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Infinix Bangladesh- Infinix mobile price in Bangladesh

One of the Transsion brand infinix launched in 2013 for the first time. Tecno is also another wing of it which is alike infinix. It is Honk Kong based but developed from Shanghai (China) and designed in Paris. Furthermore, it is the number one brand in Africa. So, this company is now trying to explore more and the place is southern Asia. In India and Bangladesh has the largest market for mobile. So it tries their best to dominate this place in future.

Infinix has five producing plants in China. The operation of Infinix mobile is in Africa, Latin America, the middle east, Europe and Asia.

Infinix Bangladesh entered with the help of Daraz Bangladesh. On sixth December 2016, they launched their phone in six season hotel, Gulshan Dhaka. Infinix Bangladesh is the part of Transsion Holdings Limited.

The first phone introduced to us was Infinix note 3. Infinix Bangladesh doesn’t have their own dealers and showrooms. Therefore, it is not notably doing business in our country. You can assume that it is here for on test period. The father of infinix is Transsion has now operated around fifty nations around the world..

Every phone has some special feature attraction so, Infinix Bangladesh had. You can talk over Infinix Bangladesh with five min charge but 200 min talk. That was their marketing slogan at that time.
Another attracting news is that it designs their phone in Paris. Infinix uses normally MTK chipset for their devices. They’ve regular updates for Operating system.

At first, it brought Zero series phone and on the same year brought an Alpha phone. In Alpha spread fame with High-end Marvel series and this design was from France. 2015 the company came with Note series globally. Later on, it introduces their consumers Millennial focused S phone series. it provides 100 days warranty to their consumers.

Infinix Bangladesh has few numbers of handsets those are:

HOT 5.
HOT 4.
Xband 3.

Inside the Infinix Bangladesh Marketing strategy

The marketing agenda of infinix is to cope up the at first. Still, now they are new and Infinix mobile doesn’t have any official showrooms in Bangladesh. In addition, they will set a team with the Transsion mobiles. Those are Tecno and itel. Moreover, Infinix Bangladesh marketing plan is to give consumer budget handset.

Infinix mobile is not looking for a premium or any flagship mobile phone in our country. Because, it will not keep abreast with the settled brand like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. So, Infinix mobile will have to come with a strong and long-lasting marketing policy. I’m not sharing any marketing statistics with you since it doesn’t possess it.

Bangladesh is undoubtedly a large place for mobile marketing and selling. That’s why most of all global brands came to dominate this market. So, Infinix Bangladesh is not looking for an easy hunt. Therefore, their marketing strategy follows the slow and steady step. Tecno is a high range mobile phone here and Infinix is the mid range. Whereas, iTel is for low budget range. This really sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Since they have three step range.

Finally, it shows that they are a team. Infinix is not a game player alone in our country. Maybe, very soon we will see a massive hit from infinix with amazing phones. Till then phone lovers need to wait.