Motorola Bangladesh had launched with Smart Tech Bangladesh for the first time. Afterward, it was also available on Robishop and Daraz Bangladesh. We’ve seen a couple of handsets like Motorola and Siemens. It was from the beginning of handset user before two and a half decades ago. Soon after, Motorola Bangladesh had a massive hit due to the folding options. Besides that, the design, color and sound system were the most innovative one. Therefore, most of the mobile user switch their choice to Motorola Bangladesh.

Motorola Bangladesh amazingly rolled in the market previously. However, It was not available like Samsung, Symphony and Walton. But later on, smart tech brought it in the market. At first, The feature devices with “Hello MOTO” brand promotion reach to the optimum level.  Razr V3 is the phone which sold more than 50 million handsets between 2004 to 2005 timeslot.

Motorola was the first mobile phone in a market after mobile invention. On third April 1973, Martin Cooper invented the cell phone for the first time in history. He was a researcher of Motorola Corporation. After his success, the wireless phone brings new future ahead to us.

Google took over ownership since 2012.  Soon after, Google also handover it to the Lenovo company. Google took a huge amount for it which is around $2.91bn. (source)

In Motorola arsenal, there were 17000 patents. Google buy it in order to help their own mobile products. And, finally, they can cope up with Apple. But Google finally yields it to Lenovo. However, Google still has the most of the patents at their posses and giving 2000 out of it. This Chinese company Lenovo took over Motorola was a big win from their side. Lenovo can run this brand for a long time in the market. Therefore, they buy this brand from Google. However, Mobile Business is volatile and innovation is the only gateway to escape this journey.

Motorola first introduced us with Flip device in the year of 1990. A couple of decades ago, we used the analog handset. During that time, it was a big brand. The headquarter of this mobile is in Chicago, USA. However, it previously settled in Schaumburg, the suburb of Chicago.

It has gone beyond the fame while it was available in the market. People love this phone is for slimness and having the folding option. Still, it is the most purchased flip device in the world. Soon after, the company sold more than four billion in the market. For that, it decided to divide it into two different public companies. One is Motorola mobility another is Motorola Solutions. They launched their first Android smartphone in the year-end of 2009. Unlike, Nokia chosen the right option to bring Android at that time.

When Google took over the company they were facing intense competition with Apple.. On that early stage, the Verizon Droid series.

hit successfully on the market. Google actually brought this Droid Version in 2013.

Motorola Droid has two version one is GSM and another is UMTS . The Droid is popularly known as Motorola milestone. Moreover, it was the internet enabled and multimedia handset.

Soon after the Chinese multi-tech company Lenovo took over Motorola. It was due to the market failure with Droid series against Apple industry. After Lenovo brought it from Google, they won the market. Since they are bringing on successful Android device across the world.

Mobile industry experienced the Motorola device at the beginning. Because they invented the first base station and cellphone latest inventions. One of its folding handset that spread every nook and corner in the world.

Current Motorola Bangladesh handset and offer.

Motorola Bangladesh price is relatively higher than other smartphones. Since Bangladesh has an import tax for the foreign company a lot. Therefore, it is unable to reduce the price. However, people still buy Moto devices. Because Motorola was a people’s choice from analog time. On the other hand, their models are also available to consumers within the mid-budget range now.

Motorola Bangladesh is now operating their business with Robishop. In Robishop you can find E4 plus, E5. Finally, the latest one is E5 plus. The price of this device is between at 11990 to 19990 tk. You can find it from Robi shop directly or you can pre-book it for purchase.

You will have this handset with a big screen and advanced camera lens. It gives you quality photo even in the low light.

Moreover, Motorola Bangladesh is now giving us a high range of battery support. That is up to 5000mAh. Apart from it, you will have an amazing performance by impressive loud sound.

In addition, it offers now few gift items. Those are Motorola – Bags, T-shirt, Cap, Bluetooth speakers. Their warranty policy is 15 months.

Motorola Bangladesh amazingly won the heart of mobile lovers many years ago. Now it is under the Lenovo company. Moreover, it is promisingly level up their design. However, now it is officially available anywhere in Bangladesh. But, buying this product will be a wise decision. Because its great quality.