced three new smartphones which are Nokia 1, Nokia 7 plus and new Nokia 6. An iconic feature handset Nokia Bangladesh 8110 had also brought at the same time. Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6 are high-quality software android phones. From this two new Nokia 6 is an award-winning smartphone and makes even better. Both handsets designed with enough space of ROM for the customers. In addition to this new smartphones, N 8110 offers itself for the classic Nokia Bangladesh lovers. It has the 4G connectivity, apps including Google Assistance, Maps etc. Furthermore, the device is the return of the slider phone.

The high pricing handset of the brand that you can find in Bangladesh is Nokia 8.1. You would find out 3 powerful cameras on the device. The back camera is a duel with 12+13 Megapixel as well as Zeiss optics. The front camera is 20 Megapixel with portrait bokeh and time-lapse. The latest version of an android pic is the operating system of it. This mobile is containing 4 GB of ram and 64 of room. The large space of ROM gives the opportunity to enjoy more space. Furthermore, a customer can use up to 400 GB of external memory card. Features like fingerprint, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, e-compass and ambient light are available too. Overall it is one of the best smartphones in the present time.

At present, Nokia company has achieved almost 3% of the market business. As it starts its android era recently, it is not a bad result at all. In is raising quite well in the competitive market. It is already standing on top of the company like Oppo, Lava, and Apple. So the future of the company seems uprising.