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About OxygenOS and top features of OxygenOS

One of the popular brand OnePlus set a milestone to bring out their own custom operating system, called OxygenOS. Before buying any phone, one needs to know about the Operating system of that particular brand. The OS feature has an immense impact to become a popular brand.

Today, we are going to reveal OxygenOS features and how it standout from Stock Android

The world mobile market is now undergoing stiff competition. So, without having proper UI experience, nifty Operating system, and effective configuration, none can survive for the long run. OnePlus definitely did it very effectively but how? Let’s discuss it below.


App Locker

In order to, secure from prying eyes, Oxygen OS offers you app locker. It can secure your phone, in that case, you need to fix a PIN or your fingerprint. These features work in every app on OnePlus device.

Do you have any nosy friend? In that case, you can find app locker super useful. On the other hand, there are few apps, which requires privacy for an example FB messenger, you can also control it by app locker.

Go to settings>Security and lock screen>App locker after that type your PIN code. If you fix your personal PIN, tap the “Add apps” now you can choose your app to lock. So, you can see how easy and simple to operate this custom app.


OnePlus latest Gestures

OxygenOS gestures have both on and off screen options and it will ensure to do your mobile stuff quicker. Most of the phones have a home, back and multitasking buttons at the bottom. These gestures are no more in OnePlus mobile. To get these gestures, swipe up from the bottom center edge will let you go to the home screen. On the other hand, swipe up from the bottom right edge works go back.

Want to enjoy these Gestures? In that case, think about buying  OnePlus 6T

We’ve shared a review about OnePlus 6T and in that phone, OnePlus brought these gestures for the first time. In order to, open multitasking window, swipe up from the center edge and also hold your fingertips on phone’s screen.

If you did not use it before, you probably think of hazardous, however, it really works charmingly. In that case, use and after that, you will experience it.


Gaming would be more Fun!

Nowadays, great phones company remain busy to develop gaming performance. Here OnePlus comes with gaming mode and smart booster.

What is the most annoying stuff while gaming? What happens if your mobile Operating system keeps you free from that? Well, in that case, OnePlus OS did splendidly. Now, you can block all notifications but alarms and calls are more important than your gaming that’s why it remains unblocked.

At the same time, it will give you space so that when you press any button accidentally, it won’t work out. On the other hand, you can disable the automatic brightness while playing.

about OxygenOS by techt20


The main objective of any OS is to provide easy and quick access. For that, Shelf is a great tool in OxygenOS. This acts as a “Dashboard” and takes you to the most important tasks on your phone. Such as, it shows the current weather, quick access to recent apps and contacts, shows the available storage, battery percentage and how much data you’ve left.

By the way, these are including but not limited to you since you can customize it. Adding widgets according to your plan, editing notes and show you last frequent ten recent contacts.


Parallel apps

It is obvious that most of the time we remain in social media and we’ve multiple accounts there. So, the OxygenOS target those such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram along with other social media platform. Now you can create a cloned version, this app will allow you to run both accounts simultaneously. It really helps you avoiding logging in and out again and again.

Go to Settings>Apps>Parallel Apps and now tap on the toggle switch and for social network choose the parallel app. After choosing, it would be placed on the app drawer and then launch it and sign in.

The supported apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, Linkedin, and many others.

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