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Most people commonly ask why should we read your blog that is a fair question, we believe.

Because tech blogging becomes a copy paste stuff nowadays. On the other hand, there are lots of YouTubers, who bring with new videos. Yes, we partially support you but not fully. Why? To know just read below our full article “Why should you read tect20 tech blog as a Bangladeshi tech lover.”

Answers are here:

Number one, and the most important reason: Suppose, you are a tech lover and you want to find resourceful information on the web. But what you find on the web mostly go to the context of a different location, whether it comes to the USA or European people. Or even our neighboring country India is far enriched with tech blogging however, we are still lagging behind.

About us

Keeping this mind techt20.com come to the tech blog platform, especially for Bangladeshi tech lovers.

We came with a new agenda, and we especially focus on Bangladeshi tech sentiments — for example, current releases of smartphones, apps, gadgets, and so on.

More specifically, we don’t just sit in front of the computer and browsing stuff and then publish our blogs in TechT20.com. This is old school stuff and already failed. We are lucky to have some genius tech lovers blogger in our team. They surf more in the physical marketplace and connect with other users to have precise knowledge on it

This is how we work!

Our Blogging Goal

When we started our journey, we can realize there is a gap between the users and the smartphone. The Gap is not about pricing and configuration rather than set a proper buying decision. People often ask about this and that once they went to buy phones. But most of the Phone sellers are not well informed of the technological breakthroughs.

Here you can ask us one thing.

Do the YouTubers, and another smartphone site reviewers are not enough to educate Bangladeshi user?

First of all, YouTubers are not our competitors. Because the platforms and importance both are different and so both should be remain. That’s a different story.

Our vision is to give you something more and better comparing to others. We affirm this as we have a tech-savvy team, who sit here and research not for a search engine to rank a site but for the Bangladeshi smartphone user.

So, techt20.com does not write for the search engine they write for you. We are feeling lucky that we have already covered some burning topic in recent days.

For example, most people don’t analysis perfectly before buying a smartphone. On the other hand, buying a phone means stick to the fixed number of budget.

How our blog will benefit you?

We know in every budget there are different stories and why not? As some people buy their phone for gaming and some are for capturing candid photos.

Let’s straight to this. Best smartphone under 15000 budget and best smartphone under 20000 budget customers are not the same. They have different quarries and demand to buy it. We know that and we have already covered these budget topics on our site.

Is there anyone sponsor us to highlight their Brands or shops? Not at all. That’s why we are fully honest with you. We never recommend any specific brand or any shop to buy phones rather we always discuss how you can solve your problems related to the tech.

Techt20.com only focus on Bangladeshi users FAQ about Smartphone and regularly post the update news.

Again, if you are not tech savvy, we can educate you on our knowledge base articles where you can come to read and get to know what specific handsets adopt new technology advancement and how it will impact on Bangladeshi mobile market.

Moreover, you can ask us on our comment box, and we are pretty responsive to reply you back. Hopefully, you may understand our main aim is to educate you and help you to know about Smartphones.

Keeping this mind, we are doing blogging, and we will enrich it more and more in the future.

Therefore, Techt20 has an advanced strategy, so Bangladeshi user can get more information rather than searching on google haphazardly.

Happy Learning with Us. Thanks!