Smartphone Branding in Bangladesh

Smartphone Branding in Bangladesh has many edges and corners and it focuses on the people’s choice. So the concept of branding lies in the user experience of the product. Nobody knows when and for which reason any branding campaign may cause succeed in future or bring the failure. However, many brand analyst works in the background to make sure to retain their brand image.

Today in this article we, will discuss some hidden corners that every smartphone company focus on.

Branding strategy and Timeline:

The core strategy is the same however inside there are multi-functionalities to drag the people’s attention. Until 2017 the local brand dominated the market. It is because the market was quite saturated and thus the local manufacturer was in the leading position.

In 2018 a number of an international brand like Huawei, Samsung and some Chinese mobile brands owned by BBK Electronics flushed out the underdogs like Symphony and Walton. It is just because of the international market influence of these giant brand that makes sure to engulf the local market.

Competitors Analysis of Smartphone Brand:

The main two competitors of our land are Samsung and Huawei afterward Xiaomi has the leading position. In 2019, we have seen that google with other incorporates banned Huawei to showcase their product like iOS platform and major cutting edge apps. So the big change is coming up to see. Until, this situation, we can see the Samsung has the leading branding market here in Bangladesh.

How do they able to cope up here? The answer is simple, it is by dint of Samsung world ranking brand position and for their rich R&D sector never let any consumer for bringing complains. The third one Xiaomi has brought the most budget phone since it’s birth and try to keep abreast with the quality as well.

Key Weapon of Branding “Digital Marketing strategy”:

According to a statistical report, around 140 million people here in Bangladesh are using smartphones and among them, 80 million have continuous internet penetration. The new number is adding in every day.

The Facebook community is the biggest platform to make sure the branding campaign. The media is very innovative and they continuously bring many lucrative videos and written contents. The Television and print media content has the role to play on however, the conversion is decreasing from the youth. Because, they are having more fun with youtube, facebook, and other social media contents.

So it is quite vivid to know the key branding strategy is changing its steer from time to time and focus on the consumer’s choice.

Cultural festivals are the main season for branding. Bangladesh is a land of a festival, here every festival is joyous and profitable for branding. Whenever it comes to Eid, Pohela Boishaksh, Valentine’s day the people received with cordially and spread with great enhancement. The youth are copious in number and they mostly make that festive blast. So this is another strategy timeline to bring about Make Branding.

Hopefully, you got the major direction of smartphone Branding. Do let us know about your any idea that fully stands behind the smartphone brand in Bangladesh. Also, tell us and share us your comment here.