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Best Android & iOS Apps for Ramadan 2019- you can keep in your smartphone

The holy Ramadan is about to begin and we are all set to welcome the new moon. In this course of fasting, why don’t you try some handy apps as most of us have smartphone access along with the internet?

But when you go to the app store you may find plenty of apps. However, all of them are not the best choices to keep them for use.  On the other hand, some are pretty useful and common. Those common apps are like the Quran for recitation, find the qibla, prayer times and so on. Notably, some apps will come out so effective, and it may enrich you about proper Masla-Masayel during this HOLY MONTH. Here we discuss Best Android & iOS Apps for Ramadan 2019.

Before starting our reviews on apps, let’s make sure a common FAQ

Everyone wants to have a copy of the Quran on the smartphone. Many people are surprised and ask “Can I have a copy of the Quran within an app?”

Yes, you can as most of the islamic scholars said it is valid.

Quran for Android:

Quran for Android is a free app that you can download from Play Store. Quranic text and audio playbacks are available on this app so you can read and hear at the same time. Besides, you can add a bookmark, tag or share any ayah. 15 different Qari’s recitation is available and you can swap from one to another depends on your choices. This app is so much popular as it is available in 20 different languages.

This app is also available on iOS  and Play store in the name of alQuran so you can download it on from App Store or

Play Store.

Muslim Pro:

Muslim Pro image

On Ramadan, Namaz becomes the center of attention for every Muslims in Bangladesh. People who don’t pray regularly try to attend on Jamat in the mosque. So when an app can remind you before five times of your prayer, it would be a great plus.

So, here comes Muslim Pro, a great app that should be on your smartphone.

Let’s talk about this app here,

Muslim Pro is enormously downloaded from the app store, which has around 50 million users. Muslims across the world commonly know this app as it is providing accurate prayer time. Besides, it lets you know by ringing you before the prayer as an adhan. So, you won’t have a chance to miss your prayers on time. Furthermore, Quranic text, translations, and audio recitations are a big plus. You can also have the qibla locator, map of Halal Restaurants, Islamic calendar as well.

So, you can download it from app store or Play store for upcoming holy Ramadan.

Qibla Compass:

Do you travel a lot but you always perform your Namaz on time? In that case, a simple app can be so handy in the month of Ramadan. The Qibla compass app lets you detect the accurate Qibla Alhamdulillah along with the prayer time, date converter and calendar. In addition, the app helps you to ping alarm on time for prayer. Qibla compass is now available on both play store Android and iOS.

So, you can go to App Store or the Android app store for downloading this app.

Qibla Compass image

Ramadan Legacy:

Ramadan is a month of worship and many people set their own plans and goals. Ramadan Legacy offers you to achieve this goal according to your plan, as it performed by asking you what’s your plan? On the other hand, it has some inspirational reminders, which help you to get motivated for achieving your goal, sounds fantastic?

ramadan legacy image

Moreover, it sets a community, where you can go to the live stream. So, you can go live and share your Ramadan Karim do’s and wont’s to your friend across the globe. So you can download it from Google Play Store.

Healthy Ramadan:

Many health enthusiastic do believe Ramadan is an opportunity to tune up your diet. Our body so busy and disturbed across the 11 months of a year. But in this one month, our stomach does not fill to the fullest so, the stomach gets time to take a rest. Many doctors said about these health benefits on this month.

But get an effective app on this month would add an advantage for you. So here comes the Healthy Ramadan app to make a health plan. It can set a diet routine according to your instruction and give you the push notifications like when to eat or not to eat. D

Best wishes to you for RAMADAN KARIM!

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