Lava Bangladesh-Lava mobile price in Bangladesh

Lava Bangladesh has started it’s selling just a few years back in our country. Lava Bangladesh is a low budget smartphone for maximum use. Therefore, it has a massive hit in Bangladesh market. Their company is delivering new devices for users. Most of it is budget oriented set providing quality assurance. Lava Bangladesh has A series, P series, V series, Z series, Iris series. So here you know how broad it’s handset version releases. Lava Bangladesh is now promoting it’s stunning Z series and R3 as well.

They unlocked the new innovation by face recognition. The new phone Lava R3 and Lava Z91 make possible to unlock set by your face. The Official price of Lava R3 is just BDT 11,999 and Z91 is BDT 14,400. Their two smartphones are affordable for Lava Bangladesh users.

Lava is the first  Indian handset company and its slogan is “Proudly Indian”. It is another company which imports chips from China. Now, the company is producing handset from the countryside of New Delhi. There they are employing around 3500 people.

Mobile producing company from India has an immense demand now. They entered India in 2009 for the first time. Soon after, it won the heart of millions. The headquarter is situated in Noida, India. Company’s foreign operations are in now more than 10 countries. In Egypt, Africa they have launched the product in 2016. The company has R&D and testing department in China. Apart from it, assembling function regulate from India.

In 2012, Intel announced to tie up with them. Intel supported them through their processor, Xolo X900. Xolo brand launched with the help of Intel processor. Moreover, it came to the Tablet market in the following year.

They brought Flagship phone on 2014, Iris pro 30. Iris X1 one was the beginner mobile which ran on Android KitKat. Soon after it brought Windows, the Win1 Iris. On February 2017, it introduced mobile with 4G enabled mobiles.

Innovations Of Lava Bangladesh

Lava Bangladesh is in a win-win situation. Since it is providing a budget cell phone. It has strong products for the mid and low-level device. Apart from it, it has healthy distribution functioning. Now it’s key objective is to grasp the premium set market in our country.

Therefore, it’s strategy highlight on the service and innovations. No mobile company is able to thrive without strong innovations. Thus, it has strong regulation on China and India. Through the research it capable to bring Iris pro 30.

It is completely in house design and development. Besides that, it has an app Fusion on google play. It is developed by the company’s R&D team. This Apps has more than 1.5 million downloads. The average ratings over there were 4.4. You would love to know that Lava Bangladesh has its own testing facility. These products undergo strong testing according to industry standard. Their product quality assurance is unmatched.

Lava Face Recognition has already achieved a massive hit. Before it, There were a password system or pattern lock after that finger touch. Therefore, face recognition is the best and fastest way to unlock a device. As a result, you will have just less than a second to unlock the device! it is nearly 0.7 second.

Now you’re may be thinking how important it is for you right? Imagine yourself in a crowded place having a lot of bags in your hand. Soon after, you get an urgent phone call. But the thing is you have to unlock your device. For this, you can use either pattern or password. But the face recognition allows you to open it up instantly. It paves the hassle-free solution. Sounds great?

At the end of this article, you have come to know  Lava Bangladesh. Besides that, you are convinced that this is a super low to the mid-budget phone. Are you looking for the super budget-oriented device? In that case, you can check out our details reviews of Lava handset. Soon after, visiting the authorized dealers and buy the best phone.