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About Smartwatch and available smartwatch brands in Bangladesh

The popularity of Smartwatch in Bangladesh has been continuously going upward. When Smartwatch first came to Bangladesh people assumed that Smartwatch price in Bangladesh was ridiculous. Why did we tell this type of typos? Just because, many of us couldn’t recognize the benefits of Smartwatch.

Now, if you fast forward to today, you can see Smartwatches has become a trendy device among Bangladeshi smartphone users.

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What is Smartwatch exactly and how does it work?

Smartwatch is not just a wristwatch, definitely, it offers a lot. It is wearable in your wrist, and connected with your smartphone, and able to take calls instantly.

Is smartwatch is part of the fashion realm? Yes, obviously it is. Wristwatch and Smartwatch both are pretty similar, however, smartwatch has many advents of tech.

But what is that? Let’s share you few tech benefits of Smartwatches below here:

Temperature counter: Think about a one warm day at your room. Now, with your Smartwatch, you can easily get to know about your room temperature

Time-related features: At first, the smartwatch is a watch and it is the basic benefit of it.

Secondly, it can also provide you with the Stopwatch. Most importantly, Alarms become more user-friendly. Now, it is pretty much easy to set an alarm instead of taking the phone.

Think about, your busy and tight schedule at the office. We set alarm not for just waking up in the morning also, it can remind you for meeting right?

Calls and text message notification: We often miss many important calls and text messages, just because we don’t keep your phone closer always. In that case, your smartwatch would be at your wrist so, you won’t miss that.

Find your phone: How many times you call on your phone, when you forget, where you keep it? No more calls now just press the ping and get it instantly.

Payment on your smartwatch: Well, this one is the pretty latest one. Now, with this great feature, you can allow payment. Apple pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay or Fitbit Pay allows you to purchase by your phone. Normally, it works at the store offering contactless payment procedures.

The evolution of Smartwatch

The innovation of smartwatch journey begins in the last century in 1998. Steve Mann invented Smartwatch for the first time ever in history, and he built it as Linux wristwatch. Finally, it rolled in the market on Feb 7, 2000.

So, remember that Steve Mann is the father of wearable computing on the smartphone.

Moreover, today’s Smartwatch technology did not happen overnight. Again, it has a long tiring history. Below here, let’s share the Brief History of Smartwatch :

Early stage (1969-1998)

Mechanical analog watches is no more today, but without it, we can not able to step on today’s progress. So, analog watches were for centuries. Afterward, in the mid 20th battery empowered electric watches came to the market.

Another breakthrough came in 1969 in order to make further progress. The Seiko Quartz Astron was on that timeline and made possible with an electronic oscillator.

Do you know the tik tok of the watch came from the idea of our heartbeat? Yes, that’s a wonderful invention we all do believe.

Later on, in 1970 another feature added, it is LCD display, however, we’ve now LED.

So, numerical dial and moving hands are now not available in Smartwatches in today.  Surely, we all do believe that this innovation paved the way for today’s smartwatches.

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How did modern functionalities come up?

We’ve shared about how hands shifted on digitally. But still, there is so many features left. Here, let’s start to discuss how modern functionality came up.

The main changes came at first, with the microprocessors. But, before that Pulsar P1 launched the first calculator watch. It comprised a 6 digit display, where keys are so small and stylish. So, the second revolution is calculator watch to the journey of today’s smartwatch.

Operating systems came into the watch

Who infused the operating system in the modern smartwatch? Yes, we’ve already told about him, Steve Mann. He was the first, who brought Linux OS, later on, IBM introduces the Linux based WatchPad. It was in 2001 when they brought some sensors as well. This is Accelerometer, fingerprint sensor and also the vibrating mechanism.

Emerging today’s SmartWatch

The wheel turn to today’s position was in the year of 2012. That Kickstarter was the pebble, who brought Smartwatch in the year of 2013. Before that, they brought 10 million dollars in a crowdfunding campaign.

Motorola afterward added to smartwatch with their Moto 360 in the year of 2014. Amazing thing is, this smartwatch drew huge attention just because of its sleekness. Now, you might be thinking, yes why not? Because Motorola is famous for its slim and sexy devices. We also agree with you on that point regarding the sleekness of MOTO.

By the way, we shouldn’t forget about the APPLE WATCH, right? Since it is dominating the smartwatch tech still now. So, finally, they brought Smartwatch after Motorola in the year of 2015.

Popular Smartwatches in 2015. From left to right, you can see Asus Zenwatch 2, Fossil Gen 2, Apple Watch, and Samsung Gear S2

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Smartwatch Brand in Bangladesh

Smartwatch brand now in Bangladesh pretty available. Huawei is now popular for Huawei GT version wearable watch. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi version (Mi 1,2,3) is the most popular among many brands. Apart from it, people also buy the biggest tech company Apple’s Smartwatches.

So, what’s about the pricing? Smartwatch price in Bangladesh has a big gap from minimum to maximum. For example, the cheapest one you get from 600 and the expensive one would be 35 thousand (Samsung Galaxy watch).

Wrapping up

So, here we shared you some basics of Smartwatch such as the definition, benefits of using it, history and evolution and finally few available brands. There is still so many things to let you know, but not today. It would be great for us, if you give us ping about your quarries of Smartwatch in Bangladesh and the Smartwatch price in Bangladesh.

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