Huawei P30 Lite Price in Bangladesh and full specification

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On April 2019 Huawei Bangladesh released its flagship series smartphone Huawei P30 in Bangladesh market. With these flagships, Huawei also released another mid-range price smartphone named Huawei P30 Lite. Here you will get Huawei P30 Lite Price in Bangladesh, features and full specification. Huawei P30 Lite comes out 6.15 inches teardrop …

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Huawei Bangladesh-Huawei mobile price in Bangladesh

Huawei Bangladesh is a China-based mobile company. It brought huge success when it came to the market. Huawei handset our country is now a well-known Chinese company. It started the journey from Shenzhen by Ren Zhengfei. He is an ex-military officer in China who turn out as a businessman. In addition, it is operating its services in 170 countries worldwide. Therefore, it is the second largest company. Ingmar Wang is our country director. It achieved the best taxpayer award two times. One is in 2014 another is in 2017.

Huawei handset in our country entered our land 20 years ago. It came with Citycell CDMA cell set. At that time, people found it long lasting and strong network signal. However, CDMA failed to achieve fame. Huawei mobile our country able to influence and reach its goal. However, the company was not successful in India. These 2 cross country nations have very close borders to each other. Besides that, similar market trends. it becomes a successful brand because of a big investment. it invested 10% of the whole revenue in research and development. Now it increased it to 20%-30%.  So, you can say that it introduced new sets. Therefore, you can examine that Huawei Bangladesh wants to go top.

It is planning to set up a new plant. So, It will posse brand strength in our country. Huawei handset basically made in China. Therefore, it can maintain its accuracy. Recently, it set up a producing plant in India. Chances are low to set up a plant in our country as well. India holds a huge market in comparison with our country

It introduced several types of mobile phone.  All the handset holds variety price, features at the market now. In the beginning, the company brought P series handset in our country. This is a flagship smartest has amazing features. Soon after, it entered with Mate series in Bangladesh market. This phone has a positive review for mind-blowing display.

Huawei Bangladesh Warranty Policy:

Host: Twelve months/ One Year

Battery: Six months

Charger & Data cable: Twelve months/ One Year

Earphone: Three months

Huawei mobile history in few words (2015-2018)

Huawei company brought android a few years ago. In this timeline, it introduced with numbers of smart mobile phones. Those devices bring the attention of cell cell-phone user. Huawei first handset our country is Huawei Mate 8. Their first launched this phone in November 2015.

Huawei brings the most expensive and amazing handset in November 2018. It is Huawei Mate 20 pro. It has lots of Tablet and it’s called Mediapad. Among many phones, three has reached maximum fame. The industry knew most of the buyers from our country are middle class. Therefore, it  introduced low to mid-set to us

  1. Huawei G play mini
  2. Huawei Y5c
  3. Huawei Y3c

Y series price our country was very cost effective

Among many phone high price is Mate 20 pro. Which is BDT89,990.00.

Best-selling Huawei mobile Bangladesh:

Huawei Nova 3i is one of the best-selling handsets in our country.

Finally, you won’t miss the notch. Therefore, Nova 3i is outstanding out of many handsets. Basically, the purple-blue gradient one holds amazing appeal.  You will be amazed when seeing the display for the 1st time. It is astonishing and comparing to the real pricing. It has some around like 6.23-inch IPS LCD display. Above all, the resolution is near around 1080×2340 pixels and 409 PPI.

The screen work with any third-party apps. So, the users should thankful to the 19:9 ratio of this display. Besides that, it has an HD+ high contrast screen. That will provide you with sharp and accurate rendering.

We know after Samsung; Huawei phone is the second one. Moreover, Huawei is 100% successful in our country. It selected their Brand ambassador a superstar cricketer. He is only Shakib-Al-Hasan. It indicates that it is awarding of making brand value. As a result, it is adding hot cake like Shakib-Al-Hasan.

Latest Huawei mobile in Bangladesh 2018:

The update is Huawei Mate 20 pro and Huawei Y9 2019. This is exclusively drawing public attention. Mate 20 success paves the way formate Mate 20 pro version. let’s talk about what Mate 20 it is. Mate 20 pro offers a big screen with excellent long-term battery. In addition, Mate 20 pro is a smart set with flagship technology. After, releasing mate 20 it will bring this to compete with iPhone and Samsung. Because these two giants have already premium flagship handset. To, dominate the market the company are going to launch this smart set. The company launched some amazing marketing campaigns. As a result, the company introduces successful flagship devices. Moreover, those devices have HIsilicon Kirin 980 chipset. Again, it contained a fast battery charging technology. Besides that, it has an amazing and innovative Leica triple camera. The amazing stuff is Mate 20 pro camera. Because the daylight photos give you detail focuses as well as colors. On the other hand, this is amazing for night conditions capturing. However, the flagships cell phone of iPhone and Samsung consist of the same systems. Now what Samsung has?



Creative camera features

Samsung pay

Trustworthy Brand value

Both Hardware and software quality

And, what Apple has?



iOS operating system

Innovative design

Do you think about the above features? Then you will say that the company still doesn’t possess so. But still Mate 20 pro is utterly expensive and why it is? Yes, it has a great structured design for the performance of the camera. However, remains a big challenge ahead to Huawei.  It competes with handset and Samsung latest released smart handset. It is one of the advanced phones in the world. It has the second largest brand value worldwide. It is after the iPhone in 2018.

Huawei market analysis Bangladesh:

Huawei our country fight with the local set brands. It is not quantity rather increase in quality. Later, Xiaomi and Oppo came to the market. Afterward, the company took over Symphony and Walton. it did it from the Brand competition as well. Why it lost its market share has a clear answer.

It is because of Xiaomi low-cost affordable set. Xiaomi ate up Huawei market share. It did by bringing an affordable smartphone. Huawei mobile our country has many handsets.  It is 4G capable, video calling, and fast data transfer enabled. it is nice with this few numbers of devices.

Do you hear of Grey market? It is a common form in the mobile industry. It is related to the unknown production. So, it is distributing to the unknown channel. Where it is unapproved. Grey market sold devices have the same quality. But it has not recognized distributors from the company. Therefore, people can incredibly receive an affordable phone.

Since the company has no internal plant here. So, it pays import duty to our country government. In 2018 the handset import duty is 31%. Whereas, the locally assembled handset has half of it. Therefore, it has an obvious negative marketing impact. In every year, the new user of smart cell enters in the market. The industry constantly copes up minimizing the gap.

In terms of brand value, Samsung holds the number one position now. Secondly,  it considers Samsung as their first level competitor. It has another enemy that is Xiaomi. In India, it doesn’t even get a chance to stand with Xiaomi. The company faces challenges to beat Xiaomi. So, compare these two brands. You see Xiaomi is still providing the best pricing. Infect, it is doing good our country market.

Huawei Supply Chain Management in Bangladesh:

comparatively, it did not change supply chain

management. It maintained the same supply chain. Similarly,  it does

for rest 170 countries. Their strategy is not to make money. And,

not to sell more and bring more profit. Instead of it, it invests in research

and development. In addition, it brings new stuff. Therefore, it is now the

second largest brand.

Conflict Minerals Rate means to measure brand value. It is a recognized medium of measuring brand value. Many users don’t know about conflict minerals policy. It depends on natural resources companies are using. In addition, Silicon is rare types of resource available. It is to, restrict the use of it in limited numbers. There is an act called the Dodd-Frank Act. Whoever, transgress the act then it will fall with brand.

Huawei has already lowered conflict minerals rate. So, it maintains a strong policy. Their preparation is to reach top brand value. Huawei mobile our country has planned to help for Digital our country. The industry came to us last 20 years before. With CDMA handset our country experience first time what is a handset?

Huawei mobile company is focused on development programmed. It tries to provide support in ICT division. It wants to educate talented students. So that it can help to grow here. Again, it will plant producing our country, so it is training students. Notably, thirty students from top IT sectors went to China to acquire advanced tech knowledge. And this year, 10 students are going to attend the training programmed. it showed their interest to plant 5G technology in our country. When it will finish t

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